Words of Hope and Help

Run Your Own Race

A little boy named Adam wanted to be like his friend Bobby.  Adam loved the way…
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God’s Definition of Promotion

For twenty years I was the senior minister of our church. Budgets, personnel,…
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A Lot in Life

Do you know what makes you, you? Have you identified the features that…
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Everybody Gets a Gift

Joshua said: “Tribe of Judah, take the high country. Manasseh, occupy the…
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What You Were Made to Do

Many people stop short of their destiny. They settle for someone else’s story…
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You at Your Best

Call it what you wish. A talent…a skill set…a gift. The terms are…
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Spill Your Heart Before God

As a member of God’s family, come to Him— not as a stranger, but as an heir…
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Extreme Prayer

My friend Greg Pruett’s most significant contribution might be in the area of…
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A Relationship with God

Our relationship with God is exactly that– a relationship. His invitation…
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