The Lord Is on His Throne

When tragedy strikes—whether personal, national, or global—people wonder how…
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Difficult December

If you find yourself looking more forward to December 26th than December 25th,…
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In the Midst of the Storm

“…[Jesus’] disciples went down to the lake, where they got into a boat…
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In Everything

Of what import is a wineless wedding? Of all the needs of people on the planet,…
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You Aren’t Alone

Are you convinced that no one cares, that no one can help you, hear you, or heed…
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I’m Not a Scaredy Cat

Help your children face their fears—with God’s help! As you laugh…
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Your Refuge

Refuge is a favorite word of David’s.  You’ll count as many as forty-plus…
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Find God in Your Crisis

Calamities can leave us off balance and confused.  Consider the crisis of…
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No Easy Solution

Life turns every person upside down. No one escapes unscathed. Not the woman…
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