Words of Hope and Help

One Good Choice for Eternity

It would’ve been nice if God had let us order life like we order a meal. I’…
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The Nail of God

God has penned a list of our faults. The list God has made, however, cannot be…
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He Canceled the Record

How would you feel if a list of your weaknesses were posted so that everyone,…
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The Fruit of Sin

What is the fruit of sin? Step into the briar patch of humanity and feel a few…
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The Sin Problem

Can you live without sin for one day? No. How about one hour, can you do it? No…
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Unwrapping the Gifts of Grace

Much has been said about Jesus’ gift of the cross. But what of the other…
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The Gift of the Cross

Oh, the things we do to give gifts to those we love! Grownups in toy stores,…
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The Matter of the Heart

Isn’t there a time or two when you went outside for a solution when you should…
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The Dwelling Place of God

Do-it-yourself Christianity isn’t much encouragement to the done-in and worn-…
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