Daily Devotionals

Peace with God

As a monk and his apprentice walked back to the abbey, the younger man was unusually quiet. But when asked if anything was wrong the student more

How Much Do We Owe?

How do I deal with the debt I owe to God? Deny it? My conscience won’t let me. Find worse sins in others? God won’t fall for that. Try to pay it more

The Achievement of God

How can God punish the sin and love the sinner? Ponder the achievement of God. He doesn’t condone our sin, nor does he compromise his standard. H more

A New Plan

As children, the minute we got home from school we would hit the pavement. The kid across the street had a dad with a great arm and a strong more

Without God–All are Lost

Symbols are important. Some of them, like communion and baptism, illustrate the cross of Christ.  They symbolize salvation, demonstrate salvation, more

We Don’t Know Enough

God is the One who judges. We don’t know enough! We condemn a man for stumbling this morning, but we didn’t see the blows he took yesterday. W more

Universal Strategy of Impunity

It’s the universal strategy of impunity. Even kids use it. If I can get my dad more angry at my brother than me, I’m off scot-free. So I more

Judging Others

It is one thing to have a conviction; it’s another to convict the person. Paul said in Romans 2:1, “If you think you can judge others” here is more

Settling for Crumbs

Rather than worship the Creator, we worship the creation! No wonder there is no wonder. We have figured it all out. Ever wonder why people sleep in more

The Purpose of Life

As surely as a child breathes, he will someday wonder, “What is the purpose of my life?” Some search for meaning in a career.  My purpose is to more

Moral Absolutes

When I was nine years old, I complimented a friend’s model airplane. He said, “I stole it!”  He could tell I was stunned because he asked, more


Are there any consequences for a godless pursuit of pleasure? Is there a price for living for today? The hedonist says, “Who cares? I may be bad, more

Holy Hostility

Many insist God loves us so much he cannot be angry at our evil. They don’t understand that love is always angry at evil! Paul said in Romans 1:18, more

The Anger of God

Do not confuse the wrath of God with the wrath of man. The two have little in common. We get ticked off because we’ve been overlooked, neglected, more

Soaring and Sitting

Perhaps you’ve seen the sight! Tethered to a high-speed boat, the parasail lifts the rope-clinging customer six hundred feet into the air. Hig more