Words of Hope and Help

The Universal Symbol of Christianity

The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity.  An odd choice, don’t you…
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How Do you Say Lucado?

My last name has created some awkward moments. A woman said, “Max Lu-KAH-do—…
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Why Did He Do It?

Why did Jesus live on the earth as long as He did? To take on our sins is one…
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Jesus’ Seamless Perfection

Scripture often describes our behavior as the clothes we wear. In 1 Peter 5:5,…
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Jesus Canceled our Record

How would you feel if a list of your weaknesses were posted so that everyone,…
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He Became Sin for Us

What is the fruit of sin? Step into the briar patch of humanity and feel a few…
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An Anchor For Your Soul

Six hours, one Friday. To the casual observer the six hours are mundane. But…
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We Have a Problem

Can you live without sin for one day? No? How about one hour? Can you do it? …
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On-and-Off Salvation

On-and-off salvation never appears in the Bible. Scripture contains no example…
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