Words of Hope and Help

Billboards of God’s Message

In the story of Esther, the Jews were three generations and more than a thousand…
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Caretakers of God’s Covenant

God gave this promise to Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you, and I…
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Don’t Get Cozy in Persia

The book of Esther relates the story of a Persian king, Xerxes, who was thirty-…
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Relief Will Come

When all seems lost, it’s not. When evil seems to own the day, God still has…
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Our Whispering God

For every divine shout there are a million whispers. The book of Esther relates…
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Quiet Providence

The dramatic story of Esther includes a clueless brute of a king; a devious,…
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A Certain People

The setting of the book of Esther is the city of Susa in fifth century BC Persia…
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Wrapped in Winter

Winters are a part of life—some personal, some global—but all are powerful.…
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God’s Abounding Grace

Scripture says in Romans 5:20 that “the more we see our sinfulness, the more…
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