Acceptance and Forgiveness - December 11, 2019

It doesn’t matter what I do—it’s never enough.  I’ll never meet their expectations!  

Ever caught yourself using these unhealthy expectations?  Your brother made an A in chemistry, and we know you’ll do just as well!  or…  If you had a better job we could afford that house! Expectations.  They create conditional love.  I love you, but I’ll love you more if

Jesus expects that we leave everything, deny all, and follow Him.  The difference?  Jesus’ expectations come with two important companions:  forgiveness and acceptance.  No strings.  No hidden agendas.  Jesus’ love for us is up front and clear.  His sacrifice was not dependent upon our performance.  “I love you,” He says, in spite of your failures.  One step behind the expectations of Christ comes his forgiveness.  Expectations!  With acceptance and forgiveness, they can bring out the best!