Josiah - July 4, 2022

“In Josiah’s eighteenth year as king, he sent Shaphan…to repair the Temple of the Lord, the God of Josiah” (2 Chronicles 34:8 NCV).

Josiah had found the God of David and made him his own. As the temple was being rebuilt, a worker happened upon a scroll. It contained the words of God given to Moses nearly a thousand years earlier. Josiah wept that his people had drifted so far from God that his Word was not a part of their lives. A prophetess told Josiah that since he had repented when he heard the words, his nation would be spared the anger of God. An entire generation received grace because of the integrity of one man.

Could it be that God placed him on earth for that one reason? And could it be that God has placed you on earth for the same?