Words of Hope and Help

Does God Care About Me?

God still looks for world changers. Men and women who believe God is not through…
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A Choice to Obey

I’ve got a few questions for Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. And my first…
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Serve God Now

Am I serving God now? This question may make you feel restless. Mary and Joseph…
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Stick to Your Strengths

There are some things we want to do but simply are not equipped to accomplish. I…
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The Longings of Your Heart

“Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want” (Psalm 37:4 NCV…
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A Part of God’s Plan

Our lives tend to be so scattered. Lives with no strategy, no goal, no defining…
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God and Man

“For our high priest [Jesus] is able to understand our weaknesses” (Hebrews…
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His Majesty’s Arrival

A more lowly place of birth could not exist. Mary looks at the face of the baby…
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To Witness the Savior

Bethlehem. Star-filled skies, bone-weary travelers, shepherds, and a new baby.…
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