Minute Messages

We Don’t Know Enough

God is the One who judges. We don’t know enough! We condemn a man for stumbling this morning, but we didn’t see the blows he took yesterday. W more

Universal Strategy of Impunity

It’s the universal strategy of impunity. Even kids use it. If I can get my dad more angry at my brother than me, I’m off scot-free. So I more

Judging Others

It is one thing to have a conviction; it’s another to convict the person. Paul said in Romans 2:1, “If you think you can judge others” here is more

Settling for Crumbs

Rather than worship the Creator, we worship the creation! No wonder there is no wonder. We have figured it all out. Ever wonder why people sleep in more

The Purpose of Life

As surely as a child breathes, he will someday wonder, “What is the purpose of my life?” Some search for meaning in a career.  My purpose is to more

Moral Absolutes

When I was nine years old, I complimented a friend’s model airplane. He said, “I stole it!”  He could tell I was stunned because he asked, more


Are there any consequences for a godless pursuit of pleasure? Is there a price for living for today? The hedonist says, “Who cares? I may be bad, more

Holy Hostility

Many insist God loves us so much he cannot be angry at our evil. They don’t understand that love is always angry at evil! Paul said in Romans 1:18, more

The Anger of God

Do not confuse the wrath of God with the wrath of man. The two have little in common. We get ticked off because we’ve been overlooked, neglected, more

Soaring and Sitting

Perhaps you’ve seen the sight! Tethered to a high-speed boat, the parasail lifts the rope-clinging customer six hundred feet into the air. Hig more

Standing on His Promises

We come to Christ in an hour of deep need. We realize that all the good works in the world are puny when laid before the Perfect One. So we beg for more

A Pat on the Back

How often do you see people more concerned about getting a job done right than they are about saving their necks? Too seldom, right?  But when w more

Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

If people love you at 6:00 a.m. one thing is sure. They love you! No makeup. No power tie. No status jewelry. No layers of images. Just unkempt more

Guard Your Attitude

It’s easy to forget who is the servant and who is to be served. The tool of distortion is one of Satan’s slyest.  When the focus is on yourself, more

A Voluntary Act of Gratitude

Worship happens when you are aware that what you’ve been given is far greater than what you can give. Worship is the awareness that were it not for more