It’s Your Choice - February 28, 2017

God is jealous for our trust. He doesn’t request it, suggest it, or recommend it. He demands it. We can see the consequences of not obeying in the lives of one New Testament couple. The book of Acts is all good fruit and fanfare, until chapter 5. A husband and wife pledged to sell some property and give the money to the church. When they changed their minds, they acted as if they hadn’t. They lied. They died. Their bodies were carried out, and “great fear gripped the entire church” (Acts 5:11 NLT).

On the topic of faith God is serious…dead serious. Romans 6:23 declares that “the wages of sin is death,” but it also promises “eternal life” to those who choose obedience to Christ instead. It’s your choice. Which do you choose?

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