Words of Hope and Help

The Cross

The cross. Can you turn any direction without seeing one? Engraved on a ring or…
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An Anchor for Your Soul

Six hours, one Friday. To the casual observer the six hours are mundane. But…
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Come with me to the hill of Calvary. Watch as the soldiers shove the carpenter…
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The Sign on Christ’s Cross

John 19:19 says, “Now Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross: Jesus of…
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He Wore Our Sin

Scripture often describes our behavior as the clothes we wear. 1 Peter 5:5…
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Far From Christ

Imagine the scene at the cross. Soldiers huddled in a circle, dice-throwing—…
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Father, Forgive Them

Of all the scenes around the cross, the one that angers me most is when those in…
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Simon Carries Jesus’ Cross

Four soldiers. One criminal. One cross. Simon, a farmer, stands among the crowd…
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Peace Be With You

When the Roman soldiers took Jesus out of the Garden of Gethsamane, Jesus’…
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