Grace Soaked

Most people keep a pot of anger on low boil!  But you aren’t most people.

Look at your feet.  They’re wet, grace soaked.  Jesus has washed the grimiest parts of your life.

To accept grace is the vow to give it.  You don’t endorse the deeds of your offender when you do.  Jesus didn’t endorse your sins by forgiving you.

Grace doesn’t tell the daughter to like the father who molested her.  The grace-defined person still sends thieves to jail and expects an ex to pay child support.   Grace sees the hurt full well.  But it refuses to let hurts poison the heart.  Where grace is lacking, bitterness abounds.  Where grace abounds, forgiveness grows.

Go ahead.  Set your feet in the basin.  Let the hands of God wipe away every dirty part of your life.  Then look across the room.   Let forgiveness happen with you!


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