Words of Hope and Help

Surely Goodness and Mercy

If the Lord is the shepherd who leads the flock, goodness and mercy are the two…
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God of Fresh Starts

Water. All Noah can see is water. You can relate. You’ve known your share of…
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Rise Up and Step Out

Peter discovered the wonder of God’s second chance. One day Jesus preached…
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Put God’s Plan in Place

Begin again. Fresh starts require a determined first step. You can’t change…
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Stand Up and Lean into God’s Grace

Everyone stumbles. The difference is in the response. Some stumble into the pit…
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God’s Grace Is Greater

One stumble does not define or break a person. Though you’ve failed God’…
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God Uses Failure

Failure finds us all. Failure is so universal that we must wonder why more self-…
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Heaven Notices When We Trust

Jesus once went to the house of a little girl who had just died. Mourners were…
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God’s View of Death

God’s view and our view of death tend to be different. We see death as the end…
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