Minute Messages

A Done Deal and a Daily Development

Are a bride and groom ever more married than they are the first day? The vows are made and the certificate signed—could they be any more married more

Why Did He Do It?

Why did Jesus live on the earth as long as He did? To take on our sins is one thing; to experience death, yes, but to put up with long roads and long more

He Invites You In

If you were told you were free to enter the Oval Office at the White House, you’d shake your head and chuckle, “You’re one brick short of a load, more

Six Hours, One Friday

Six hours, one Friday. Mundane to the casual observer. A shepherd with his sheep, a housewife with her thoughts, a doctor with his patients.  But to more

What Do We Do to Him

The soldiers’ assignment was simple. Take the Nazarene to the hill and kill him. But they wanted to have some fun first. Strong, armed soldiers more

Trust the Cross

My dog Salty knows he isn’t supposed to get into the trash. But let the house be human free, and dark side of Salty takes over. If there’s food more

Eternal Choices

God gives eternal choices, and these choices have eternal consequences. Isn’t this the reminder of Calvary’s trio?  Ever wonder why there wer more

It is Finished

Picture if you will, a blank check.   The amount of the check is “sufficient grace.”  The signer of the check is Jesus.  The only blank lin more

Put on Christ

Scripture often describes our behavior as the clothes we wear. In 1 Peter 5:5, Peter urges us to be “clothed with humility.” David speaks of ev more

Pride and Shame

Pride and shame.  You’d never know they’re sisters. They appear so different. Pride puffs out her chest. Shame hangs her head. Pride boasts.  more

The Choice is Yours

It would’ve been nice if God had let us order life like we order a meal.  I’ll take good health and a high IQ. I’ll pass on the music skills, more

The Nail of God

God has penned a list of our faults. The list God has made, however, cannot be read. The words can’t be deciphered. The mistakes are covered. T more

He Canceled the Record

How would you feel if a list of your weaknesses were posted so that everyone, including Christ Himself, could see?  Yes, Christ has chronicled your more

The Cry of a Sinner

What is the fruit of sin? Step into the briar patch of humanity and feel a few thistles. Shame.  Fear.  Disgrace.  Discouragement.  Anxiety! more

We Have a Problem

Can you live without sin for one day?  No? How about one hour?  Can you do it?  No?  Nor can I. And if we can’t live without sin, we have a more