Words of Hope and Help

The Serpent Crushed

Satan can disturb us, but he cannot defeat us. The head of the serpent is…
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When We See Our Groom

2 Corinthians 4:17 reminds us, “These hard times are small potatoes compared…
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Being Normal

You don’t have to be weird to follow Jesus! You don’t have to stop liking…
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Jesus is Able!

Several years ago, I joined thousands who ran through the streets of San Antonio…
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In Jesus’ Family

Jesus had dirty hands, sweat-stained shirts, and—this may surprise you—…
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Family Secrets

Most families keep their family secrets a secret! Such stories remain…
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A Request Jesus Loves

Most of us had a hard time learning to tie our shoes! Tightening shoes by…
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Change the Way You Sing

2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “We all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of…
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Becoming Like Him

Do you visit the Grand Canyon for the T-shirt or the snow globe? No! The reward…
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