The Dwelling Place of God

Do-it-yourself Christianity isn’t much encouragement to the done-in and worn-…
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God Will Do What Is Right

If you’re rehashing the same hurt every chance you get with anyone who will…
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God Is Doing a Good Work

Changing direction in life is not tragic, but losing passion in life is.…
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God Sees You

Make a list of God’s mistakes. Pretty short, huh? Now make a list of the times…
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He Always Remains Faithful

Did you know that the smith in silversmith comes from the old English word smite…
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God Will Guard You

“If you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you” (Psalm 91…
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The Challenge of Change

If change is a challenge for you, God always offers help: “But when the…
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The Work of the Spirit

Suppose a person never learns about the sealing and intercession of the Spirit.…
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No Fear of Falling

Your Father has no intention of letting you fall. You can’t see him, but he is…
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