Max Lucado, Christian Author

Father in heaven, you speak all things into being. You create life with your words, and they bring light to the darkness.

Lord, bring light to my darkness today. The future can feel scary and is filled with the unknown. When my mind strays to anxious thoughts, light a path back to clarity and peace.

May your light enter our household today and bring understanding. My kids are still learning to trust in you, and I don’t want them to fear the future. Give them peace and clear direction today.

Thank you for answering my children’s prayers. Thank you for the whispered words they say just before bed–so often funny and always heartfelt. Thank you for for putting them in my life.

In Christ’s name, amen.

excerpted from Pocket Prayers for Mothers
© Max Lucado with Andrea Lucado

4 comments on “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. Thank you so much! When our children are little we think that as they get older it less for us do in the day to day of caring for our children. Examples: they can tie their shoes, feed themselves, cook, drive a car, off to college, dating and list goes on and on. The one thing that I have found in this journey of being a mother who loves her children and grandchildren is that my prayer life has increased! The older my children get more I pray. The level of prayer to cover every area of their life and decision they make. The people they met. As mothers we forget to pray for ourselves. I pray healing, restoration, favor, protection, strength, mercies and grace for all mothers on this Mother’s Day Sunday May 13th 2018! In Jesus Name! Amen

    1. Thank you Max for a wonderful prayer, and for your daily enlightenment. I look forward to them. I agree with Rosemarie, as my children have grown into men and I have grandchildren and two great grandchildren my prayers have increased. I pray for strength, love, guidance, discernment, kindness, protection and wisdom. Im grateful they know the Lord and I thank Him for his mercy.

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