Words of Hope and Help

Searching the Night

On the night when Jesus was born, I wonder if Joseph prayed, “Father, this all…
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Out on a Limb

“After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together…
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The Way Jesus Came

It all happened in a moment, a most remarkable moment. God became a man. Heaven…
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Anything But a King

In Bethlehem, the human being who best understood who God was and what he was…
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The House of God

When it came time for bed, it’s what our young daughter’s guest wanted more…
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Trio of Peaks

You can’t run the world, nor are you expected to be all-powerful. You may…
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God Calls the Shots

Every time Satan sets out to score for evil, he ends up scoring a point for good…
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Here By Grace

When I realized my daughter and I weren’t seated together, I asked the fellow…
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We Are All Beggars

We are all beggars in need of bread. “Give us this day our daily bread,” we…
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