Words of Hope and Help

Let the Storm Turn You Upward

We’d rather be spared the storm. Or if the storm comes, let it be mild and our…
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I AM Is Near

Jesus says to us what he said to the disciples on the stormy sea. “It is I!…
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Jesus Comes in the Storms

“…[Jesus’] disciples went down to the lake, where they got into a boat…
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A Perfect Partnership

During World War I, Biddy Chambers, her husband, and small daughter moved to…
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God Can Use What You Have

Do you face fifteen thousand problems? Before you count yourself out, turn and…
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Christ Does What We Cannot

The crowd followed Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. The fifteen thousand people…
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The God of Tomorrow

When Jesus found the just-healed man in the temple, he told him, “See, you…
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Stand Up and Walk

Believe in the Jesus who believes in you. He believes that you can rise up, take…
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Life feels stuck when life makes no progress. When you battle the same…
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