Words of Hope and Help

All You Need

Ginger was six years old when she and her Sunday school class made get well…
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God Won’t Break a Promise

All of a sudden you’re cleaning out your desk. The voices of doubt and fear…
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His Child Forever

I’m entering my fourth decade as a pastor and I’ve learned the question to…
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God Takes His Time

Sometimes God takes His time. One-hundred and twenty years to prepare Noah for…
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You’ll get through this! You fear you won’t. We all do. We feel stuck,…
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A Mess for God

Twenty years of marriage, three kids, and he’s gone. Traded in for a younger…
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Living as God’s Child

We never outgrow our need for a father’s love. We were wired to receive it!  …
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Who’s Pushing Your Swing?

Children love to swing. There’s nothing like it. Spinning trees, a stomach…
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Just a Prayer

Late evening. Bedtime. The pillow beckons, but so does your guilty conscience…
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