The Power of Election Prayer

Let others lose sleep over the election.  Let others grow bitter from party or…
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Where is God in this Storm?

Like many of you, I have spent the last few hours with an eye on the television…
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In the Grip of Grace Ch. 16 – Life Aboard the Fellowship

Chapter 16 – Life Aboard the Fellow-Ship  “Welcome with open arms…
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In God We Trust…or Do We?

The appeal came from Rev. M.R. Watson. He addressed his letter to the Secretary…
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Time to Pray for the USA?

A world of insight is hidden in four words in Matt.14:22: “He dismissed the…
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When You Are Weary of Washington

Download the MP3 audio of this message. Dear Pastor, Teacher or Church Leader…
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On 9/12 We Ran to God

Originally published September 12, 2011 on On 9/11 we ran for cover…
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Why Does God Allow War?

Some of you love to work with jigsaw puzzles. You take a jumble of disconnected…
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Wanted: A Few Good Shepherds – A Biblical Study of Church Leadership

Chapter One – Who Will Lead Us? A story came my way about a couple of…
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