Bridge Builder

Brian Reed served in a military unit in Baghdad, Iraq, in the fall of 2003. He…
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May You Find Peace

What if peace was a way of life? Not just a moment, memory, or occasional…
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The Dwelling Place of God

Do-it-yourself Christianity isn’t much encouragement to the done-in and worn-…
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Let Christ Be Kind to You

There is a correlation between the way you feel about yourself and the way you…
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God Has Not Left You Adrift

“Spiritual life comes from the Spirit” (John 3:6). Your parents may…
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White Flag of the Heart

Maybe your past isn’t much to brag about. So do you rise above the past and…
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God Will Do What Is Right

If you’re rehashing the same hurt every chance you get with anyone who will…
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Choose God’s Love

Does a branch ever release the vine?  Only at the risk of death.  Would you…
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Make Christ’s Love Your Home

To abide in the love of Christ is to make his love your home.  You rest in him…
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