Words of Hope and Help

Enjoy God’s Presence

You will never go where God is not. Envision the next few hours of your life.…
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The One Gift Troubles Cannot Touch

What do you still have that you cannot lose? My father had just retired. He and…
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Don’t Settle for a Small Destiny

We re-define ourselves according to our catastrophes. As a result, we settle…
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His First Choice

You are God’s child. He saw you, picked you, and placed you! Jesus said, “…
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Looking Upward

Genesis tells us, When Joseph had come to his brothers, they stripped him of his…
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The Master Builder

Several years ago the state was rebuilding an overpass near my house. Three…
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The Master Weaver

In God’s hands intended evil becomes eventual good! Nothing in the Old…
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God Redeems for Good

Have you wept your final tear or received your last round of chemotherapy? Not…
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God Gets Us Through Stuff

Whatever it is—you’ll get through this! You think you won’t. But we all…
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