Be Expectant

Winter. It’s the darkest of seasons. The coldest of seasons. The trees don’t have as many leaves, the grass isn’t nearly as green.  In fact, it may even look like everything is dying.  And yet…in the midst of such gloominess, we wait with great expectation for the happiest season of all… Christmas.

Are you in a season of winter?  A lost job…A doctor’s report…A broken marriage?  Maybe you feel stuck in winter, like Christmas may never come. As scripture says, God rewards those who diligently seek him.  So just like the wise men of the Christmas story…search for the Lord.  Look for Him in the midst of your darkest nights and coldest winters.  Hope may seem as distant as a star, but if the Christmas story tells us anything…God is still present.  God is still working.  And in this very moment, God is near.

©Max Lucado