Words of Hope and Help

Christmas Immigrants

The moonlight was their only light. Huffing and puffing were the only sounds.…
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We Need Some Christmas This Christmas

Don’t we? Don’t we need some Peace On Earth and Goodwill to Mankind? Don’t…
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Revive Us Again!

A wonderful thing happened last Sunday. While I was preaching about revival, a…
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Are We Listening

Are we listening?  Are we, white, male, aged leaders of the church, listening…
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Courtroom Compassion

A gesture of forgiveness. A moment of kindness. The first is stirring hearts.…
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Recession-Proof Your Joy

Turn on the TV or open a paper and the financial news can be unsettling. “A…
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God’s Heart for Hurting Parents

I don’t care how tough you are. You may be a Navy Seal who specializes in high…
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These Stormy Times

More bad news. Killings in El Paso. Shootings in Ohio. All this on the heels of…
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You and Your Opposite You

You drive a hybrid; he chugs around in a gas guzzling, air-polluting truck. You…
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