Words of Hope and Help

Do You Want to Get Well?

On that particular day at the pool of Bethesda, Jesus was drawn to the main…
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Jesus Came to Help

The man near the pool of Bethesda didn’t use the word stuck, but he sure could…
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Take Jesus at His Word

This life contains many walks from Cana to Capernaum, journeys between prayer…
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He Is Not Finished

Do your days feel like a hike on an Appalachian Trail in winter? A struggle to…
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Our Ever-Present Help

The father may have thought he was walking the road to Capernaum all alone.…
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Prayers Not Yet Answered

The gospel of John tells the story of a man from Capernaum who approached Jesus…
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Adopted into God’s Family

When the doctor handed Max Lucado to Jack Lucado, my dad had no exit option. He…
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God’s Chosen Children

There is something in you that God loves. Not just appreciates or approves, but…
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Unscrooge Your Heart

The grace-given give grace. Is grace happening to you? Is there anyone in your…
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