Thoughts of Heaven

It’s been a long time, but there was a time when my daughters celebrated my…
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Joint Heirs

You’ve been claimed. Adopted. God’s very own child! Romans 8:29: “For God…
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Heaven As Your Home

Dread of death ends when you know heaven is your true home! In all my air…
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Perfect Love

Dry mouth. Moist palms. Pulse pounding. Eyes darting over your shoulder. Heart…
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The Trinitarian Trifecta

Paradise is not promised until Jesus returns. Peace, joy, and absence of pain…
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Stop at the Gate

He sat near a gate called Beautiful. The man, however, was anything but. He…
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God Has a Place for You

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death…
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In the Father’s House

Some of the saddest words on earth are: “We don’t have room for you.”…
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The House of God

When it came time for bed, it’s what our young daughter’s guest wanted more…
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