Minute Messages

Our Problem is Sin

Our problem is sin. Not finances. Not budgets. Not overcrowded prisons. Our problem is sin. We are in rebellion against our Creator. We’re cut off more

Alarms in Your Life

A fit of anger. Uncontrolled debt. A guilty conscience. Icy relationships. Alarms in your life. When they go off, how do you respond? Be honest, now. more

Look Inside Yourself

When my daughter Jenna was six years old, I discovered her standing in front of a full-length mirror looking down her throat. I asked her what s more

Help From the Inside Out

When your hope comes from within you, your life is good as long as you are good.  Your faith is strong as long as you are strong. But therein lies more

At Peace with Yourself

There is a correlation between the way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about others. If you are at peace with yourself—you’ll get more

An Itchy, Scratchy Burlap Sack

You have a sack. An itchy, scratchy burlap sack! You probably aren’t even aware of it, you may not have been told about it, but it was given to more

Sowing Seeds

Many parents aren’t proud of their family trees. The harvest was taken, but no seed was sown. Childhood memories bring more hurt than inspiration. more

You Have a Choice

Early in the reign of King Josiah he made a brave choice. II Kings 22:2 tells us, “He lived as his ancestor David had lived, and he did not sto more

Rise Above the Past

Maybe your past isn’t much to brag about. Maybe you’ve seen evil, and now you have to make a choice. Do you rise above the past and make a more

Faith is Trusting

Faith is trusting what the eye cannot see! Eyes see storms. Faith sees Noah’s rainbow. Your eyes see your faults. Your faith sees your Savior. Your more

Revenge is Natural, Not Spiritual

When we are mistreated, our animalistic response is to go on the hunt. Getting even is only natural. Which, incidentally, is precisely the problem. more

Judgment is God’s Job

There is power in revenge. Intoxicating power. Haven’t we tasted it? Haven’t we been tempted to get even? As we escort the offender into t more

I Choose

It’s quiet.  It’s early.  For the next 12 hours I’ll be exposed to the day’s demands.  It’s now that I must make a choice.  And so I more

The Definition of Greed

Jesus had a definition for greed. He called it the practice of measuring life by possessions! Greed equates a person’s worth with a person’s more

God’s Grace

I’ve never been surprised by God’s judgment, but I’m still stunned by His grace! God’s judgment has never been a problem for me. Lightning more