Christ, Our Hope!

When Christ was born, so was our hope.

Of all the delights of the season, this is why I love Christmas. The event invites us to believe the wildest of promises: God became one of us so we could become one with him. He did away with every barrier, fence, sin, bent, debt, and grave. Anything that might keep us from him was demolished. He only awaits our word to walk through the door.

Invite him in. Escort him to the seat of honor, and pull out his chair. Clear the table; clear the calendar. Call the kids and neighbors.

Christmas is here. Christ is here.

One request from you, and God will do again what he did then: scatter the night with everlasting light. He’ll be born in you.

Every heart can be a manger. Every day can be a Christmas. Let “Silent Night” be sung on summer nights. Let Advent brighten the autumn chill. The Christmas miracle is a yearlong celebration.

It’s this very message of hope that UpWords spreads: a message of God’s Christmas promise to be read and heard all year long. I want to thank you for your commitment to sharing this good news. Your support of UpWords encourages me personally and blesses tens of thousands who read and hear reminders of God’s hope year round. I’m grateful for your partnership in this blessed adventure of ministry.

In this season of glory, remember that the Bethlehem baby has chosen your heart for his home.

May this prayer be yours:

My Heart, Your Manger
Like the stable in which you lay,
my heart is simple, frail as hay.
But if you would within me stay,
Make my heart your manger, I pray.

Make my world your Bethlehem,
centerpieced with heaven’s Son.
Make this night a shepherd’s sky,
quickened bright with holy dawn.

Rush the air with cherub wings.
Brush this earth. Let angels sing.
A glimpse of your face. A taste of your grace.
Be born in this place.

I pray.

Merry Christmas,

Max Lucado