Words of Hope and Help

He Knows Your Needs

Jesus calls us to calmness with this challenge from Matthew 6:32-33. “Your…
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God’s Masterpiece

If you pass your days mumbling, “I’ll never make a difference; I’m not…
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We Can Fear Less

In Luke 24:38, Jesus asks, “Why are you frightened? Why are your hearts filled…
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Everything is God’s

Here’s a healthy exercise. Put a sticky note on everything in your life that…
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Greed Has Many Faces

Our obsession with stuff carries a hefty price tag. We spend 110 percent of our…
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All Things New

People often say, “You can be anything you want to be! Be a butcher, a sales…
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Thought Prevention

We are not a victim of our thoughts. We have a vote. We have a voice. We can…
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Worry is Anti-Trust

What would parents do without worry? It almost seems as if it’s in the job…
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Homes That Flourish

In many homes, discouragement is the language everyone speaks. The home is a war…
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