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Cloud Over Israel

Israel is under attack. Just the announcement was enough to heavy our hearts. Perhaps you, like I, have been unable…

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  • Face-to-Face with Yourself

    I was called ‘America’s Pastor’ but that didn’t tell the whole story. I have had my own occasions in which…

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  • A Helpful Strategy for Back to School

    It’s the beginning of a new school year! But going back to school can give rise to fear or anxiety…

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  • When Pastors Don’t Pastor

    The news could not be worse. Nearly three hundred pages documenting 330 interviews revealing a coverup of Watergate proportions. The…

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  • The God of Sabbath

    If you find yourself unsettled by or resistant to the “return to normal” be encouraged by these words from Max’s daughter Andrea Lucado,…

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  • Give Your Fears to Your Father

    Are you struggling with fear today? Is it the pandemic, a job, food, something else? Are you seeing the size…

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  • A Special Thank You

    Hello, front line worker. May I have a word with you? Hello, doctor, nurse, med-tech, and assistant. Any chance that…

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