Daily Devotionals

Unnecessary Messes

A lot of us make unnecessary messes. But we can change that. May I make a suggestion? Before you face the world, face your Father. Take this more

God Cannot Be Contained

Most people have small thoughts about God. In an effort to see God as our friend, we have lost his immensity. In our desire to understand him, w more

“Oh, Daddy!”

When my eldest daughter was 13, she flubbed her piano piece at a recital. The silence in the auditorium was broken only by the pounding of her more

Prayers Aren’t Graded

Jesus downplayed the importance of words in prayers. We tend to do the opposite. The more words the better! We emphasize the appropriate prayer more

God Chats in the Closet

Religious leaders loved to make theater out of their prayers. The show nauseated Jesus. In Matthew 6:6 He said, “When you pray, go into your room, more

A Whispered Reminder

In Matthew 6, Jesus prayed, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” A more

Be Honest — Honest to God

Prayer really is simple. Resist the urge to complicate it. Don’t take pride in well-crafted prayers. Don’t apologize for incoherent prayers. No more

Become as Little Children

We prayer wimps fear “mis-praying.” What is the expected etiquette and dress code for prayer? What if we kneel instead of stand? Jesus’ more

Recovering Prayer Wimp

Yes, I’m a prayer wimp—but a recovering prayer wimp. Not where I long to be, but not where I was. Before amen—comes the power of a sim more

God Will Teach You to Pray

This much is sure: God will teach you to pray. Don’t think for a minute that he is glaring at you from a distance with crossed arms and a scowl, more

A Compelling Prayer Example

Before amen—comes the power of a simple prayer! Jesus set a compelling prayer example. He prayed before He ate. He prayed for children. H more

A Heartfelt Conversation with God

Prayer is not a privilege for the pious, nor the art of a chosen few. Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and His child. When w more

Conversation With God

Mark 1:35 says, “Jesus went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.” This dialogue must have been common among His more

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

We can’t even get the cable company to answer us, yet God will? The doctor’s too busy, but God isn’t? We have our doubts about prayer! Jesus more

Prayer Guidance

When I pray, I think of a thousand things I need to do. I forget the one thing I set out to do: pray! Can you relate? But wouldn’t we all like to more