Cloud Over Israel

Israel is under attack. Just the announcement was enough to heavy our hearts. Perhaps you, like I, have been unable to turn away from the news reports.

  • Over 1,300 Jews, at this writing, dead. Similar number of fatalities among Palestinians.
  • Barbaric acts against children and elderly.
  • Over a hundred people take hostage.
  • Innocent Palestinians trapped in siege-weary Gaza.
  • Skirmishes in northern Israel with Hezbollah.
  • Missiles streaking the Israeli sky.
  • Iran suspected as complicit in the attacks.


Jesus told us this would happen.  “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” (Matthew 24:6,7)

Of the past 3,400 years of recorded history, humans have been war-free for only 268 years, or 8 percent of them. Cain was violent first. We are violent still. Yet in the last few decades, the world has seen violence escalate to new levels. The phrase “nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom” is a Hebrew idiom for a world war. A global conflict is a signal of the coming of this age.1

Have we seen this? Yes. Twice in the last century the conflict was so universal it earned the phrase World War. More people died from war in the 20th Century than in all the other centuries combined.

We live in ever-present fear of worldwide destruction. Let one person press one button and nuclear disaster could happen. Russia has invaded Ukraine. China is threatening Taiwan. Israel feels pinched by Hamas to the south and Hezbollah to the North.

I do not have a national security clearance, but I can google. So, I googled the question “How Many Nations Have Nuclear Weapons?” The answer: nine! According to one report, “The warheads on just one U.S. nuclear-armed submarine have seven times the destructive power of all the bombs dropped during World War II, including the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.”2

I’m just full of good news, aren’t I? I actually have good news, great news. Here it is: Jesus, the one who warned of these days will deliver us from these days. The birth pains will continue. The frequency of deception and division will increase, but Jesus will protect us until he comes, and He will deliver us once he comes. For that reason, Jesus spoke this next phrase, “See to it that you are not troubled” (Matthew 24:6).

How can we do this?

First make sure that you are saved. Jesus Christ died on the cross for sinners like you and me. “He does not want anyone to be lost, but he wants all people to change their hearts and lives.” (2 Peter 3:9). Have you surrendered your heart to him? If not, do so. He loves you. You were not made to experience the coming chaos. We are nearing the end. You do not want to face the final hours with no Savior. Tell him that you are a sinner, and He is a Savior. “…everyone who calls upon the Lord shall be saved…” (Rom. 10:13)

Next, “Pray for peace in Jerusalem.” (Psalm 122:6). Israel is special to God by covenant. Jesus was born there. He died there. He rose from and will return there. It’s no wonder that the tiny nation of Israel has been the most disputed land in history. It is the staging ground of God’s story of salvation. Pray urgently for the nation of Israel.

And, lastly, don’t panic. Don’t let the chaos weigh you down. Hold on. Hang tight. Hold fast to Scriptures like this one from Psalm 37:

7 Wait and trust the Lord.
Don’t get angry.
Don’t be upset; it only leads to trouble.
Evil people will be sent away,
but those who trust the Lord will inherit the land.
10 In a little while the wicked will be no more.
You may look for them, but they will be gone.
11 People who are not proud will inherit the land
and will enjoy complete peace.
12 The wicked make evil plans against good people.
They grind their teeth at them in anger.
13 But the Lord laughs at the wicked,
because he sees that their day is coming.

“See to it that you are not troubled” Jesus told us. Let’s do just that. Get right with God. Pray for Israel. And don’t panic. God is still on His throne.


1Fruchtenbaum, Arnold; The Footsteps of the Messiah San Antonio, TX: Ariel Press, 1982)


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