Words of Hope and Help

An Opportunity to Begin Again

God knows the way forward. No matter what kind of disappointment or grief or…
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A Little Hope

Water. All Noah can see is water. You can relate. You’ve known your share of…
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The Lord Is on His Throne

When tragedy strikes—whether personal, national, or global—people wonder how…
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The Promises of God

No words written on paper will ever sustain you like the promises of God. Do you…
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Prayer Changes Things

We are never without hope because we are never without prayer. Prayer confesses…
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God Provides

God is enough. Isn’t this the message of Moses and Joshua and the journey to…
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Every Day a Christmas

When Christ was born, so was our hope. This is why I love Christmas. The event…
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The Story of Christmas

Maybe your life resembles a Bethlehem stable – crude in some spots, smelly in…
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Why I Love Christmas

Hollywood would recast the Christmas story. Joseph’s collar is way too blue…
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