Words of Hope and Help

Sovereign Over Storms

Let’s climb into the boat with the disciples on the storm-tossed sea. Look at…
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God Is in This Moment

It seems to me that the entire world is in a state of trauma. People do not know…
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Life Out of Broken Things

The story of Esther dares you to believe that God, though hidden, is active. He…
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Let God Be Big

Sometimes I wonder if the church has forgotten the vastness of God. Visit a…
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Meditate on the Master

Is anything too hard for God? Does he ever throw up his hands and quit? The…
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Ponder the Power

Despair can be a dangerous season. But it can also be a developing time, a time…
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God Has a Good Plan

Satan’s scheme to kill the Son of God was defeated on the cross he designed…
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A Heart Like Jesus

You and I live in a trashy world. Unwanted garbage comes our way on a regular…
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No One Has Imagined

Try this. Imagine a perfect world. Whatever that means to you, imagine it. Does…
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