Jesus’ Hand Will Touch You Too

The old guy at the corner hasn’t seen him. The woman selling the figs hasn’t…
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Prayer: A Heavenly Invitation

Opening the Windows When a believing person prays, great things happen. (James 5…
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Your Place at God’s Table

You’re in Bethany. The home of Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha. Peer…
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Come Home, God is Calling

Not a pretty sight, the pigpen of sin. Filth. Smelly. Rottenness that sticks to…
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The Copernican Shift

Blame it on Copernicus. The world was rocking along pretty well until he came…
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Give It All To Him

A dramatic presentation of “The Trashman” parable found in Max&#8217…
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A Max Lucado Children’s Treasury

Master storyteller Max Lucado has written timeless classics for children. In…
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