The Providence of God

Some time ago I made a special visit to the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem.…
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When Mourning Comes

Find an unshakable hope in the midst of the storm by holding onto what you know…
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Heaven Notices When We Trust

Jesus once went to the house of a little girl who had just died. Mourners were…
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God’s View of Death

God’s view and our view of death tend to be different. We see death as the end…
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A Deep Breath

As God’s story becomes your story, you will make this wonderful discovery: you…
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Choose Faith

I was on the plane when a fellow coming down the aisle called my name. He handed…
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The Voice that Empties the Grave

Romans 6:5 says, “We will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection…
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The Message of this Miracle

Jesus told them to roll the stone away. He offered a prayer of gratitude, and…
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From Complaint to Confession

Look again at Martha’s words: “Lord, if only, if only you had been here, my…
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