Words of Hope and Help

With the Ones We Love

Holiday travel. It isn’t easy. Then why do we do it? Why cram the trunks and…
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The Secret of Satisfaction

Are you in prison? You are if you feel better when you have more and worse when…
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Exhibit the Glory of God

God endows us with gifts so we can make him known. God endues the Olympian with…
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Meditate on Heaven’s Love

You’ve had enough of human love, haven’t you? Enough tabloids telling you…
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Saying Yes to the Right Thing

After Christ’s forty-day pause in the wilderness, the people of Capernaum…
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A Plea for Mercy

What of those who die with no faith? My husband never prayed. My grandpa never…
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When Doubt Creeps In

Doubt. He’s a nosy neighbor. He’s an obnoxious guest. He’ll pester you, he…
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Help at the Right Time

When we traveled with our young daughters, I carried our plane tickets in my…
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The Reality of Love

In the summer before 8th-grade, I made friends with a guy named Larry.  He was…
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