Approach God As a Beloved Child - November 21, 2019

Jesus invites us to approach God the way a child approaches his or her daddy!  And how do children approach their daddies?

When a five-year-old spots his father in the parking lot, how does he react?  “Yippee!” was screamed by a redheaded boy wearing a Batman backpack.  “Pop!”  Over here!  Push me!”—yelled a boy wearing a Boston Red Sox cap who scooted straight to the swings.

Here’s what I didn’t hear:  “Father, it is most gracious of thee to drive thy car to my place of education. Please know of my deep gratitude for your benevolence.  For thou art splendid in thy attentive care and diligent in thy dedication.”

I heard kids who were happy to see their dad and eager to speak to him!  God invites us to approach Him in the same manner. What a relief!