God’s Strategy for Human Hurt

Bzuneh Tulema lives in Ethiopia. Just a few years ago he and his wife were so…
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God’s Love for the Nations

Pentecost was the busiest day of the year in Jerusalem, and Jesus’ followers…
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Live in Such a Way

Can God use us? I have 120 answers to that question—the charter members of the…
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Accurate Thinking

Everyone has assumptions about life. Many are useful and constructive. Some…
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God Has a Place for You

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death…
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God’s Waiting Room

Are you in God’s waiting room? Perhaps you are between jobs or in search of…
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Remember God’s Blessings

Jesus performed two bread-multiplying miracles: in one he fed 5,000 people, in…
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God’s Forever Family

Gary and Steve had acted like brothers for twenty-five years. In 1998, when a…
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Accept God’s Offer

A person can be religious and yet lost. Attending church won’t make you God’…
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