Choose to Trust the Father

What makes you afraid?

I have a friend who was dreading a letter from the IRS.  His calculations told him he owed them money…money he didn’t have.  When the letter arrived detailing the amount, he couldn’t bear to open it.  It sat on his desk for five days while he writhed in dread.  Where would he get the money, he worried?  He wondered how long he might be sent to prison.  Finally, he opened the envelope.  He found, not a bill to be paid, but a check to be cashed!  He had wasted five days on needless fear!

The apostle Paul penned his final words from a Roman prison, chained to a guard, and within earshot of his executioner’s footsteps.  Worst-case scenario?  Paul said,

“God is looking after me, keeping me safe in the kingdom of heaven.  All praise to him, praise forever!

Paul chose to trust his Father.

Taken from Fearless