The Path of Faith - October 17, 2019

The faith-filled prayer is a prayer of admonishment.  The prayer of faith invites God to be God, to be sovereign over a tumultuous time.

Dennis McDonald models this type of admonishment.  He was our church’s hospital chaplain for many years.  I was always struck by the transformation that came over him as he began to minister.  When he entered the hospital room, he went straight to work.  Dennis would anoint the sick person with oil and pray, “Lord, this is your servant, whom you love and whom we love.  Let your healing happen in this room.  Satan, you must leave.  You’re a liar, and your words have no merit.  This child is bought by God.  We pray in Jesus’ name, amen.”

This is the job of the church: to take struggling followers and lead them back to the path of faith.  And this is how happiness happens.