Jesus taught us to pray with reverence when he modeled for us, “Hallowed be your name” (Matthew 6:9). His phrase is a petition, not a proclamation. A request, not an announcement. Be hallowed, Lord. Do whatever it takes to be holy in my life. Exalt yourself. Glorify yourself. You be Lord, and I will be quiet. The psalm that says, “Be still and know that I am God” contains a command with a promise (Psalm 46:10). The command? Be still. Cover your mouth. Bend your knees. The promise? You will know that I am God. In the midst of your family storms, and in this storm … Listen Now

Are you waiting for Jesus to heal you? Take hope from Jesus’ response to the blind men recorded in Matthew 20:29-34. “Have mercy on us, O Lord,” they cried! Jesus stopped dead in his tracks. Something caught his attention. A prayer. An unembellished appeal for help. Jesus heard the words and stopped. He still does. And he still asks, What do you want me to do for you? Friend, what in your life needs healing? Jesus’ heart went out to the blind men.  Scripture says “he had compassion and touched their eyes.” He healed them. He will heal you, my friend. I pray he … Listen Now

I was on a plane when a fellow coming down the aisle called my name. He handed me a message he had scribbled on a napkin… “Six years ago Lynne and I buried our 24-year-old daughter. To unplug our daughter from life support was very hard. Although it was painful, we were confident we were doing the right thing in laying her in the arms of a mighty God. He made our daughter better than new. He restored my Erin to his eternal presence. That is his best work! Our faith is getting us through this. Faith is a choice.” How does a dad bury … Listen Now

“You’re gonna regret it!” I waved away the warning without turning around. What was to regret? I took the shortcut. I was on my way to a picnic. The tables sat on the other side of a marsh. The parks department had kindly constructed a bridge over the marsh. But who needed a bridge? I ventured in. The mud swallowed my feet. Squiggly things swam past me. I think I saw a set of eyeballs peering in my direction. I backpedaled—flip-flops sucked into the abyss. I exited, mud covered, mosquito bitten, and red faced. I walked over and took my seat at … Listen Now

Satan and the Son of God stood on the southeastern wall of the temple, more than a hundred feet above the Kidron Valley, and Satan told Jesus to jump into the arms of God. Jesus refused, not because God wouldn’t catch him. He refused because he didn’t have anything to prove to anyone, much less the Devil. Neither do you. In church, of all places, Satan will do with you what he did with Jesus. He will urge you to do tricks; to impress others with your service, make a show of your faith, or call attention to your good deeds. Satan loves to turn … Listen Now

Obedience leads to blessing. Disobedience leads to trouble! Remember Jesus’ parable about the two builders who each built a house? One built on cheap, easy-to-access-sand. The other built on costly, difficult-to-reach rock. The second construction project demanded more time and expense, but when the spring rains turned the creek into a gulley washer. . .guess which builder enjoyed a blessing and which experienced trouble? According to Jesus, the wise builder is “whoever hears these sayings of mine, and does them” (Matthew 7:24). The difference between the two was not knowledge and ignorance but obedience and disobedience. Security comes when we put God’s precepts into … Listen Now

When forced to stand at the crossroads of belief and unbelief, God’s people choose belief! God’s people risk believing! Nowhere is this better exemplified than in Joshua’s story. You could argue that the central message of the book of Joshua is this headline: “God keeps his promises. Trust him.” The three verses of Joshua 21: 43-45 are the heart of the book. Three times Joshua declares: God did what he said he would do. “The LORD gave all He had sworn to give.” (verse 43) “The LORD gave rest according to all that He had sworn to their fathers.” (verse 44) “Not a … Listen Now

You are so much more than a few days between the womb and the tomb. Paul the Apostle says, “It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone” (Ephesians 1:11-12 MSG). Above and around us God directs a grander saga, written by his hand, orchestrated by his will, and unveiled according to his calendar. Your … Listen Now

Would you like Jesus to heal you? Then, ask him! The four Gospels detail approximately 36 miracles and reference even more. Jesus changed water into wine, calmed more than one storm, restored sight to more than one blind man. Yet Jesus never grandstanded his miraculous powers. He performed miracles for two reasons: to prove his identity and to help his people. Can you imagine the testimonies? Imagine if you were a part of the crowd he fed, one of the dead he raised, or one of the sick he healed. The church exploded like a fire on a West Texas prairie. Why? Because … Listen Now

My wife and I spent five years on a missionary team in Brazil. Our first two years felt fruitless and futile. More often than not I went home frustrated. We asked God for another plan. We prayed and read the Epistles. We especially focused on Galatians. When I compared our gospel message with Paul’s, I saw a difference. His was high-octane good news. Mine was soured legalism. As a team we resolved to focus on the gospel. I did my best to proclaim forgiveness of sins and resurrection from the dead. We saw an immediate change. We baptized forty people in twelve months. Quite a … Listen Now