Decency for President

NOTE: This is an updated version of the blog originally posted 2/24/16. This expanded version was published 2/26/16 by the Washington Post.

As the father of three daughters, I reserved the right to interview their dates. Seemed only fair to me. After all, my wife and I’d spent 16 or 17 years feeding them, dressing them, funding braces, and driving them to volleyball tournaments and piano recitals. A five-minute face-to-face with the guy was a fair expectation. I was entrusting the love of my life to him. For the next few hours, she would be dependent upon his ability to drive a car, avoid the bad crowds, and stay sober. I wanted to know if he could do it. I wanted to know if he was decent.

This was my word: “decent.” Did he behave in a decent manner? Would he treat my daughter with kindness and respect? Could he be trusted to bring her home on time? In his language, actions, and decisions, would he be a decent guy?

Decency mattered to me as a dad.

Decency matters to you. We take note of the person who pays their debts. We appreciate the physician who takes time to listen. When the husband honors his wedding vows, when the teacher makes time for the struggling student, when the employee refuses to gossip about her co-worker, when the losing team congratulates the winning team, we can characterize their behavior with the word decent.

We appreciate decency. We applaud decency. We teach decency. We seek to develop decency. Decency matters, right?

Then why isn’t decency doing better in the presidential race?

The leading Republican candidate to be the next leader of the free world would not pass my decency interview. I’d send him away. I’d tell my daughter to stay home. I wouldn’t entrust her to his care.

I don’t know Mr. Trump. But I’ve been chagrined at his antics. He ridiculed a war hero. He made a mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He referred to the former first lady, Barbara Bush as “mommy,” and belittled Jeb Bush for bringing her on the campaign trail. He routinely calls people “stupid,” and “dummy.”1 One writer catalogued sixty-four occasions that he called someone “loser.”2 These were not off-line, backstage, overheard, not-to-be-repeated comments. They were publicly and intentionally tweeted, recorded, and presented.

Such insensitivities wouldn’t be acceptable even for a middle school student body election. But for the Oval Office? And to do so while brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith?

I have no inside track on the intricacies of a presidential campaign. I’m a pastor. I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically? Can we not expect a tone that would set a good example for our children? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?

Could concerns not be raised about other Christian candidates? Absolutely. But the concern of this article is not policy, but tone and decorum. When it comes to language, Mr. Trump is in a league of his own. “It is out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks,” Jesus said.3 Let speech befit the call. We, as Christians, would do well to summon any Christian leader to a higher standard. This includes pastors (especially this one), teachers, coaches and, by all means, presidential candidates.

All of them.

The stock explanation for Mr. Trump’s success is this: he has tapped into the anger of the American people. As one man said, “We are voting with our middle finger.” Sounds more like a comment for a gang-fight than a presidential election. Anger-fueled reactions have caused trouble ever since Cain was angry at Abel.

We can only hope, and pray, for a return to verbal decency. Perhaps Mr. Trump will better manage his comments. (Worthy of a prayer, for sure.) Or, perhaps the American public will remember the key role of the president: to be the face of America. When he/she speaks, he/she speaks for us. Whether we agree or disagree with the policies of the president, do we not hope that they speak in a way that is consistent with the status of the office?

As far as I remember, I never turned away one of my daughter’s dates. They weren’t perfect, but they were decent fellows. That was all I could ask.

It seems that we should ask the same.

©Max Lucado
February 26, 2016


3Luke 6:45

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  1. I don’t feel like the current President has been “speaking for us” at all. He has overturned several majority votes just to push his agenda. It doesn’t seem like the office of President has that characteristic anymore. Another reason that Trump has gained so much support is that when you are compared to the most divisive President in history, everyone feels like there is nothing to lose by voting for him!

    1. Ben Wilson, you are 100% correct. What choice do we have anymore? All the damage has been done and it wasn’t Trump who changed rules in regard to marriage, making abortion OK, letting people have gender problems due to a little four year old wanting to change, a real bad example for the whole country. Now it has to be fixed, and we now need to forget about religion, personality, and any rinky dinky thing stop us because it is too late! The praying that Max mentioned is about the only thing he said that makes sense for an election. I agree about his daughters and everyone who has daughters; but that is not what the largest concern is! The DAMAGE has been done and needs to be fixed, the BOTTOM LINE.

      1. Does anyone out there know how to catch a herd of wild pigs?
        A thought to remember, Marx said, “Remove one freedom per generation and soon you will have no freedom and no one would have noticed.”

        There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class.
        One day while the class was in the lab, the professor noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter.

        The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist regime. In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a strange question.

        He asked: “Do you know how to catch wild pigs?”

        The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line.

        The young man said that it was no joke. “You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free food.

        “When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.
        “They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side.

        The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again. You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.
        Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.”

        The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening in America . The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare entitlements, medicine, drugs, etc., while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

        One should always remember two truths:
        There is no such thing as a free lunch, and you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

        If you see that all of this wonderful government “help” is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America, you might want to share this with your friends.

        If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life, then you will probably not share this.

        BUT, God help us all when the gate slams shut!

        Quote for today: “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are becoming outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

  2. So true. I am shocked at the way people behave when it comes to politics. It is clear, too, that Trump is in good company of “in-decent” candidates.

    1. Old Timer….you hit it all on the head, your story about the pigs was a good example of what this country has become. We are so busy putting the blame on everything and everyone that we miss the real agenda.
      ” We the people” made the choice and when we don’t agree with the choices that were made, all we do is complain instead of working together to fix the problems.
      If we are honest with ourselves we know exactly what happened in this last presidency. I’ve been around for quite a few presidential elections and no one ever agrees with everything any sitting president has ever done in office, that is the nature of people.
      We have the power in our vote and if we vote out of spite to get back at what was done or not done, who can we blame but ourselves. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.
      So if you want real results do the work and know who your voting for before you pull that lever.
      I know for me it matters if a person has integrity and character, and I don’t see one iota of it in Trump. He is not president material in the least, his record and his mouth speak for itself.
      Make a concerned choice for our country and for all the people, that is once what America stood for and it can be again if we want it to be, the choice is our,
      “We The People”

  3. What gets me is so many leaders, religious or otherwise, highlight problems but offer no solutions. Religious leaders sounding off have dropped the ball on every issue we face today because like politicians, are all talk but no action. One thing you’re right about is the people are angry. We’re also fearful of losing our job, crime the boarder etc… How about real solutions!

    1. Lester,
      I agree we need more than only assessments of the problem(s), accurate as they may be. Might you offer any real solutions that you consider to be achievable and effective? Thank you in advance.

      1. Here’s a couple. How about teaching Christians how to get out of debt and stop manipulating them to give into there specific “Callings”? How about pointing out specific legislation that are against Christian morals and values that are trying to pass locally, and what they can do about it? How about investing in the congregation by equipping them with tangible people skills so they can be a better person, better position in their company or business? Leaders like Max are failing the sheep they chose to shepherd. Something they’re held at a higher standard for according to God! I mean where was Max when that lady from Kentucky got thrown in Jail for standing for God! I saw Gov Hukabee but I didn’t see him or other so called top leaders speaking out!! There’s so much more that the “church” has been ineffective on but want to speak against someone who’s trying to do something about it? Mr. Trump will be held accountable by those that support him abd and ultimately by God! Max said he doesn’t know Trump personally therefore his “opinion” is judgmental in my book!

  4. There is everything to lose by turning over the office and power of the USA presidency to a pseudo-Christian man or woman. Even worse to usher in another blatant non-believer. Again.

  5. I agree we need leaders who have decency. But I wouldn’t single out Mr. Trump as lacking … he’s sure not the only one who isn’t decent. The others are indecent but use a nicer tone of voice, spoken with a smile. It diverts our attention to other indecent things they’re doing or have done. I’m praying for God to please give us a good leader.

    1. Pam, I am so glad you brought that to our attention! It is exactly the same way I feel. These people are forgetting that no one is perfect and always have something in their secret closet! Mr. Trump has guts to not be afraid to try and FIX the mess that others have made in the government. We don’t have time now to sit back and judge on personalities and religion.

  6. I think it’s pretty clear there is only one decent person who is a contender in this race. It’s the wild-haired Jew who talks about caring for the least of these.

  7. President Obama and his family have personified the word “decency” during their tenure in the white house…..not one hint of a scandal or whiff of inappropriate behavior or language, iñ spite of an unprecedented level of vitriol and villification….never has a president and his family been subject to such insults and overt, intentional disrespect….and yet the only time I have seen this “decent” man become angry and visibly shaken is following the massacre of the babies at Sandy Hook….his opponents could take a page out of the Obama Book Of Integrity and DECENCY

    1. Bonnie, where have you been? If you don’t realize the danger and the changes that have occurred during the past years is the reason why we are discussion so much about this election. Now it doesn’t matter what names you hear spoken during these debates because what we need is a great big FIX! If we don’t get it then it will enlarge. Mr. Trump has just as much right to express himself because of all this mess and the people who will be voting…I have read…they say worse things in public than he does. So why should we care!!

  8. There are 535 other “divisive” elected governing officials in Washington, too — Congress. Be sure you apportion a good share of the disfunctional govt responsibility to them. Senator McConnell was fully garbed in his “obstructionist” armor more than 2 months BEFORE the newly elected President took oath of office. Kinda hard to start a dialogue toward any level of cooperation when the other side is so deeply dug in. I applaud Gov Kasich for refusing to campaign from the gutter because “this is no way to select a President.” What a pity that reasonable-speaking men like him cannot be heard above the cacophony of the howlers.

  9. Well said, Brother Max. If the office of the presidency has lost some its luster and respect…it’s a direct result of some of the men who have held it over the last 30 years.

  10. As a struggling mom, supporting my family of four, my first campaign issue is the economy. Trump knows how to make money and make it work. Being a business man, he will be able to direct the nation out of this slump/recession. But I am no loyal Trump fan. I will vote for anyone against Hillary or Bernie.

  11. Personally it is disappointing to read this. Not because of what he says about trump but because of who is writing this. It just doesn’t seem very Christ like to critize a person openly in a letter in any form. I look to our spiritual leaders to lead me in my faith not politics. Are any of the candidates decent….

    1. Greg Cook, I agree. As Christians we have a lot of responsibilities to speak out when we should. Also, others have freedom of speech. We do not think alike as it shows. The only way we are going to accomplish anything is if we use logic as we deal with the scriptures. The young son of Billy Graham has shown his Christianity by speaking out and traveling all around the country to have people pray with him. He talks about it and uses scripture for everything he says. I admire him highly for how he is handling this and he is showing his Christianity to the whole world. We sit back, afraid to show ourselves! God does love us and everyone, but HE also said, “If you Love Me you will keep my commandments!!

  12. Mr Lucado, I don’t disagree with your assessment of Mr . Trumps’ rhetoric in this campaign, however I do believe he would be the best leader for America at this time, he doesn’t take funds from any one wanting to buy his favor in this campaign. He appears to be the strongest personality to stand up to belligerent world leaders who attempt to bully the U.S. Who knows, maybe God will give him a “Damascus road moment” and change his attitude. Since he is the leading contender in the Presidential race on the Republican side, I think it would bode well for Christians to pray for his salvation.

    1. Charles, exactly! He has a nice family, sons and daughters who are married and have children. I think he is as concerned about these things as anyone else and will learn through all this how important it is to follow God’s word. We need to allow him that much. I do not see anything better in any of the other candidates and so it has come to a time that we need to think about fixing our beautiful USA back to what it should be!!

  13. Thank you Max for taking a stand. I don’t usually tweet or even look at tweets but when I saw your name I took the time to read your tweet because your character and standing as a Christian man has always stood and represented an honest and ‘decent’ person. That is why I took my time to read your message. I totally agree with you and I fail to understand why so many people including ‘Christians’ do not see the sneaky attacks this man, Mr Trump, makes against a true Christian as we clearly can see that Mr Cruz is. I am offended by Mr Trump, by his foul mouth and foul attacks against others. Just hearing his rantings and ravings trying to stir people up against the current situations makes me want to turn the TV off. He has so many fooled because he speaks to their sensitivities against the current regime but if they’d listen to the other candidates, they do so as well just not acting the fool like Mr Trump. Wake up America! Vote according to the one whom God would use to straighten out the mess that we are currently in, not the one who toots his horn loudest!

    1. YES, wake up America, God knows about all the other sinning candidates as well. So toot your horn like they do Mr. Trump, don’t be a bully or do not be bullied. There is not one of the candidates any better than you are!

  14. Our current President speaks for the majority of American voters. We elected him twice. He is, in my opinion, the epitome of a decent man. I am appalled that Trump has won 3 primaries but as my father always said, It’s a long road that does ot have a turn. I believe, that most Americans are still fundamentally decent folks and will once again vote another decent man into the office of President.

  15. This disturbs me more that we single out one politician in this article. A more constructive tone would be that politics in general is not decent anymore and I do agree that it is a problem today. Judging from the comments, posts like this one divide just as much as the politician he is addressing. Pouring more gas on the fire to some degree…

  16. I am also perplexed on how Mr. Trump continues to gain support, especially from those who claim to be Christians. There is not a single aspect of his “message”, most of which is hyperbole and rhetoric, that supports any claim that he is Christian. I do however, disagree that he is the “leading candidate” to be the next president. Just because he is the candidate currently leading the Republican party does not make him the leading candidate… And to be honest I am not sure how any of the group on the “conservative” side would pass your decency test.

    1. Since when did the election become a religious factor? They are to follow the Constitution, and it covers freedom of religion! I know, some think they are the only Christians and want to place that judgment on others! Let’s leave it in the hands of the Master, who loves us and expects us to Love Him because he said so!

  17. Or people making millions from selling Christianity..never have I seen such judging Christians.. I suppose you like the current president who is ruining this country

  18. This is so well written and expresses my sentiments exactly. I only wish you had referenced a verse from “2 Corinthians.” 😀

  19. I appreciate and have always enjoyed Lucado’s writings for years and while I agree, can you tell me that any of these characters are decent men or women.
    I’m not sure I care about whether the leader of this country would be suitable to date my daughter, I’d rather he have some leadership qualities that bring back authority to our nation and keep us a super power which we no longer are. The days of decency in the White House are long gone or we would’ve elected a Rick Santorum type, good husband but also a politician and the country doesn’t care if they are decent unfortunately, the majority only cares about their money, then safety, then morals.
    So Max, who do you pick since we know who you don’t?

  20. How sad is it that at this point we rather than looking for greatness in our leaders the best we can hope for is the chance to elect someone that is “decent”. We have fallen a long way as a country…

  21. Very well said, Mr. Lucado. We haven’t had anyone decent in quite a while. I am shocked by some of the comments following your post. People are agreeing that Trump is not “decent” yet they justify why he should still be elected. Then there are others who are stating obama is “decent”. What on earth is the standard of decency for these commenters? Jesus should be the standard of decency. No one is perfect–I understand that, but God said His Son was our example. Shouldn’t we hold ourselves and others to the same standard God holds us? So what if Trump is good with money. Do you think God wants us to compromise His Word and values for the almighty dollar? Just because all the other candidates are just as dishonest and slimy as Trump doesn’t mean he should get our vote. There are no levels of sin in God’s eyes. They are equally bad. So what if obama hasn’t yelled out a curse word. He has promoted sins and laws which allow our entire country to be “indecent”. He has dishonored God by persecuting God’s children. He has saddled our children with all sorts of burdens for the future. What on earth is the world coming to? Jesus come soon.

  22. As an educator of middle school students, the behavior of our current republican “frontrunner” would not be tolerated in the classroom or school environment. Thanks Max for your perspective! My late husband and I loved reading your books and articles!

    1. Diane, as far as education has to offer, something else that should not be allowed in the school system is what they are trying to teach our kids about religion but won’t allow Christanity , and teaching the wrong thing about gender and male and female, even in the kindergarten. So I don’t think Mr. Trump would have anything to do with that type stuff in the school system as well!!

  23. Amen. The day might come that I will not vote for anyone for POTUS. I will not choose between the lesser of two evils. I will not lower the standards set forth in the Bible.

  24. If decency is the chief indicator of Presidential fitness, and decency in government is shaping law by strict interpretation of Biblical interpretations (which may be different from yours), then Cruz is definitely the most qualified candidate. If decency is the chief indicator of Presidential fitness, and decency in government is shaping law by Biblical principles (love, respect, and common sense), then Sanders is definitely the most qualified candidate. Some people have employment and/or other defined roles (such as the roles Max plays in the public eye) which require supporting the enforcement of specific Biblical interpretations (some of which they may agree with and some of which they may not), and, by logical extension, require limiting consideration of candidates to those who appear to be committed to the public enforcement of Biblical interpretation – the creation and enforcement of Biblical Law (such as that from which – by some Biblical interpretation – One may be saved). Such is a matter of private choice – a matter of autonomy (such as what is happening inside a woman’s body). Government, on the other hand, is a matter chiefly of public unity. In government, when private autonomy (such as the ongoing crime that is The Federal Reserve) takes precedence over public unity (and, thus, wellbeing), we have the dysfunctionalities of the present situation. If we want to find out what a fervent commitment to public enforcement of ideological products of private autonomy can bring … such as, perhaps, the banishment of women from all positions of authority … Go Cruz! Perhaps … we don’t.

  25. I hadn’t thought of it this way. I understand people are angry about Bengazi, email issues, economical issues, ISIS, etc., and looking for someone strong. I think he learned this “drama” from his t.v. show that got ratings when he said, “You’re fired.” He belittled all the contestants in the board room. I wonder if that’s how his dad treated him. I think last election’s kind man with decency had election stolen from him by a stupid electorate rule instead of using the popular vote, and maybe the contestants don’t want to follow in his footsteps and think he was weak. I’d give anything if he ran again.

  26. This is were I stop following you. Decency…. demand that we not lie. I don’t know a decent liar. There are some blatantly false statements in your post. Also, I have NEVER seen such an article about Barak Obama. Just post it if you have one…. I’d rather have someone cuss me out than to be nice to me while he’s “nicely” destroying everything around him. You have right to opinion, but that ALL it is.

    I’m not voting for a “pastor and chief”…. and it I was, you wouldn’t make the cut yourself. Who are you that judges another man’s servant? Maybe you’ll remeber were you read those words. Don’t get me wrong. I have standards, one of them isn’t listening to a whining preacher trying to steer political decisions. A vote for president isn’t a vote for perfection. I’d rather hear Trump cuss everyday than watch as our current “nice President” destroys our nation. You’ve been silent as Obama has done just that….. and NOW you feel like you have to say something. Pardon me if I’m not buying it. You’re trying to shame good people into not voting for Trump. You’ve failed.

    1. First, Trump does NOT “tell it like it is”. He claimed loudly and often that opposed the Iraq war beforehand when proof shows he didn’t. He accused former president George W. Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction and then a few days later said he didn’t know. On which occasion was he “telling it like it is”?

      Second, Trump is NOT a self-made wealthy man. He inherited his starting money from his father. He was born and raised a rich kid. He has led 4 companies into bankruptcy and was the main decision-maker who led to the dissolution of the USFL. He’s wrecked 2 marriages and boasts of adultery.

    2. You accused Pastor Lucado of “blatantly false statements” but you didn’t mention one specifically.
      The fact is that you have born false witness against Pastor Lucado and so broken the 9th commandment (Ex. 20:16).

  27. I am a political atheist. I do not feel any of our “Politicians” will save us. For sake of argument I feel that we could elect a person of integrity if one were able to climb the dung heap of US politics and not be engulfed by the cash and power of the office. Never the less God is still in charge and Kings and principalities are His to ordain their boundaries and offices. Imperial Rome ruled as the Church was founded and rose from the politics of that day. can you imagine being a Christian under some of those rulers. Say Caligula or Nero for starters. I am a patriot and as a combat veteran I will vote. I will make my choice after all this mud slinging. I will pray for a person of integrity that is decent to lead us. So far it looks like the lessor of evils is our poor choice to make.

  28. When you refer to “the leading candidate”, are you specifically talking about Donald Ttrump and only Donald Trump by himself? I am sincerely not trying to be contentious, I just feel the need to clarify there are still a few very good, decent choices in the race. There is one in particular that is notably more inclusive in their political ideologies than Mr. Trump.

  29. I’m no trump supporter, but I think of most of the people in the bible God chose to be leaders. They were far from our Western view of what a “real Christian” should act like.” Sometimes I feel our current view is very watered down and more of a Pharisees perspective. I know our current president is not a fighter for biblical principals. But then again seems everything is up to interpretation. Just saying.

  30. Mr Lucado,

    I have always lived your books and seemingly above reproach life. I am a little saddened by your attack on a single candidate. I do not agree with anyone behaving poorly. Currently I am researching deeply each prospective candidate. I do have to say that with mr Trump you know what he is thinking and where he stands. How many others are just saying it out of ear and media range. Deception is no better than blatant mockery. I am saddened that we are not promoting prayer through our platforms rather than stone throwing. If my people would humble themselves and pray…

    I humbly ask you to consider kneeling in prayer for Mr Trump if you are not already doing that. Blessings

  31. Thank you! I would be embarrassed for our country if Mr Trump was our diplomatic representative to the world. Foreign relations are strained enough without his foul mouth and puffed ego. Walls and threats are not the answer. I don’t get how people think he is a viable candidate.

  32. I will have to respectfully disagree. I’ve read most of your books, I enjoy them greatly but on politics I’ll trust my gut and Trump will get my vote. Trump has had to fight back against overwhelming odds and massive amounts of political dollars. Jeb Bush’s campaign spent 130 million dollars on attack adds trying to take down Trump and he failed. There’s a reason Americans are flocking to Trump, it’s because they are sick of the underhanded politicians that promise one thing to the voters but do the opposite when they get to Washington. Mccain, Bohner, Ryan and others are all part of the establishment Republican crowd and they’ve sold the US down the river on more than one occasion. They are Globalist and their amnesty goals have been well documented. As for the Bush family, same deal there too. The secret societies like “Skull and Bones” don’t do anything to help our country. Trump is a Nationalist and right now that’s exactly what this country needs, a lover of America not a Globalist. We have a 500 billion dollar trade deficit with China alone. After years of our leaders degrading US and supporting hate groups over hard working law enforcement officers that die on a daily basis. It’s time we as a country get back to excepting responsibility for our own actions.. Donald J Trump is rough around the edges but so what, What are our options, gang of 8 member Rubio or H1b visa king Cruz. Cruz the guy that holds a bible in one hands and sends out fraudulent Voter Violation notices and falsely tells voters Ben Carson has dropped out. Cruz the guy that’s on record of wanting to increase the H1b visa program by 500% with his amendment to the amnesty bill. Trump is the only candidate running that won’t owe a political payback to a big money donor, and that right there is a beautiful thing.

    1. Old Timer….you hit it all on the head, your story about the pigs was a good example of what this country has become. We are so busy putting the blame on everything and everyone that we miss the real agenda.
      ” We the people” made the choice and when we don’t agree with the choices that were made, all we do is complain instead of working together to fix the problems.
      If we are honest with ourselves we know exactly what happened in this last presidency. I’ve been around for quite a few presidential elections and no one ever agrees with everything any sitting president has ever done in office, that is the nature of people.
      We have the power in our vote and if we vote out of spite to get back at what was done or not done, who can we blame but ourselves. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.
      So if you want real results do the work and know who your voting for before you pull that lever.
      I know for me it matters if a person has integrity and character, and I don’t see one iota of it in Trump. He is not president material in the least, his record and his mouth speak for itself.
      Make a concerned choice for our country and for all the people, that is once what America stood for and it can be again if we want it to be, the choice is our,
      “We The People”

    2. Concerned American TP
      I have to also respectfully disagree with you sir.
      How blind are those who will not see. The only thing that those in power with money want is more money. They say anything to get your vote, he is no exception, even worse than the rest. He may have money enough to pay for his own campaign but he has his agenda and it sounds like a man with a big ego who wants to prove he can do it on his own. That doesn’t sound like he can work well with others but wants to run the whole show himself like he does in business. That is a dangerous man with to much power as it is.
      All the statements he has already made, I will this, and I will that, not we will make the changes needed to bring America to what it used to be. He bows down to no one not even in his business practices, what makes you think that will change IF he makes it into the white house.
      Candidates have slung the mud in every election but there is a way to speak with dignity, with character and integrity and Donald Trump has not expressed any of those to the people he wants to represent as their leader.
      I would like to be treated as I treat others, and I could not in good conscience vote for a man who has nothing but contempt for anyone who doesn’t agree with his moral, ethical, and human treatment views of the people he would serve. He would not get my vote if he were the only one running, he is not and never will be president material in my book.

  33. I have a suspicion that you are a liberal. That you are one of those liberal clergy that is for social justice, and have a tolerance for homosexuality. Also, that maybe the government should do our christian duty by taking care of our poor. Not to crazy about listening to someone who blogs and speaks all day and tells us what we need to do with our lives unless you have been out there in the trenches working as someone who has legitimately work a 8 to 5 and have walked a mile in their shoes.

  34. Thank you Pastor Lucado. I am praying that more of our Spiritual leaders stand up as courageously as you. “For lack of vision the people fail”

  35. A lot of people highly regard what you say and, as such, it dismays me to see you single out someone who is in the political arena. While I do not disagree that there is much to be desired, there is also stealth, agenda and manipulation on the part of seemingly “decent” candidates. Much is hidden, and to be fair, you need to assess the character qualities of ALL, if indeed, you feel the need criticize, however elequently, just one. I am very disappointed in your political review, which will be construed by many as a directive of whom to dismiss as a candidate. After all, you are speaking to sheep…

  36. I would hold the position of First Lady to the same standard of decency as the president. She too, will be the face of America. Something for voters to think about when making their selection. Thanks for posting your position on this Max Lucado! God Bless!

  37. If my husband had cancer, I would go to the best cancer doctor I could find…maybe he curses, maybe he insults his staff, but EVERYONE says he is
    BY FAR the best one to treat my husband….I’m going to him!
    I think Trump is the best one to keep this country safe, he’ll fight for our veterans, he’ll protect unborn babies, he’ll create jobs.
    Bottom line…if our borders are not secured (they are a joke
    now) if they are not….then, we’ll have no country, and nothing else will matter.
    This is why Trump is rising so high in the polls…among all peoples. They know we
    need protection at the borders.

  38. You without sin cast the first stone…..I don’t think that you are without sin….God will allow who he needs to be there to “be there” Jesus wasn’t decent by religious standards….put that in ur pipe and smoke it

  39. It’s a sliding scale. One guy has said some vulgar words. The others are responsible for millions of rapes, bombings, mutilations, murders, and pretty much everything else wrong with the world, but they have created a phony public image of “decency.” Rubio — the “nice young man” any parents would want dating their daughter — would not only sell our children’s lives to America’s enemies for a nickel, but that’s precisely what he’;s already done. I’m looking at a man’s passionate commitment to this country and to this people — not some public “image” of “decency” that’s been crafted by Sheldon Adelson’s or George Soros’ public relations firm.

  40. Not many of our presidents have been decent…they all have done things we don’t respect I am sure.

  41. You Do not have your facts straight Mr. Lucado. I was disappointed years ago when you gave up the truth of the Gospel so you could sell more books and now we see further starting from the truth in your blatantly inaccurate descriptions of Trump’s actions.

  42. Thank you! Very well said. Trump as president scares me to death. We need someone with experience, dignity & grace. Someone who respects all people from all walks of life.

  43. So glad to read this from my pastor! :- ] What a refreshing read Max!

    Decency is something I think we should all expect from our President. Being able to truly and deeply respect the person who is our President is very import to me. That’s why I’ve passionately supported Dr. Ben Carson from the beginning. I’ve heard my brothers and sisters in Christ say they love him and his policies align with their own…but then they say that they don’t believe he can win. If all those people who are saying that, would actually vote for Dr. Carson…we could then have a truly decent and honorable man as our President. I admire how he has refused big donations that would have come with expectations of favors from him later on. I would encourage anyone who is reading this to give him a second look. Check out his policies that he has layed out in detail on his website:

    God bless y’all!
    Cherie Eyer
    San Antonio, Texas

  44. Decency, good manners, the ability to blush – all seem so passe and undervalued. Yes, the US needs a ‘decent’ president, but even more than that the body of Christ needs revival. Revival that changes us into the image of Christ – not by outward constraint or intention but by renewal and inward compulsion. It’s the only hope for our nation.

  45. It boggles my mind that Americans are willing to vote for a man who turns around and thanks “the uneducated” people who support him. It breaks my heart that this STILL GREAT country has sunk so low.

  46. What a load of crap. You want decency…try asking the thousands of people that have and still do work for him. Have you heard a single person except for politicians say a bad word about the way he treats them? NO. That rhetoric is saved for the POLITICIANS….when you play with pigs, you have to sling a little mud too!!! Try showing a little decency yourself and stop judging what you know nothing about.

  47. Mr. Lucado, I have read many of your books and have loved them. I sort of see what you are trying to get at, but I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in this article. By your inferences, you may feel that Obama is a “decent” man (I have never read an article by you negative towards him like this one about Trump). But the fact is that you shall know them by their fruits.

    Here are just a few of Obama’s fruits: Making excuses about selling aborted baby parts and publicly supporting the taxpayer funded corporation doing it. Forcing Christians by law to do things against their conscience via Obabacare. Nominating justices to the court system that eviscerate the Constitution and wipe away traditional marriage and freedoms of Christians across the country. Allowing a flood of immigrants across our border that are changing the traditional American way of life and keeping Americans unemployed. Allowing every type of refugee in the country except the Christians who truly need asylum.

    Would you say any of these actions are “decent” by our kindly, soft spoken president? No. He has done more to damage American Christianity in 7 years than all of the other presidents combined.

    Trump may be bombastic, but his attraction is that he is the type that will take the ACTIONS this nation needs to heal itself. We don’t need another duplicitous politician in the white house. We need something different. I would take a thousand Trumps with a rude, straight talking attitude over a so called “decent” anti-Christian Marxist like Obama any day.

  48. Thank you pastor for speaking outwardly on what was in my heart about Donald Trump. I also appreciate the fact that your article is the first I’ve read (since Pres. Obama’s tenure) from a Christian that expresses your political point of view, with the love of Christ in your message. Well said: If nothing else, we at least desire decency. I love you, with the love of Christ. Amen.

  49. Brother Max, God bless you for having the spiritual fortitude and maturity to speak up. Oh how I wish there were more with your integrity. The only word I think that describes how I feel about seeing the very elect of God supporting a man who is a serial adulterer, so prideful that he gleefully admits he’s never asked the Father for forgiveness, and so shamefully defames the table of the Lord by calling it “my little wine and my little cracker” is GRIEF. Woe be unto this land if those who name the name of Jesus turn their back on the principles of the GOD they represent in the earth to trust a mere man. How it must grieve the Father to hear His son’s and daughter’s essentially say “You’re not enough God. We need a King.”

  50. While it’s easy to get discouraged at the direction this election is headed, at the same time, my hope is not in Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or anyone else stumping for office. My hope is in Christ. God is sovereign.

  51. Thank you Max for putting your opinion out there. I know you received much criticism on FB about this .

  52. If decency is your requirement, and I’m not arguing the fact that that’s a bad requirement, then who is a viable candidate? Ted Cruz misleads people, Carson lies about his upbringing, Jeb Bush and Marco attack people, the only solid candidate that fits your description is Kasich. So can I make the assumption that’s your candidate of choice?

  53. This guy has a very strange definition of decency. When I see Rubio and Cruz smile I can only think of the song “Smiling Faces” by The Undisputed Truth (1971). They display false decency and are not to be trusted. Personally, I’d rather support a candidate who has not been bought by Wall Street and other special interest groups. Trump is not all that radical…he is just from New York and that is how folks talk there. Brash, bold and in your face. Brutal honesty with out sugar coated PC language. The only other honest choice out there is Sanders, and he is quite a bit too socialist for me and most other Americans.

  54. Mr. Lucado, your article is good, but not enough. Some high-profile pastors in this country need to endorse Dr. Ben Carson. Not only does he have the best and most detailed policy plans, but he is not just decent, but honorable. He has stated that Jesus is his role model, and his life demonstrates that. He has many major accomplishments and honors and awards for his extraordinary problem-solving skills. He spoke out about political correctness years ago, and a movement was started to draft him to run because he was speaking out for We the People. He is a citizen statesman and not a career politician. He is the president the ‘angry’ ones are looking for, but sadly they just can’t see it.

  55. I appreciate what you express, Max. What concerns me is that Mr. Trump is excused and even celebrated for his vulgarity but constantly points out how bad others are. He got upset at the pope for “implying” that he(Trump) was not Christian, yet he questioned the faith of Cruz and Ben Carson…as if he’d know. To be great decency and strength should be in balance. Trump coule learn a lesson or two from Reagan.

  56. This is funny. Are you suggesting the assumed #2 candidate is decent, just because he’s not obvious with his colorful use of language? Don’t be so obtuse.
    Donald Trump has tapped into the collective angst of the American people. And he’s upending the GOP establishment at the same time. I applaud what he’s done, because the business as usual we’ve had to endure from BOTH parties for as long as I can remember is a train wreck.
    None of these politicians are saints. Not even close. They all have major flaws. After all, they’re politicians. It’s in their DNA. At least Trump is open with his opinions and feelings. The other candidates are too scared of upsetting the apple-cart to show their true colors.
    I’ll take a foul-mouthed jerk over a used car salesman any day of the week, and twice in Sunday.

  57. Amen. the church is so blindsided by racism and partiality that we can’t even hear God anymore. A God who has no partiality. a pity the people have spoken and to promote this parody along side Christian values when my God would never exploit women. It is a sad day in America I am glad someone had the courage to say it.

  58. Amen! Regardless of politics we should ALL want a decent man or woman in office that carries themselves with respect and dignity and shows respect for others.

  59. So sorry you didn’t mention the “other side of the aisle” and their notorious candidate, Hillary Clinton. Not a role model for my children or grandchildren. Surely there is a better qualified, trustworthy, honest woman out there who would be much more suited to be the first woman President. And the thought of that husband of hers being allowed in the White House again makes me sick! I don’t condone Trump’s horrible actions and words, but the American voter is tired of having a President who just speaks to half of the voters he is supposed to be representing as President of the United States, not President of the Democrats. The disgruntled voter has found a voice in Trump.

  60. I too wish Mr. Trump would be more “Presidential” at times. But what does that really mean? Polished speech, smooth presentation, maybe clever wording? We’ve had two terms of that. At least he is real, honest, and direct to his point. We all need to read about President Truman, a Democrat. Talk about clear! Think of this. Your child is in code blue in the ER. You are thrilled for anyone to save his life. You don’t care about their personality. Their tone does not matter to you. It’s simply life or death. This country is in “code blue” if you will. And don’t we always say ” oh I wish someone genuine would run for office?” Don’t trade substance for window dressing !

  61. Thank you for your comments Max.

    I have seen a growing lack of decency in the language of Christians around policy topics. The good news is that Christ through God’s Grace frees us from the fear and bigotry that fuels demagogues like Trump and chains us to the lusts of this world. We live in communities ruled by government that represent the partnership we submit to for the common needs of the community. May God bless our communities through our grace-filled engagement in government as worship to Him. His sanctifying power can reveal His Kingdom come.

    Love for the hard working, self-made successes and for the liberal, blogging writers

  62. And so we see the problem clearly in these responses. Christians refuse to allow biblical principles to TRUMP their “gut”. “Pastor. Shut up. Don’t meddle in our synchronistic faith and our secular decisions.” We will elect a heathen as long as he says what we want to hear. American Christianity. ..a mile wide and an inch deep. God help us.

  63. Who exactly is to blame for the moral decay and lack of decency in our society? Clearly not only Mr. Trump, but each and every Christian (I being one) that have been silent and have not shared the Gospel at every opportunity we are given. Take the plank out of your own eye, Mr Lucado before you take the speck out of your neighbors.

  64. once again max nails it with his very earthy and real life illustrations.will once again this election have me choosing the lesser of two evils. by the way, his book glory days may have been his best yet

  65. So, who are you going to vote for? If it’s a Republican, your choices aren’t much better. I’m baffled and really don’t have a clue who to vote for.

  66. I am absolutely shocked that you don’t see that God can and has used exactly the sort of person as Donald Trump in the Bible. Quite possibly you are going to have a front row seat to God in action. Please, take the time to consider that a lot of good can come from this presidency and don’t be so very harsh.

    1. You can’t show anyone in the Bible who is as indecent as Trump. Plus, Trump has almost no chance of winning. Recent polls show about 60% of the people disapprove of him, with only 35% approving.

  67. Yes, we do need to pray for a good President. We have a messed up country right now as a result! Having said that….I also want a President who can repair all of this in some way. His language is not the only problem, we have other candidates who are fake, lie, and unable to cope. Religion in the White House is not the problem; we take care of that within our home base as we teach our children. I am appalled at those who pick on just ONE to criticize and ignore the others. Not to say overlook Mr. Trump, but it is time to speak out in a language that most people understand and can handle. Let’s keep it where it is most needed. Also, keep your good religious all together and continue teaching your daughters and sons how to have a good relationship. But right now we need someone knowledgeable enough to repair what has been!

  68. Thank you for this much needed article. Unfortunately many spiritual leaders are selling out. I appreciate that you are bold enough to speak out. I am supporting Dr. Ben Carson. He is DECENT, He is HONORABLE, he is HONEST, and he truly LOVES THE LORD. No he is not bullish, loud, obnoxious and boastful, so he gets labeled as weak. I would ask everyone to take another look at him. He gets his support not from Wall Street but from Main Street in the form of small donations by WE THE PEOPLE. He will do the right things for America and he will do them with honor and integrity. There will be no need to turn off the TV when he is speaking for fear of rude and insulting language. My heart aches when I see the direction this country is headed. No I will not vote for Hillary or Bernie and certainly not Donald. I will go vote and write in the name of Dr. Ben Carson. I challenge all like-minded people to do the same thing. It is time for CHRISTIANS to take a STAND.

  69. [insert something about a wolf in sheep’s clothing and vice versa]

    I think Americans are just looking for someone honest. We know all the decent ones are wearing a mask!

  70. This is a decent article. It is sad to read the reasons that Trump is being supported. Supporting anger rarely produces anything positive. He has made it clear that he does not support freedom of religion or racial equality. While it may not be your religion or race that is being disparaged at the moment, there is no reason to believe that it will remain that way for long.

  71. Thanks to many who have taken the time to comment on Max’s recent blogpost. Higher than expected activity has challenged our servers’ capacity to keep the website online, but we are working to address the need.

    Obviously, the political climate in our country is highly charged. We agree completely with so many of you that we must pray for all candidates and those in leadership of our country.

    Please know that Max did make request to speak with someone in the Trump campaign but received no response. — Lucado Team

  72. Wonderfully said but I wish the article mentioned that he pretty much dodged Vietnam and made a lot of his living off of casinos. Not very decent things either.

  73. So Mr. Lucado you write an article disparaging Mr. Trump for your perception of him and this makes you an expert and better than what you accuse his tactics of? What people like you want is someone perfect, no rough edges, someone who can be controlled by the so morally better people of this country. What you don’t understand is there is NO ONE running that could ever live up to these expectations. You just chose to criticize the one you don’t like and get on this high horse band wagon. You sir are no better than the person you are criticizing! What we all should be praying for is someone who can LEAD this country back to its original greatness and bring us all back together as a nation. God will take care of the rest about what is in ones heart, not us mortal humans.

  74. Dear Max,
    I think you might benefit from watching the convocation from Liberty University where Donald Trump spoke. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever support him, but I have a new view. The big thing that he shared, something that I’ve been feeling for over a decade now, is that we as Christian’s need to come together and use our power of community to change this country. We are so busy judging and criticizing each other, yet we are the greatest majority in this country God have us! We could make America great again!!
    Yes, Trump is rough, he’s not decent in the way you’re talking. I cringe at lots of things he says! But, he is the only candidate, that has a chance at winning, that even comes close to my Christian and conservative values.
    God’s blessings to you, Max,

  75. ok, in all fairness, lets hear you talk about decency or lack of from the democratic candidates. I don’t think they are doing any better in that area.

  76. Thank you , Mr. Lucado. Your children’s literature have been read and re-read in my classroom and to my three, grown daughters for years, as well. 🙂

  77. What bothers me is that Mr. Lucado only pointed out Mr. Trump for this kind of behavior. This could be misconstrued as support for Ms. Clinton. While I believe Mr. Trump is a miserable candidate, I believe Ms. Clinton is straight from the devil. By only singling out Mr. Trump, Mr. Lucado might have just convinced some Trump supporters to stay at home entirely come November. While I respect Mr. Lucado, and love his work, I feel this expressed public opinion by him is at the very least irresponsible. Please Mr. Lucado, to be fair and not a pawn in this whole nasty business, make your opinions known in a complete and whole manner. Don’t allow your feelings to be misinterpreted as support for any other candidate whom does not deserve it. I hope you will clarify your position in the future. I hope you will make an informed and well researched statement for this election. You have fans to whom your opinion matters. Please wield that influence responsibly. Thank you, and God bless and keep you and yours.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! He either supports Hillary or is incredibly clueless to how this might affect voters who are conservative if Trump makes it to the general election. Some conservatives will stay home if Trump wins nom and will use this article as justification leading to another 4-8 yrs of Clinton’s. Maybe he likes them….

  78. When he/she speaks, he/she speaks for us? Decency? Are you telling me the current president has been speaking for us? Decency? The current president lit up the WH with the color of the LBGT flag. Come on MAX!

  79. Mr. Lucado
    I appreciate the fact that you want our presidential candidates to pass your decency test. Yet in the past 50 years there has not been one president who has. I too wish we had decent people in the world. Unfortunately this is a new era where that is not the rule.

    My issue with your article is not your issue with the lack of decency but the fact that you played cloak & dagger with what you wanted to be the true meaning of the article. You cage it in comments about “all of the candidates” and then you use your platform to criticize one man. I agree Donald trump can leave a bitter taste. He is not refined or nice. But you should address all of the top candidates as your original article set the platform for. You have freedom of speech just like everyone else but if you want me to actually hear & respect what you have to say then be open with what you want to communicate & precisely about whom from the beginning.

  80. No man is perfect not even Max. The American people are angry. Our Constitution has been threatened. Problem solving often begins with anger. Even our Savior, Jesus Christ, displayed anger in the temple. He was the greatest leader that ever existed. I attended Max’s church in San Antonio. I am certain he favors the TX candidate who he is probably friends with. So what is the difference between Trump & Cruz. Cruz is much more tactful when he sins. Does that make it more socially acceptable? NO! No man is without sin. Not even Max himself. I think the American people are tired of socially acceptable, politically correct shows. And yes, we vote in anger of being lied to by conservative, Christian, republican, candidates who are all wealthy and socially, politically correct. Finally we can vote for someone who tells it like it is. And yes Trump is a self made wealthy man. What is wrong with that? That’s right! He cannot be bought. So yes. He has my vote. Because no man is without sin or lack of decency given the circumstance of attack.

    1. First, Trump does NOT “tell it like it is”. He claimed loudly and often that opposed the Iraq war beforehand when proof shows he didn’t. He accused former president George W. Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction and then a few days later said he didn’t know. On which occasion was he “telling it like it is”?

      Second, Trump is NOT a self-made wealthy man. He inherited his starting money from his father. He was born and raised a rich kid. He has led 4 companies into bankruptcy and was the main decision-maker who led to the dissolution of the USFL. He’s wrecked 2 marriages and boasts of adultery.

  81. Im sorry, but I’m Canadian, and I would be ashamed to have to call Donald Trump, the leader of my country.
    Mr. and Mrs Obama stand for many, many things, that Trump isn’t even capable of. They have so much more compassion, respect, intelligence, and love for the American people. Does that not stand for anything? They have more class in their baby toe, than trump has in his whole, obnoxious, arrogant, body!
    I feel that the Trump followers are very unhappy people. They must love drama, and have the same traits that Mr. Trump exhibits!
    I can’t imagine Trump dealing with the leaders of other countries. How could anyone respect him, and seriously listen to what the guy has to say?
    In Canada, I’m seeing posters saying, “vote Archie Bunker for president!” Lol.
    Yes, we have our problems in Canada, but Mr. Trump is the topic of conversation here right now!
    What is this world coming to, when someone would even consider giving Trump their vote? It’s a NO BRAINER, as far as I’m concerned!
    Mr. Lucado, you couldn’t have said it better! You sound like a very wise father, and a very intelligent person!

  82. I am worried about the following that Trump has. America has a big “Anti-Bully” campaign going on, yet we are about to put a “Bully in Chief” in office! It doesn’t make sense. I understand how frustrated Americans are after the past 7 years and all of the devisive issues we have dealt with. Americans are looking for someone that can fix the problems we have in our nation and people are looking at Trump as the answer because of the empire he has built and the fact that he will not take no as an answer. I am not saying that I disagree with all of Trump’s ideas, but his presentation is awful!!!! It hurts my heart to think that someone can truly think it is OK to insult others the way he does just because he is “that rich and above everyone else”. What is this teaching our children and grandchildren? I guess I was brought up to believe that you treat the garbage man with the same respect that you treat the CEO of a company and Trump is opposite of all I have been taught and all I believe in. We already have a nation divided and racial relations have been set back 50 years. We have a current president that has fueled this. Shouldn’t our goal be to get a leader in office that will bring the people together? Do we not want someone leading our nation that does not lead by bullying? A leader can be strong without being an insulting bully. You know you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar! I am disappointed in the choices we have at this point. On one side, we have a woman running who is corrupt and probably should be in jail, or a socialist who wants everything to be free! Nothing is free! When I watched the GOP debate the other night, I was so disappointed to see grown men fighting and insulting each other like boys having a schoolyard fight! Dr Ben Carson and John Kasich were the exception to that as they conducted themselves as gentlemen and stayed on point. I felt terrible for Jeb Bush having his family insulted the way Trump did. The Bush’s are a fine American family and to attach Barbara and G.W. the way Trump did was appalling! We had such a great group of intelligent men in the GOP race this election season and so much to offer for it to end up like this! My prayer is that people open their eyes and that a miracle happens and we see the nation get behind Dr Carson. People seem to think he is too mild. I can assure you that a man of his intelligence and the class he always maintains, will get the job done, and surround himself by the right people. If Trump is the GOP nominee, we need to pray for him to tone it down and do some soul searching about his hurtful and disrespectful remarks. Prayers for our nation that God will lead us to elect a Godly man and that we will come together as a nation and learn to love one another!

  83. Max when are you writing a critique of all the other candidates? Last time I checked one of them is even being investigated for wrong doings as a political official, but hey maybe they’re decent right??? Or maybe you’re just supporting that person and just trying to slow the momentum of the obvious favorite. Last time I checked lying to family members of people that were killed in an attack or lying and purposely misleading voters about other candidates intentions were not the traits of people who were decent. But it seems their names weren’t in the article. So I have to assume that (1) you either think those things are ok and support one of them or (2) you’ve also been bought by the establishment that’s scared for their life and your satisfied with the direction our Country is going…. If you are supporting Cruz or one of the other Republican candidates, what are you going to do when Trump wins the nomination but can’t win the general because of all the division you and other establishment cronies have caused? Me personally I’m more concerned about results than whether I think someone is decent enough to date my daughter!

  84. Hillary taught Sunday School and is a member of a church in Wash Dc which she regularly attends. She is a member of the Senate Prayer group.
    She will beat Trump and we will all be glad she did.

  85. So, let me get this straight. Jesus surrounded himself with prostitutes, tax collectors, sinners of every type but we should call another person indecent. Kind of judgemental isn’t it? Remember the ” you who are without sin cast the first stone” ? I suppose you think we should open our borders completely, continue to be a doormat to other world leaders and allow policemen to be attacked.

  86. This country gave up on decency over 7 years ago when enough morons elected the POS that has ruined the country. While I won’t vote for Trump, you couldn’t force me to vote for EITHER of the socialist/libtards from the other side with a gun to my head!

  87. I don’t like Mr. Trump at all, and I do not trust him. But if I must, I will vote for him, because I dislike and mistrust the Democratic candidate much more.

  88. I agree completely! I have said quite often that the things I don’t like about Trump are the same things I don’t like about Obama. Both are school yard bullies. They put other people down constantly and hold themselves up on a pedestal of superiority. The reaction of Obamas behavior is Trump. A get even mentality is not going to help anyone it is only going to further hurt our nation. My heart weeps for where are country is right now.

  89. Respectfully – I don’t think this is it. Decency can be a political persona. As much as when your daughters’ beaus come along and present their selves to you – a show of decency for the face of winning. That’s not to say the young men weren’t actually decent as I’m sure you’ve raised your daughters to make wise choices (as I am making that attempt now with mine). American politicians have been doing this for decades now – a century even. Decency on the outside of the cup, while the inside is tainted; what goes on behind the scenes? I really think Trump supporters view Trump as the outward persona of what is happening behind hypocritical doors. They are just tired of the hypocrisy – as most of us are. Americans are tired of the face of decency during elections only find out what we really got and having to deal with it for four years – wait, no, we didn’t like that alternative either – eight years.

    As of late, America is not going with the best candidate available. America is voting for the least like establishment. Obama reflects that – America elected a supposed ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ new face of US government compared to the opposing ‘establishment’ Republican candidate (and did that twice). He was under-informed and inexperienced going in to office. Trump is the next evolution of this mentality.

    My personal opinion – Presidential decency went out the door with Clinton. America has not since taught decency. Although America needs decency, right now they are settling for less hypocrisy. Trump is not a decent man. Trump is also seemingly not a hypocrite. You’re getting what you see.

    -A non-supporter of Trump.

  90. I do agree with one point you made. You don’t know Mr. Trump. After writing this article I think you owe it to your readers to get to know who he is. I have heard lately different people he has went out of his way to help without seeking any credit. Those who know the man say that is just him! Check out how he has treats his employees. Check out what kind of dad he has been. Have you noticed those who have been on his apprentice program are staying quiet. I hear they have nothing but wonderful things to say about how he treated them. Does he have shortcomings? Yes! He is not a politician. I’m not sure who I want for president, but I know we need change.

  91. A System Re-Boot? It certainly would appear that “Nice guys (gals as well) finish last” applies to politics. Considering the manner in which the candidates have chosen to represent themselves during the race, the only “nice” or “decent” candidates are all either out of the race or at the bottom. Regarding Trump, when my phone or laptop does not perform as it’s supposed to, I will re-start or re-boot it. Perhaps America needs the position of the Presidency to undergo a system re-boot.

  92. As I just said to my husband of 45 years, Max Lucado has been a voice for me that has helped me to articulate my thoughts and stand on the gospel in so many complicated areas of my journey. I need that from “a shepherd”. There are so many scriptures that guild me to decisions in my life. I pray that we will have good shepherds that will open our eyes and speak truth! Thank You!

  93. Why single out Trump? Would you say the same of the current president? Or of the candidates of the other political party? Fair is fair. And those piling on in the comments, and praising Hillary Clinton, who is a habitual liar–Is that decent?

  94. Some of you commentors clearly don’t understand the difference, subtle as it may be, between “singling someone out” and providing a case study.

  95. Well said! Why aren’t more Christian leaders speaking out?!?!? Trump does not embody Christian values. All those pastors who preach “Vote Bible!” should be up in arms over the way he has hijacked the Republican party.

  96. In our home, we are grieved by Mr. Trump’s antics, unkind comments and vulgar language. He needs to read Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” which opens with one sentence: “It’s not about you.” Oh, how our presidential candidates to realize this basic view of public life.

  97. Christians who support Trump seem to have the attitude that “yeah I know he says and does things that aren’t Christian but we need a tough guy like him to straighten the country out.” That’s a sad statement about the state of Christianity in America. Our loyalty is supposed to be first to Christ and his values, regardless of the state or direction of our country. Trump’s campaign is built on anger, fear, and hatred. Christians ought to have no part with any of that. I have believed for some time now that judgment is coming not only to America, but to the evangelical church in America as well. It has lost its first live in favor of the pursuit of the American Dream, which often reflects the opposite of the values of the kingdom that Jesus spoke about.

  98. Too bad there are not any Kennedy’s running this time. That way we could at least be assured that someone meeting Max’s standards would be available.

    1. How do you know who Max would support? I’m a Republican but I won’t vote In November if he wins the nomination. Christians should not compromise their values or their faith, even if it means losing our country. I choose to trust in God, not someone like Trump.

  99. There are times and places for decency. A date, church, generally speaking most of life is a place for decency. The way the reporters are treating conservative candidates, the way many other countries have learned to treat us is not a place for decency. It is now a place for saying it like it is and not pulling punches, it is a place for conservatives to start defending themselves and stop acting like the minority when we’re in charge. It is time for them to take the control they were given in 2010.

  100. Back in the day would you have trusted Bill Clinton with your daughter? Or any one of the Kennedy brothers? I think not.

    Donald Trump scares me but so does Bernie Sanders (to a lesser degree).

  101. GOD bless you for standing up and speaking your convictions in such a clear, heart-felt and respectful manner.
    I too am perplexed at how people who claim to follow Christ can pledge such allegiance to this man.
    The Bible clearly states that we will be known by our fruits, and we can see what fruits this candidate displays.
    Yes GOD does decide who will rule over over all of HIS creation and has allowed evil men to gain power time and again. This is beginning to look like an “again”.
    I understand that, but when you look at this man’s actions and see the pure hatred his inspires in his followers and you hear songs such as “Revolution ” and “Sympathy for the Devil” played at his rallies, you have to wonder if this is the beginning of something else indeed.
    May the LORD have mercy on us all!

  102. Just another diatribe against the only candidate FOR America. You have apparently bought a lot of media lies as gospel. Did you even listen to the kind things Jerry said about him? I am so, so, so sick of people deliberately lying, obfuscating facts, ignoring truth and swallowing whole cloth INELIGIBLE candidates who can’t speak truth if their lives depended on it.

    I have always had so much respect for you. Your books have helped me enormously. But in this position, you err. I’m not looking for a clean cut guy to date my daughter–I’m looking for someone to save my country.

    You talk about decency, who was it that stood by Carson when he missed his cue? Who was it that helped Pat Robertson stand? Who is it that allows, unscripted, everyday Americans a chance to take over the mic at his rallies? Have you looked at his children? All fine, decent people who clearly love and respect their dad, as he does them. He is a good, more than generous, kind man with a brash exterior, strong work ethic and is a promise keeper.

    The hatred, bile and outright lies spoken against him sickens me, especially coming from “Christians”. There is no other decent candidate running IMHO. His bold, brash style is exactly what we need to save our country from the abyss we are dangling over.

  103. Mr Lucado …you obviously don’t like Mr. Donald Trump and he can be brass but that’s his personality. I’d rather hear a person speak truthfully about how they feel rather than the other politicians who play a great “Eddie Haskel” who says what you want to hear so he can date your daughter!! Mr Trump is a leader who will stand for the American people, who believes and will stand up for our country’s best interests rather than the other candidates who are out to win the presidency for themselves Your daughter doesn’t want to date a politically correct man who lies and would surcumb to Washington’s corruption….she would date a man who will defend and protect her from the bullies of this world. Hes fighting to protect and preserve our country and heritage and won’t be a p**** about it.

  104. Breath of Fresh Truth Sir! I shared it all over because so many are blinded to truth these days and what we truly need to represent our Country and all the people, We were founded on and have been strong because of our Faith in Christ which has changed and we are being given over to judgement. Praying that the Father will allow this to change. This Election is so vital to our freedom as a Country but still all is allowed by GOD. Thank you so much for this post. Blessings.

  105. Perhaps your daughters have better taste than America. Pretty sure pathological liar Hilary and societal leech Bernie wouldn’t pass your decency standards either.

  106. Thank you for speaking out and saying this! It seems too many “decent”, honorable Americans are giving way and supporting Trump out of frustration. There should be dignity attached to the office of President.

    I only wish more people would point all of these things out instead of rolling it under the rug.

    Thank you, thank you!

  107. Could be that we are not so much ‘for’ something as it is that we are ‘against’ something else. Politics in America have seen a new low each year for some time. Morals have declined, debt has sky rocketed, and politicians are still lying to us every day. No, not just one party either. I would vote for Rocky the Squirrel as long as he wasn’t a politician. My favorite candidate would be a pig farmer who had been a pig farmer all his life. I would be assured, then, that he would be more than qualified to understand how Washington works.

  108. Mr. Lucado, I am a liberal and you and I would probably agree on very little, however I commend you on a wonderful article. It has baffled me watching so many so-called conservatives jumping on the Trump bandwagon. The man is not a conservative at all. Also, thank you for your perfect description of Trump’s piggish behavior. You sound like a good and decent man and I would gladly shake your hand.

  109. Having read this the same day I read Matt Taibbi’s profile of Trump, I conclude there is something Christian leaders can learn from this. If we ask for decency, but don’t address economic inequality as the prophets did, then Americans, including the people in our pews, will quit paying any attention to what we have to say. That doesn’t make Trump right, it gives the rest of us something to think about.

  110. From one minister to another, thank Pr. Lucado for your candid remarks that reminds us of how important is the way we conduct ourselves in public and in private. This is, indeed, applicable to all of us, including anyone aspiring a public office of trust, and specially the Church.

    An old lady, more than a century ago penned these words:

    Many take it for granted that they are Christians, simply because they subscribe to certain theological tenets. But they have not brought the truth into practical life. They have not believed and loved it, therefore they have not received the power and grace that come through sanctification of the truth. Men [and women] may profess faith in the truth; but if it does not make them sincere, kind, patient, forbearing, heavenly-minded, it is a curse to its possessors, and through their influence it is a curse to the world.

    The world needs evidences of sincere Christianity. Professed Christianity may be seen everywhere; but when the power of God’s grace is seen in our churches, the members will work the works of Christ. Natural and hereditary traits of character will be transformed. The indwelling of His Spirit will enable them to reveal Christ’s likeness, and in proportion to the purity of their piety will be the success of their work.

    Let us honor our profession of faith. Let us adorn our lives with beautiful traits of character. Harshness of speech and action is not of Christ, but of Satan. Shall we, by clinging to our imperfections and deformities, make Christ ashamed of us? His grace is promised to us. If we will receive it, it will beautify our lives…. Deformity will be exchanged for goodness, perfection. Our lives will be adorned with the graces that made Christ’s life so beautiful.

    A true, lovable Christian is the most powerful argument that can be advanced in favor of Bible truth. Such a man [or woman] is Christ’s representative. His [ or her] life is the most convincing evidence that can be borne to the power of divine grace.

    Every day of life is freighted with responsibilities which we must bear. Every day, our words and acts are making impressions upon those with whom we associate…. The true follower of Christ strengthens the good purposes of all with whom he [or she] comes in contact. Before an unbelieving, sin-loving world he [or she] reveals the power of God’s grace and the perfection of His character. {Devotional: God’s Amazing Grace 263, Ellen G. White}

    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and that many would come to know Jesus more than just an intellectual exercise but as a real friend whose infinite sacrifice covers all of our confessed sins, even the offenses of our most harsh opponents.

  111. We’re not electing a president to go on a date. We’re electing someone who will stand up for America and protect America. Seems to me Trump will do that. Romney was and is very decent and classy. And look how he was portrayed – as anti women, etc. He didn’t know how to respond to untrue attacks. Trump can take care of the attacks thrown at him. Some of the things you said about him are not true anyways but that’s how you see it. Many of you here say Obama is decent but his policies are not decent. I care more that the policies are decent and I believe Trump’s actions as president would be way better for America than Clinton’s.

  112. My comment never made it through “moderation” as it was Pro-Trump. Oh well, so much for not being for Cruz. Trump2016.

  113. Well Mr. Lucado, I have been trying to sound this alarm for awhile. You absolutely nailed it. It reminds me of the time when WWJD became cliché. Well really though, What would Jesus do? Would he belittle the disadvantaged? Call people stupid?
    Thanks for the well written commentary!

  114. I’ll tell you why I think that you’re headed on the wrong track on this one. Surgeons. The surgeon who saved my sons life during emergency surgery was an arrogant man but a tremendous surgeon. I’ll take both decent and competent if I can get it but competent “trumps” decent every time.

  115. Max, you do have a point on Trump’s behavior. However, you see Him coming a mile away. Not so with the current and dangerous leadership. I hope you’re not suggesting that the current administration is Godly in any kind of way.

  116. Exactly!! Thank you, thank you, Mr. Lucado, for speaking out! Trump’s behavior is not acceptable and I’ve been waiting for someone in Christian leadership to point it out rather than endorse it.

  117. Agree completely. I would never let my sons near the likes of someone like Mrs. Clinton. Lack of decency, corrupt, dishonest – all words that would be included in her resume. I am not saying Mr Trump is the ideal candidate, but we need an abrupt change in Washington. I feel ashamed of the path we are on and what we are leaving for our children.

  118. Thank you, Max, for your honest comments. We certainly need God’s guidance in this presidential election. There is no way I would vote for a party that supports abortion. Since when is killing a baby a woman’s right to choose??? I have narrowed down the presidential candidates to Rubio or Cruz. I can only choose from what I’m given. I sure hope God has not washed His hands of America since we have killed so many babies. All we can do is get down on our knees & pray for God’s guidance. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!

  119. If you agree with our current president, then you probably wouldn’t understand what it’s like to listen to him speak to “we, the people” and feel like he isn’t speaking to you. His tone is not what I would call “decent” at all. He has called those who don’t agree with him his “enemies,” and his tone towards Republicans is antagonistic, immature and just plain nasty. Every time he talks, I think to myself, imagine if Bush, or Clinton, or Reagan spoke to the American people like this? Obama’s tone has brought this country down. He is our leader, but only speaks to one segment of the population, and damn the rest of them. It’s disgraceful. No, he hasn’t had any “scandals” unless you count Benghazi, the IRS, the VA…Trump isn’t PC, and while shocking, at least we all know exactly what he is thinking. Obama holds a lot of hate in his heart but it’s just not as easy to see when you are on his “side.”

  120. Well stated.

    There is one candidate who has not participated in mud slinging, who has not used poor taste in talking with people in front of or behind the cameras, who has been paid for by the people of this land, and who will return us to the country our Constitution talks about, one for and by the people. God bless Mr. Trump for his talents, but I do not believe POTUS is one of them. I do believe in Bernie Sanders, and if you turn off mainstream media and read the news not monitored by our elusive overseers, you’ll find he’s in the lead nationally by 6 points over his opponent, shilary. And, he… Mr. Sanders, a truly decent human being, will beat Mr. Trump. Mr. Sanders is the only one who can turn new Babylon around from being a country for and about the money/businesses to a country for and about the people who work it. May God be with all of us, regardless of the outcome.

    1. With respect, I think Mr. Sanders’ appeal coming from the youngest voting bloc is very telling. They don’t teach history the way I learned it in school and these kids have no idea what it’s like living under a socialist society. Some even think “socialism” has to do with social media. It’s scary to see what’s happening, and that an uninformed voting bloc could decide America’s future. Just ask anyone who has come to America to escape socialism and communism (and they are very much linked), and you will know that is not where America should be heading. America was born out of an attempt to escape the strangling hold that government can place on its people. I really hope history doesn’t repeat itself.
      Capitalism isn’t perfect, for sure, but it’s the best system we’ve got. Look up Milton Friedman for more info on capitalism.

  121. To all those criticising the writer of this article for ‘judging’, I’d like to ask you what you think you will be doing when you cast your ballot? You will be judging – judging between policies, personalities and ideologies. Demanding that people not ‘judge’ is merely a way of avoiding the debate. We all judge. We are compelled to judge if we are to cast our vote. Try out John 7:24 for size. It’s the way we judge, the basis on which we judge that we need to be careful of. As an outsider watching the US election with interest I am dismayed on many levels at the quality of candidates being presented on all sides, and bewildered in particular by Trump’s apparent attitudes – maybe it’s just the way he’s being presented in the media. I have similar dismayed thoughts when I look at the array of politicians paraded in front of me in my own country. May we all find the wisdom to “judge with righteous judgment”.

  122. While this is a nice piece, it seems to me that we currently have in office one of the most genuinely decent people in recent memory. For the past 8 years he has been subjected to untruthful smear campaign after untruthful smear campaign, maligning of his character, and the of exchanging of truth for lies. Furthermore, he has been treated with disdain as a human being from his first year (anyone remember “you lie!” yelled from the once respectful congressional audience?) to now with this latest unapologetic obstruction of constitutional law in the SCOTUS fight. (And somehow it’s HIS fault for the division?)

    Sadly, in my opinion, Trump is just acting as the rambunctious, unabashed “Id” of the the Legislative branch, talk radio, cable news, and the Republican party who have so painstakingly created this climate of derision with their complete lack of respect for the office in the past decade.

  123. I’ve been alarmed by the reports of Christian leaders, including Jerry Falwell Jr., endorsing Donald Trump for president. There are three reasons why I believe this is unwise.

    First, his life has been immoral. Repeated affairs, broken marriages, support for abortion, appearances in Playboy and false claims (such as having opposed the Iraq war beforehand, accusing former president George W. Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction) and his trademark boasting show his character. While we hope he has truly repented and is changing, there isn’t enough evidence of it. Indeed, he’s continued with the false claims and supporting abortion providers.

    Second, his political priorities are not Christian priorities. Christians can disagree on how to handle illegal immigration, trade policy and the other causes Trump speaks most loudly about. Meanwhile, to the causes Christians should be united about – defending life and marriage – Trump gives only passing, vague lip service. What Christians care most about, he cares least about.

    Third, even if one disagrees with the above, even the staunchest Trump supporter needs to recognize the simple, undeniable fact: negative feelings toward Trump are so widespread, with 61 percent of voters saying they would never consider voting for him, and the only reason he is doing reasonably well in the Republican side is because the non-Trump vote is being split, that he has virtually no chance of winning the presidency. Since he has been a public figure for decades, these attitudes are ingrained and very unlikely to change. Given the breadth and intensity of the feelings against him, should he capture the Republican nomination, a Democrat victory in November is assured, along with the furtherance of pro-abortion, anti-family policies.

    John B. Carpenter, pastor, Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, Providence, N.C.

  124. I’m sure many people would like to see and hear Mr. Trump be more decent according to their personal definition of decency. (The same holds true for other politicians known for their even worse off-camera indecency.) Unfortunately, the building is on fire and we need someone who can lead us out of it. The more decent candidates have failed. Mr. Trump has stepped forward not to take us on a date, but to lead us out of fiscal & constitutional indecency and greater foreign-relations & economic disasters. The pretty options have passed us by. We need to ‘get ready to rumble’.

    1. Trump doesn’t even know what the nuclear triad is. He was for leaving ISIS alone until after San Bernadino. He’s lead 4 businesses into bankruptcy and led the USFL into dissolution, not to mention 2 marriages.

  125. It seems all Christian leaders are letting me down recently. First the pope, now Max. It is a real shame. This article is nothing but about political correctness.

    First the pope glosses over gay marriage and abortion to make nice with Obama. Then he blasts Trump on the Mexican border for wanting to preserve our nation.

    Now Max blasts Trump, but has nothing to say about Clinton or Obama. Like acting rude or bombastic is somehow worse than supporting the legal sale of baby body parts through Planned Parenthood, or any of the other despicable things these democrats support.

    Max seriously. You should be speaking out against the horrors that people like Hillary Clinton will inflict on America (and what Obama has already done) then attacking the Rebublican front runner. Look I prefer Ted Cruz, but I can definitely support Trump if Cruz doesn’t make it.

    Just think about these points alone: Trump wants us out of meaningless international wars like Iraq which other “decent” Repubs and Dems got us into), which will save hundreds of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars. And he wants to preserve America as a Christian nation by being more discerning about allowing a radical jihadist Muslim invasion into this country and allowing illegals to pour over the border. And he won’t allow anyone to shame him out of political correctness for standing up for what’s right.

    He sounds like a strong Christian warrior to me.

    1. Actually, the proof shows Trump supported the Iraq war. He only started boasting about how he was against it AFTER it proved difficult.

  126. And yet under a more “decent” behaving presidents leadership Poverty rates jumped horrifically and never came down… Our national debt about DOUBLED, and 70+ % of the country says the country is headed the wrong way. So many more lives dipped into poverty – says the U.S. Census. Where’s the decency in THAT? Mr. Lucado, I don’t defend any candidate but I do wonder where is your commentary on the current candidates who embrace and promote abortion… is that more decent in your calculation than boorish tone and discourse? Since you seek to sway political outcomes I wonder if your criticism will be confined to one candidate with a lack of gentility or will you also criticize candidates who support state funded infanticide?

  127. I am a Trump supporte as of now. I keep looking at his amazing children! You can’t raise those kind of kids that didn’t receive a hand out that are contributing citizens well mannered and polite and be a hater. Trump is just getting people’s attention. He is smart and has smart people around him. Overall I feel he is for America and will try his best to clean up our financial disaster. I don’t feel the other candidates have the boldness! I am tired of politically correct and pleasing the liberal side. I also do not like all the things he has said but I feel his strengths out way the negative I am still listening to all the other candidates to see what they have to offer.

  128. I agree that Mr Trump says a lot of indecent cringeworthy things.
    But here the deal, Mr Lucado I’m not looking for someone to date your daughter.
    I hope you will soon be writing a column about the cringeworthy actions and lies of Mrs Clinton..
    To the best of
    My knowledge Mr Trump isn’t responsible for anyone getting killed. He hasn’t conducted top secret business on a private server. He hasn’t solicited donations to his foundation from countries which subjacate women and excite gays.
    I am not particularly a fan of Mr Trump but let’s not pretend that intemperate words are the same as evil actions.
    I look forward to your column on Hillary…please e mail it to me when published.

  129. I’m not a Trump supporter (yet), but let’s face reality. Mercenaries of any kind are seldom pleasant – including countless religious hirelings. Many of the ‘nicer’ politicians are known to be much worse than Mr. Trump off-camera. (Hillary and Bill are among the most depraved.) Despite their feigned or true public civility and decency, our current political leaders (both GOP and DEM) have put us in great danger as a nation – indecent danger – the consequences of which far exceed Mr. Trump’s shortcomings of media style and personality, or even character. I’ll take a hired gun, who can clean up Dodge, over a cowardly or corrupt sheriff and town council any day.

    Many people across a broad spectrum (not just the ‘angry right’) have expressed legitimate concerns for many decades over the direction our country has been steered by both GOP and DEM politicians. Mr. Trump’s support reflects this broad spectrum. His rallies, as well as poll and election results, don’t suggest even splits among too many candidates. He’s outpacing all of them combined. Newt Gingrich has advised not underestimating Mr. Trump.

    Mr. Trump is not my favorite either. But he is better than either DEM as a (truly huge) job creator and savvy dealmaker interested in improving the working and economic environment of our country.

    This was one of the driving forces of America’s founders: freedom to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, versus sending it back to England in higher taxes (or turning it over to a socialistic government entity, per Bernie, or progressive-liberal social engineers, per Hillary).

    If Mr. Trump or any leader (+ voters, as it will take a big push from everyone) can get us headed in the right direction economically, this will help save our country. Then we’ll have the luxury of debating other issues and less important details. Otherwise, with over $19 TRILLION in debt and over $200 TRILLION in future obligations, all bets are off for everyone and we’re sunk as a country.

    As for Mr. Trump’s bankruptcies, this article helps people understand his four instances of Chapter 11 to SAVE his companies and PAY BACK creditors in a legal and legitimate way. Keep in mind, these were only four setbacks (that eventually also prevailed) among hundreds of successful business deals. Currently, the U.S. is not in a position to even file Chapter 11. It would have to default with no chance of ever saving our country economically or paying back our creditors. In other words, Mr. Trump has done better as a businessman than our political leaders have done collectively . . . despite his indecencies.

  130. Max Lucado said in 2010:
    “Compassion is the best apologetic. There are many controversial issues in our culture. The church should take a strong stance on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. But there’s something about compassion that causes society to say, “We’re going to take this person seriously.” Take Mother Teresa. She was confrontational on abortion, but she wasn’t rejected by society.”
    I would expect him, if he has not already, to come out soon with an article condemning the Democratic candidates who are both strong advocates of abortion and same-sex marriage.

  131. While Mr. Trump may have some decency issues (as do all sinners), here is a separate item that might be taken into consideration. Sometimes when we are offended by the manner and style of another person, this can be due to personality or cultural differences, campaign tactics or communication style, not necessarily character flaws. Here is a comment posted by a person on another thread:

    “You guys do know a lot of what Trump does and says is just a schtick …right ? I mean…the guy has built a real estate empire that’s employed 34K people….you don’t do that by being unable to work with people…especially politicians . He says things to steal the media spotlight and it’s working like a charm thus far.”

  132. Yes. And I think it is high time that we take a page from our Lord and Savior and flip out on the moneychangers in the temple. It is time to roll over the tables of the Establishment that could care less about Christianity and start anew.

    Righteous anger is exactly what a corrupt political system of so called “decent and polite” politicians has wrought.

    I will vote for Ted Cruz first, who has defended liberty and Christian freedoms not with his talk, but with his actions. But if he doesn’t get the nomination, we could do much worse than Trump to demolish this evil and destructive status quo.

  133. You are no doubt a good father, and in years to come they may thank you for making sure that their dates were “decent”. However we are not looking for a date for our daughters, we are looking for someone to be their protector!
    A leader is bold and brash. By definition of a leader they have to walk their own path. They should not be politically correct, they need to be able to take detractors on face first and they need to have a vision of the objective. A little harsh language? You must not be able to listen past that which is sad. That means that only when someone says something in the manner in which you want to hear it, are you willing to listen.
    I am old enough that when I look at a grade school history book it is nothing like the history I was taught. I want Americans to have pride in our country. I want to counter the past 50 years of liberal tainting of our educational system. I want people to be independent. I want America to be respected. Has there been some harsh language? Yes, but nothing worse than what I hear when kids don’t think dad or grandpa are listening.
    You are excellent at what you do but you may have stepped out of your circle of expertise.

    1. Why are you bewildered? The comments here explain it clearly. Read the comments and you should be enlightened. The people commenting seem like thinking Americans to me.

  134. Thank you for your analogy of decency! I worry that the speech of Mr. Trump will start a war with someone who will then attack the us for it’s president! We as believers must pray as we never have before!!

  135. Thank you for such a thoughtful message,but, I fear it will miss the target. As a parent and grandparent I worry that civil behavior has LOST it,s place in our SOCIETY, that our future generations will return to barbarian behavior. If I were Donald Trump mother I would wash his mouth out with the nasty soap I could find.

  136. This is an election where the candidates are showing their true character to the voters. Very well written Mr. Lucado, thank you for writing this important aspect of leadership.

  137. Trump is not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice but I will have to vote for him if he wins the nomination. In the general election I will always vote for the person who can actually win and who offers the best chance (however small) at bettering this Country. There may be only a very small chance of that with a Trump Presidency but there is a zero percent chance with any Democrat.

    The real political enemy is the Left. Just as in WWII sometimes you must choose an ally not because you align politically with him but because without him the reality of a loss is certain and the consequences of a loss is unthinkable.

    1. Well said!! I completely agree, and wish Max Lucado was reading all of these posts, and saying exactly what you wrote. We need to band together as Christians and defeat the unthinkable. This lack of unity is exactly what satan wants. And, all of the influential Christians could bring all Christians together if they would only stop judging! Look who Saul became!!!!

  138. Perfectly put! Thank you! And may I say – I read your books to my kids for years, and even though they are in college and middle school, we still refer to stars and dots, even today <3

  139. well now we know why our college children need a safe space because words are hurtful… some research on campaigns from 100 or so years ago….but the thing is with trump is the american people of tired of the “decent” speaking lying fools that have stunk up washington for way to long….I personally think being lied to while smiling and using soaring retoric coming straight from a teleprompter is the most indecent thing ever

  140. Thank you Max. You have hit the nail directly on the head. In picking a President, we need to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit, not our own opinions.

  141. Maybe you should stay in your own wheel house. Fortunately, I don’t look to anyone to make MY decision on who I vote for. Frankly, I’m sick to death of you pseudo-Christians SUDDENLY getting a conscious. Maybe you would seem less disingenuous had you shown the same deference towards Mr. Trump as you did for that disaster of a president, Obama, had you said, “A nation is blessed when it has godly leaders,” Lucado said. “[But] even if a nation does not have a godly leader, that nation can still be led by God because He controls the hearts of the kings, He directs what happens,” which is EXACTLY what you said in your piece ahead of the 2012 elections when it was Romney vs Obama! So perhaps instead of bashing Trump, you might be a TRUE man of God and simply pray for him!

  142. I fully agree with what Steve says a few posts up but let’s ask the ultimate question. I would request only a yes or no answer. You sound like a great father and decency matters to you as a dad. Would you feel more comfortable voting for Hilary or Donald if your daughter were an intern in the whitehouse with Bill Clinton as the first man?

    You are correct, decency does matter. Honesty does matter. Hillary defended her husband and trashed every woman who claimed that Bill did what DNA testing said he did on blue dress.

    Any answer other than yes or no would be a clear indicator that you have a political bias against one party or the other. Character and Honesty does matter. You are correct. What is your answer???

  143. The vast majority of the comments given in response to Max’s article, as well as the article itself, are thought provoking. And I have thoughts on this issue of “decency in the White House”. My overriding question is this: how can we expect decency from anyone who is involved in a pagan system? Democracy is not a Biblical form of government.
    Democracy is a Greek idea, not God’s idea. There is a serious flaw in democracy: if the majority rules, and the majority are morons, then morons rule. In the 1960’s Billy Graham realized this concept when he first proposed the foundations that later became The Moral Majority. The idea was that if Christians were the majority then Christians would rule. Thus began the division and conflict we now endure. Well intentioned Christians turned our Mission field into a battlefield!
    Christians believe the US is a blessed nation with our democracy. I, as a Christian, believe the US is blessed because of the large number of Christians who live in this democracy. We often talk of God-given rights despite the fact that Scripture DOES NOT SUPPORT THAT PROPOSITION! We talk as if democracy is a gift from God despite historical evidence that the Greeks authored democracy. We ignore that Scripture teaches Theocracy over all other forms of government. We argue and fight over political pundits, policies, and platforms.
    I am shocked over the way Biblical teachings are abandoned or distorted in deference to political agendas. In the Book of Isaiah, God condemns Israel over several themes repeated throughout this Book. Three of these themes are: 1) the idea that widows and orphans are abandoned to their own resources; 2) the borders are closed to “sojourners in a strange land” i.e., immigrants; and 3) the private hoarding of wealth. Sound familiar.
    And then there’s that whole Book of Daniel doctrine where God struck Nebuchadnezzar down with insanity leaving him to eat grass like a cow just to teach the world a lesson that God, AND GOD ALONE, will appoint the leaders of the world. My take on that is that regardless of who I vote for, the winner was appointed by God. As such, it is my Christian duty to support that leader with prayer and kindness as taught in the Book of Titus. Despite my preference.

  144. Max, I think that your commentary would have been better received if you had not singled out one candidate from one party. Decency… did Hillary behave in a decent manner when she spoke (lied) to the families of those precious souls murdered in the Benghazi fiasco? Did she treat them with kindness, respect, and truth? Could she be trusted to do her job without putting our country at a security risk by her misuse of her private server? In her language, actions, and decisions, can she be a considered a decent candidate? This is not a teenage date, it is a very important election that will affect our entire nation. You judge Trump when you write that he “is brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith”… yet did not Bill Clinton do just that? And Hillary stood by, knowing that he had been fornicating with women for years. So, I’m bewildered by your comments about just one of all the candidates, each who are flawed in some way. I haven’t decided yet on that one candidate who will earn my full support, but I will not judge solely on a “decency” scale.

  145. Being polite has been a sucker’s game. Our future is at risk, and you are upset that Trump is blunt and rude. Grow up.

  146. Blah blah blah
    If his daughters insult trump trump will respond appropriately

    Enough of the PC

    The people are speaking

    Mr. Lucado
    Get over yourself

    The US is in trouble
    And while Obama
    McCain Romney may pass your decency test for your daughters, they would suck as president of the US

  147. I am amazed at the derogatory comments of so-called “Christian leaders” against Mr. Trump these days. He is certainly not perfect (who wants to cast the first stone?) but did ya ever consider that the reason for his fervor is the condition of our nation and the fact that Republican leaders have failed to stand up and do anything about it? Sure, he has spoken words that he should not have. So you are trying to sway people to vote for another candidate, just on that issue alone? I agree with the decency issue – who doesn’t? However, there are too many strengths this man possesses that point to the fact that he could be the only hope for saving our country. For this reason, the left has launched an all-out attack on him, and you’re making their job quite easy.

  148. For the record Trump did not make fun of anyone’s menstrual cycle. He commented that Megan Kelly was so angry that she was bleeding from her eyes and wherever. As a female my mind never went to her me to her cycle. Why did yours? She has ears, finger tips and a nose or mouth she could have been bleeding from. Much ado about nothing. How do you like the sound of Mrs President Clinton?

  149. I have never been able to understand how a person, of faith or otherwise, could support TRUMP. TRUMP blithely explains away his “flexible” morality as being acceptable to achieve a goal, see his comments on why he previously sought to gain favor with the CLINTONS as just one example. How can any person reconcile their own morality, principles and sense of decency with the words AND deeds of TRUMP? Some explain it as their anger at politicians, the system, non-Americans or their own fear(S). Does abandoning what makes you a valuable human being because you are angry or fearful truly make sense to you? Do you find that acceptable in others? Thank you for your thought-provoking article Pastor.

  150. I will be supporting Donald Trump for president 2016. As a Bible-believing, spirit-filled woman of God I can honestly say I have a peace about it. He owes no man nothing, he is what he says he is and unlike the others he is not politics as usual. I have confidence in his ability to keep our country safe, build a strong economy and restore our great nation which is now in total decline. Last I looked there is a separation of church and state as was when Jesus walked the earth. “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s….” There is a candidate that I take no joy in disparaging, whom carries a Bible and has that preachy way of speaking who is the most untrustworthy individual in the entire group, He has been called a liar, traitor, sneak, devious , etc. because of his behavior both on the Senate floor and what we ourselves are witnessing during this election process. Yet, Max Lucado has blown the trumpet, sounded the alarm to warn us dummies that cannot think for ourselves of the evils in casting a vote for Donald trump. I seriously am very concerned about you using your platform to sabatoge a candidate.

  151. The devil doesn’t enter into your life and scream, “I’m the devil!” Growing up, I dated a few guys who could pass the parent talk, but were nothing of what any parent would think of as “decent” while out and about. I think you have to look out for those who are nice and seem “decent” to your face and then are among snakes in the grass behind your back. Our current president seems “decent” and well educated in public speaking, but no means are his hands used by God to do HIS work. Trump has horrible delivery, but amazing ideas for this country. I think it’s more accurate to say we hold higher standards for our pastors than we do any of our candidates.

  152. I wonder if Christ was seen as a decent person when he dumped the tables of the money changers. His delivery wasn’t what people would consider “decent” but I think we can all agree that his heart was in the right place. There are many people in this world who we feel have rough exteriors but God weighs the heart, not man. The “decent” politicians are the ones who are screwing us. Perhaps a little table flipping behavior is finally called for.

  153. Max, both you and the Pope should have stayed out of the presidential campaign in the United States. You are a wonderful writer, preacher, teacher, and a wonderful man of God. Choosing to attack Mr. Trump because of his brash style and personality or because you would not have allowed him to date your daughters seems to indicate a whole lot of political naivete seasoned with a generous dash of hubris.
    If you decide to continue with more political commentary I hope you might focus on the rapid decline of the United States during the last seven years under Obama. Comment on his general contempt for the constitution, his annual hosting of Iftar dinners in the White House, his use of the IRS to go after evangelicals and conservatives, and his ardent and tireless support for abortion and several forms of perversion.
    Or, you could focus on some reasons why the Queen of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, abandoned those Patriots to die, then lied to the nation and directly to their grieving families as to the real cause of the attack, and thus far even now has avoided indictment for her documented serial felonious national security violations.
    Perhaps an essay on Bernie Sanders and his love for socialism?
    Yes, politics provides a lot of topics to write about. Some are Big Picture topics, important to the political process. Some topics, like Mr. Trump’s style and personality are less important. Mr. Trump will likely win because the current mood of much of the electorate is such very strong anger at the last seven years of government ineptitude and failure and the active aggression by the Obama administration against conservatives and people of faith. That is what you should have written about if you felt you had to get involved in politics.

  154. Max, I understand and agree with your thought process. Being the mother of two girls two boys, grown with now 10 grandchildren, I understand desiring decency in dating. I also own a business, when I hire some one I am looking for someone who will “get the job done” I have retail, so I want the nice, decent people you describe. However, if I need store security or someone to be a bodygaurd for my children, while that will be a consideration but NOT the only consideration. We are not hiring a church leader here. We are hiring the POTUS the job right now requires balancing a horribly messed up budget, protecting OUR religious freedoms, and ISIS.. He is not perfect ..none of them are by a long shot, (my personal favorite doesn’t stand a chance) however we are looking for someone who is financially smart, believes and will uphold the Constitution( Bible believing is something we always pray for but, th job is about the Constitution which gives us our freedoms to to do OUR jobs ..share the gospel) and keep our country safe!……I will end with I don’t think ISIS cares much about decency….it along way from approving a date for a daughter….love you Max…my opinion..

  155. Dear Mr. Lucado, As a former teacher/counselor, I read your books to the little ones I taught; and explained to them what RESPECT and DECENCY is. I love your books. I am, now, raising and adopted my little Grandson and read these books to him. I believe these character traits are the foundation for honest, caring citizens. Our government officials seem to be lacking. I really don’t understand the fascination for Donald Trump. Thinking of him as president leading our country is scary. Perhaps the devil is at work!

  156. Thanks for saying what needed to be said. A candidate does not have to share my faith to be a good president, but I do think the president needs to have a core of morality that guides his decisions.

  157. Okay, opinions are great, but I am appalled that ANY Christian would think a platform that stands for killing babies, should even be a consideration in the voting of a president, like some have stated in the comments here. The Democratic Party has standards that are totally non-Christian. Wake up saints!!! Look deeper than the individuals. Look at what they stand on. I know we don’t have much of a choice, but for heavens sake, get out and vote! I am appalled at how many Christians don’t vote. If they all did we wouldn’t be in the downward spiral we are in today. And while I see this article pleasing in nature, I don’t think that anyone in Mr. Lacado’s position should have the right to judge another person.

  158. For years there has been one candidate fighting for the least among us. Only one who is upending the money changer’s tables. There is only one who has been singing compassion, mercy and above all honesty. The funny thing is he is not a Christian. He is a secular humanist with Jewish heritage, an atheist. What the younger generation is getting out of this is that Christianity does not equal morality. There is a real cultural and religious exodus happening. This is just a glaring example of the reason.

  159. Well Max we each have our opinion, and you know what they say about that, we all have one. The current president is not for one to look at because no matter what happened so far according to him it has been GW’s fault. He, Hillary and the rest lied about Benghazi, and I have not heard a word from him about all the police officers being killed. He could not make the funeral for a Supreme Court Justice, but yet had time to talk to blm and golf. Now on Trump, he is planning on making the military strong again (I am retired Army), bring jobs back, and stop obamacareless, and stop illegal immigrantion. Now you can say that is all talk, and it might be but then again they all just talk, it is the actions that will show the man. Bernie wants to give everything free, but who will pay for it, socialism does not work, and Hillary is just a LIAR.
    I would prefer Carson over him, but I will take Trump over Hillary or Bernie any day.

  160. I have lived near NYC for over 30 years. I have heard Donald Trump tell everyone around him 10 million times how amazing he is, how smart he is, how wonderful he is, what a great businessman he is. It makes me laugh when people want to vote for him because they believe his nonsense…especially the part about being a great businessman! He has pulled some real shenanigans with the banks. He declared bankruptcy 4 times! There could even be more coming. He says he was just following the laws in our country. You are NOT great at business if you have to declare bankruptcy, and to do it that many times! You are playing with people’s lives and money. Do you have any idea how many people Trump has hurt along the way? He does not get along well with women. He is on his third wife….so far. If he became President, he would never get anything done. He would spend all his time yelling and putting down people and those in the press that said negative things about him. And if your are a Republican, that happens a lot! (although, I don’t really think he is Republican…I don’t know what party he truly is) It also amazes me that so many of the people who love Trump are as mean and nasty as he is! If you say anything negative about THEIR man, they come unglued. This whole Trump running for President business is a nightmare! I hope I wake up from it soon!!

  161. I am surprised at all the hatred I see for Max after he stated his opinions. That saddens me. After all because we live in this country we have the right to our own opinion. I don’t know if Donald Trump will make a good President or not but I do know we need a change. Barack is a nice, polite man but I don’t think he has helped our country go in the direction we need to go. Trump is not eloquent is his speech but he is not afraid to give his opinion. Too many of our canidates say and do what they think we want to hear, basically lie to get our votes. I will vote for Trump over Hillary because I feel we have already seen what she will do. We need someone to turn this country around and get us back to where we should be. Right now we are crumbling to ruin. If we don’t fix the problem soon we won’t be here anymore!

  162. Interesting that King David was considered indecent by the people as he danced naked before The Lord and yet the Bible says it is God who sets Kings on their thrones and David was called the apple of God’s eye.I have not decided whom I will vote for but I have seen God take many men of ill repute and bad behavior and make them mighty men of faith.Paul,Moses,David – all were murderers .
    So Trump just may be in excellent put company.

  163. Where did my two comments go? They were relevant to the topic, not nasty or confrontational although not necessarily in agreement with you. We can post our comments but you won’t let others read them?

  164. Mr. Lucado, thank you for saying out loud what I have felt for not just this upcoming election, but for several of the past elections, as well. I am an American who grew up in a household with a dad who did not work and a mom who was home with her 8 children. Needless to say, life was not easy in our house – many times we were afraid and hungry. We were taught to depend upon no one except ourselves and we knew early on that there was no free ride in this world.

    After graduation from high school, my twin brother and I joined the Navy; served our country; and once honourably discharged, we found jobs and started our own families. And like most of us, I made my share of mistakes and I paid for those mistakes. It made me a strong person. But the one thing that I took from home was the lesson learned regarding responsibility – that I alone was (and forever will be) responsible for my actions – good or bad.

    It pains me grievously to watch the deterioration of what in my eyes used to be a great nation – the country I served. You are correct, Mr. Lucado – our political system has, indeed, lost all sense of decency. And it’s not just our government officials at fault, here. We the people are all at fault. Every time any one of us cheats on our taxes, or rapes any of the systems put in place intended for temporary aid – key word being, temporary. These behaviours have become the norm and finally (and sadly) have become acceptable. So much so that we now have such cheating and corruption at every turn which has absolutely resulted in no trust at all for our political leaders, business leaders, etc.

    Mr. Lucado, your February 24, 2016 piece entitled “DECENCY FOR PRESIDENT “ struck a cord. Instead of feeling like it’s all hopeless, I’ve decided to stop rolling my eyes and simply speak up about the sadness in the pit of my soul regarding how out of control we have become as a nation.

    So, to you, Mr. Trump – on the one hand, I do understand (and even believe) that your love of America is genuine; that your heart really would like to see America restored to it’s former glory. However, I am not only embarrassed by your disrespectful behaviour, I am saddened that you think this bully-type tactic is what the majority of our country would want in any President of the United States. I am a Republican, Mr. Trump, and I am proud to be one. However, I do not believe that you are the right candidate for the office of the President of the US of America. Not only has your behaviour contributed to the deterioration of the party, itself, I believe your behaviour is dangerous to the future of the US.

    Patricia A Smith
    US Navy Vietnam Veteran

  165. Whatever,or however another past,future,or present President has done badly,or well,I tried to practice one thing many years ago,and not always perfectly .We should not try to live our lives based on the “acceptable
    or Unacceptable behavior of others or our presidents. To Compare or think that it is better to take one or 2 punches from a bully,than 10 is absurd. I try in my life to behave in a manner that is respectful .Insulting people,degrading people,has very little to do with genius. Dump Trump. Don’t think beacue we cant do better that twe have to accept this drama nonsense. I don’t even want to vote for the first time in my life because of the behavior allowed by this man,whatever or whoever becomes president ,who wants to go from the frying pan to the fire. Thank You. Ms Patricia Marie Peters Sevier

  166. Sir I thank you for your ministry, you have been a blessing to me every since I came to Christ 26 years ago. You are one of the men and preachers I look to for personal growth and leadership. It saddens me to see what I already knew in my heart: many who claim Christianity are indiscernible from non-Christians. Keep the Faith and hold to the truth. This site may have even had “help” crashing.

  167. I appreciate the kind tone of this put I have two “disagreements”. The first has to do with your parenting. I blame the state of the country today in part on our child rearing which has lost the key to having children develop their ability to assess risks. We learn from failure not success. Children’s brains don’t fully develop until their twenties but by taking risk assessment out of their hands we risk what we have today – leaders who have no understanding of risk. Your children are 16 and 17 and they are clueless about what a decent young man is? Have you been hiding them from the world? We might think we are sheltering them but that’s not really possible these days. What teens need to truly thrive, to bring all the gifts God gave them to their full flower beautiful adult beings, is your ear, your trust that they can make their own decisions and your support and love when they fail. You can’t protect them. They have to learn to protect themselves. What are you teaching them with your formal judgement of their friends? Don’t take risks. People who don’t take risks don’t flower. People who don’t take risks don’t become the person God gave them the gifts to become.

    The second problem I have with this is it is not just Mr. Trump who lacks decency in this race. Mr. Trump speaks indecently. Mr. Cruz is beyond indecent. To believe that Mr. Cruz is the candidate in this race who is closest to Jesus requires overlooking a whole lot of true facts. What would evil look like in a Presidential candidate who was trying to appeal to folks who know Jesus? That last statement is the kind of thing Joe McCarthy might have said. Last night I watched Cruz say about Trump not releasing his tax returns, “If his audits reveal he committed tax fraud, Republican primary voters deserve to know that now.” That’s also the kind of thing Joe McCarthy would have said. A TOTALLY unsubstantiated slur. Watch it yourself and pretend it’s just politics. It’s not the kind of thing the Christians I know would ever say. It starts about minute 1:15
    Cruz supporters and Trump supporters should both stop ignoring reality.

  168. Max Lucado…I used to respect you but not any more. Apparently you have the spiritual discernment of a wet dish rag if you cannot see God’s Favor & Anointing upon Donald Trump AND/OR understand exactly WHY God would use this man for such a time as this?

    You question his decency but not the others who have attacked him from day one. What about the decency of Rubio who has knowingly had an affair on his wife…how’s that for a Presidential candidate…we had one like that remember Clinton?

    What about your man Cruz who JUST stole the Iowa Caucus through lies and manipulation and you dare question Donald Trump’s decency.

    You need to seek God really hard on this one Mr. Lucado cause you are dead wrong.

  169. We expect decency at the gas station, yet urban thugs may rob you. We expect decency in a while commuting, but a misguided millenial may just knock you out as a game. We want to pursue happiness yet an islamic terrorist may harm us. We want decency in politics but the power brokers all play a ruthless game. In each of these cases, compromise and decency alone is not tactically superior. We must have strong defenses first, then decency can prevail.

  170. Mr. Lucado,
    I agree that decency would be great, but one must concede that all of the Republican candidates who have a viable chance of winning have stooped to the same tactics as Trump and they also claim to be evangelical Christians too (Cruz, Rubio, even Bush who dropped out)yet I don’t see you personally calling them out. Why is that? Also, Mr. Trump is not that different from many professing Christians including some in your pew. You said that this is only the third time in thirty years that you have spoken out politically again someone and each time it’s because you felt the same nudge by God. I must say I’m surprised that as the man many call “America’s Pastor hasn’t felt the nudge by God to present the Gospel to a lost Mr. Trump. Mr. Lucado I hope you will respond.

  171. ironically, the candidate whose platform is most consistent with the teachings of christ is the only one who is not pretending to be christian.

  172. I am weary of some of those who clothe themselves in Christianity pretending to value lives by invoking institutions like planned parenthood. No sooner they get the office, they send our men and women in uniform to go die somewhere afar just because of the greed of a few rich people. If all those who proffered Christianity served the country following the teachings of Jesus, this country would be treating all its citizens equally.

    The pretense that Christianity has anything to do with governance in this country is just that– a pretense.
    Sam is the author of “Why Was Man Created?”

  173. Truth is truth. And the truth is, the bush’s are a family of mobsters. No airplanes hit world Trade centers. It was planned, buildings were rigged with explosives. How many american lives were sacrificed, BY THE BUSHES,?? To start a war. While they shipped out family of saddom hussein .from florida, under governor jeb. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. Think for yourself. Don’t believe it because you see it on the news.
    No man is “decent” apart from christ. We are, however, known by our fruits. I don’t know about you, but a thorn bush is no place to find refuge. Pun intended . I realize this is very bold statement. That probably won’t get posted.But I don’t want a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be decent. I want someone who is REAL. In whom, what I see is what I get. I am not judging-that is for God alone to do. But in order to make an educated decision, one must look at the facts. #dontdrinkthekoolaid

  174. My heart aches as I read through the 200+ comments here. Talk about lack of ‘decency’. I’m saddened to see mud slinging and accusations have become this easy to dish out – even amongst the family of God.

    If Max Lucado felt prompted by the Lord to write this article, as stated in the interview with Christianity Today, that should be good enough for the rest of us to at least ponder the content for applicability to our own lives. Perhaps we should be a little slower to speak and display a bit more ‘decency in our responses.

  175. Wow…PERFECTLY said! Thanks, Max Lucado! As a parent you try to teach your children common courtesy, respect for others and polite, gracious manners. Lying, bullying and belittling others is NOT acceptable behavior. So WHY is ANYONE tolerating this behavior in an adult who wants to be our President?

  176. Decency should not be skin deep but how we actually live our lives.

    To add decorum on top of honesty, ethics, good morals, and values should not be too much to ask of the leader of our country and the representative of the United States among other nations.

    To those who say Max Lucado should not judge others: isn’t that a judgement? All of us will be judging the candidates before we cast our votes. To single out one candidate to speak out against doesn’t mean you think all the other candidates are wonderful.

    Perhaps the best way to deal with many of the issues facing this country is on our knees. Yes I am a Christian who believes leaving God out of the equation has been a downfall of our country.

    Thank you Max Lucado for taking a stand.

  177. People, use your heads this time! Don’t vote on emotions! Obama was voted in because of racial emotions and we don’t need this one voted in because we are angry about the last one! Who will do the best for our country in the Republican Party? Who has the experience to lead us? I pray everyday that the right one will get in there this time. Our country is going down the tube because of lack of leadership. Vote with your head!

  178. Thanks Max for the much needed reality check. My wife and I have 2 sons, and a daughter. My 17 year old is falling love, and yet, we discourage holding hands, kissing and anything but group dating. Love is a funny thing. Decency is mandatory even today, when we are seeing the full effect on society because the bible and faith in a loving, caring God were removed form public school 50 years or so ago. Corporate greed, above workers [decency?], corrupt politicians [decency?]. Tolerance to someone you disagree with? I could go on, but we are in agreement.

    Thanks for taking a stand and offering up this line of thought. The President of the US should be strong, intelligent, decisive, decent and above all compassionate to all of Americans, not just the highest special interest group bidder.

  179. Lucado….
    Are you not a Democrat? Did you support Obama…twice? Or did you not?
    Have you ever forcefully and consistently spoken out against Obama’s Pro Abortion stance……including Late Term Abortion?
    Where are your concerns for the liar and criminal, HRC?

  180. You are in my home and heart daily, i read your daily devotions, you are awesome!!! Thank you for this letter, I agree 100%. Trump’s big mouth, non caring for othere, no diplomatic responses, He is not decent enough to run anything especially AMERICA!!!! God Bless, please continue your wonderful work, you always speak to me!

  181. Hillary is a liar, murderer and a disgrace to this country. Obama and his family are far from decent. They have taken more vacations than any other presidential family, robbing tax payers right and left. He plays golf instead of being at the funeral of a supreme court justice. DISGRACEFUL. I don’t know who I will vote for but it certainly won’t be Killary so she can continue Sadam Hussein Obama’s destruction of America.

  182. CHRISTIANS WHO SUPPORT TRUMP, I ask this question with sincerity and grace and in love because I truly would love to know your heart: How do you reconcile in your conscious supporting someone who, when speaking of the sacred sacrament of Communion, referred to the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as “my little cracker and my little wine”? And who also admits he is above humbling himself before a mighty God and asking for forgiveness from the Father (when clearly the Word of God says that ALL have sinned)?

    I would think that such an offensive statement against one of our most SACRED sacraments, the Table of the LORD honoring the supreme sacrifice of Jesus, would mean there was no way you could lend your agreement to this person. I would REALLY love to know how you square this. Thank you so much.


  183. Thank you so much for writing this. I expect that you would face backlash from Christians who wouldn’t accept the blatant hypocrisy of bringing such a person to a position of authority. God bless your ministry and keep you strong.

  184. Thank you pastor. I believe someone of your stature may finally get Mr Trump to quit disparaging his opponents and others. If he would just stick to the policies we would all be better for it.

  185. I’m pretty sure the heart of the Father is grieved by reading this thread. Comments like “I’m looking for someone to save my country” ..Have those that are in the Kingdom of God now turned their back on HIM and are searching for a man to save us? For certain this choice will cause God’s anger to kindle against against in a way this country has never seen. Essentially you’re saying: God I don’t believe you are capable of healing and fixing our land. We need Donald Trump to do that.

    My God.

    And justifying all of this because you’re “angry”? Proverbs 29:11 says “Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.” and James 1:19,20 says “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

    God doesn’t desire our anger..he desires us to stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS. Yes, even if it costs us our lives. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we trust in the NAME OF THE LORD OUR GOD! (psalms 20:7)

  186. I so appreciate your obedience and words of wisdom. Regardless of who sits in that office, we know that through God’s plan there is a reason for that purpose. My hope and prayer are that people understand the difference between someone who follows Jesus (showing their fruit) and someone who uses the Christian name (although may believe they are a Christian) to get what they want. People can disagree all day long about policies and government, but when we claim to be Christian, we must live out the teachings of Jesus no matter what position we hold or are running for.

  187. I respectfully (and decently) disagree. Jesus shocked and upset many people in the gospels. “You faithless and corrupt people! How long must I be with you? How long must I put up with you?…”. “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division…”. Over-turning the money changers in the temple, cleansing the leper. What we take as gospel at the time was shocking and scandalous in real life. So I agree decency is nice especially when interacting personally with people however, there are far more important things to be considered.

  188. Max, this is massively hypocritical. To “break your silence” over attitude and yet remain silent about the morally bankrupt actions of the current administration is disingenuous. I’d always hoped you cared more about function than form.

  189. I think this is sad when you finally post about something like Trump. Where have you been? I haven’t heard you at all in response to christians being beheaded under this administration, marriage under attack, rights being stripped….I think you are just like the church you lead….you know the one where you took any mention of christian off of it…you are relevant seeking. It won’t work anymore with picking easy targets. boo for you, ML>

  190. Donald Trump is as far from a decent human being as anybody could be, it would be a complete disaster if he was president. I believe the American people will eventually come to their senses and throw this imbecile out with on his kestrel.

  191. Pastor Lucado,

    Thank you so much for posting this. It was a breath of fresh air to breathe. My husband and I feel the same way you do: bewildered. Not only are we offended by Trump’s ways, but we are also incredibly confused by the amount of support he is receiving. Thank you for being a voice of reason and dignity at this very crucial time!

    Blessings, Jessica McDonald, Illinois

  192. Maybe Mr. Trump needs someone with some religious clout to give him a call, set up a meeting, and talk a little Jesus with him. Or maybe we can just lash out with similar rhetoric, but fancy it up a bit so it’s not ‘as’ insulting. What do you ‘really’ think the decent thing is to do, Mr. Lucado – minister to him privately or bash him publicly? Oh wait, you’ve already made your decision. Shame on you. You chose poorly ~and~ set a bad example for the church at the same time.

  193. I am amazed at some of these posts. Donald Trump says he is a Christian. GOD will be the judge of that. Mr. Lucado where where you when Clinton, Obama were elected? Two of the worst in history. They have been worshiped like saints. Obama is a muslim and he has destroyed our country. When I listen to these men I can see good and not so good. We do not know anyone heart. Only GOD!! He will be the only one to judge. We will only answer for our sins. I don’t mind anyone interviewing my sons. Because I will be interviewing their daughters!!

  194. Mr. Lucado,

    I and most of those that are supporting trump are tired of fake ‘decency’ from current and former politicians who lie to our face (which is very indecent I must say) and destroy the moral fiber of this country and destroy the constitution through legislation and policies they push.

    When did you speak about decency when both R’s and D’s pass legislation that are unconstitutional? When did you speak up about the corruption and lies coming from US politicians?

    If YOU don’t start speaking up for things that really matter in this country then you will no longer have a country to be decent in.

    The People of this country are tired of the lies and we are willing to put up with a Donald Trump if it means there is a chance things will change for the better.

  195. The fact that he has tapped into the anger of the American people is not so much the problem as is the fact that the American people have been incited to such anger by artificially created issues and first world problems.

  196. ~Which Presidential Candidate Would God Vote For?
    This seems like a crazy question as to who God would vote for in a Presidential election but it is NOT! In fact, it is an extremely important question that will decide the future morals and direction of our country. This is excellent question. And the answer is 100% simple and easy to understand. How could anyone know how God would vote? It is perfectly clear how God would vote by looking at his written Word. Compare what God’s Word says to what a Presidential Candidate believes and does and it is known who God would and would not vote for. God’s Word says, “Love one another.” [13:34]. Candidates who viciously attack others and who have hate filled rhetoric and actions God would never support.

    Furthermore Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” [Mt.5:44]. “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, give him your coat. If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” [Mt.5:39-41]. A Candidate who does not love his enemies but expresses hate and venom towards them, God would not vote for. God, in his Word, places a high premium on humility and he despises pride. Jesus said, “Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” [Mt.23:12]. Jesus would never support a prideful Candidate. God’s Word speaks against foul language, “Don’t let any unwholesome, corrupt or bad talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up.” [Eph.4:29]. God would not vote for a “dirty” mouth Candidate.

    God’s Word condemns sexual immorality. “The sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” [1 Cor.6:9,10]. Would God vote for a sexually immoral person who won’t even make it to Heaven? Obviously not. God rebukes Divorce. And his Word says, “Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery.” [Lk.16:18]. Would God vote for an Adulterer? Not a chance. Who would God vote for? The answer is uncomplicated. Read his Word. God would vote for the Candidate who follows his Word the closest. *P.S. I have not mentioned any names here but only the name of Jesus. I have not mentioned any words of Candidates here but only the Words of God. If you have a complaint take it up with my “Boss.” He sets all the rules which are contained in his Word.

  197. Thank you so much for summarizing this election campaign. I live in Canada but have been following the process and it scares me the mud slinging going on. It’s not all candidates, for sure. But I would expect more from American presidential candidates. And I’m really perplexed why certain “Christians ” and universities are standing by Mr Trump…places like Liberty University, Pat Robertson, the Falwells. Not one thing Trump says or behaves is Christ like in my opinion. Thank you once again Mr. Lucado

  198. Well said. I not only do not want Donald Trump as the face of the presidency but I also do not want him as the voice of the presidency, speaking for the people. I cringe at what others must consider Christianity every time I hear him lie, then call himself a Christian.

  199. Well put, Max. In addition, the occupant of the oval office not only is there to help support and represent the people of the U.S. but is our face to the rest of the world. I find this extremely scary at a time when we have just begun to restore our reputation. Other countries may think we are all like him.

  200. Huh.. interesting, Max.. and please tell me if I missed the letter you penned regarding Obama or Mitt Romey (who follows “another Jesus”). I’m not a big fan of Trump, but I’ll support him over Hillary or Bernie any day. Actually.. where is your letter to Hillary concerning all of her felonies and allowing those boys to die in Benghazi? Since you bring up Christianity, let’s just take a moment and focus on you. In my early Christian days, you were one of my favorite authors until I matured in my walk to C.S. Lewis and A.W.Tozer, but still I memorized large sections of Six Hours One Friday and purchased your books as gifts. But then came the shift.. the embrace of the PARAPHRASED Bible — which could never be confused with a translation — The Message, and that’s what it is .. some man’s message using the Bible as only a guide for this person’s “TRUTH”. In fact, I had to give away some of your later books because the false messages were overshadowing the true ones. So.. to conclude.. in terms of your public bashing of Trump.. I merely quote Matthew 7:5.. “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

  201. Max
    Your assessment of Donald Trump and his actions is right on. He is a loose cannon but he loves America. I read an article where Trump had car trouble and a man stopped to help and Donald asked what he could do to repay the man. The man asked him to just send his wife some flowers. Donald trump paid off the mans mortgage. How awful!
    I used to attend your church and i have a lot of respect for you. I wished so many times that you would ask Christians to take a stand and vote the Bible. That was never done. Even when the Democrats who support abortion and same sex marriage and Muslims who want to kill us. You never said anything! Do you not need to address these actions or is it because you might offend democrats in your church.
    We have a president who ran guns in Mexico, believes in gay rights and abortion and you say nothing. He and Hillary let our men die in Bengazi and then lied about it all and you said nothing.
    Although Obama says he is a Christian, he only seems to speak up when it concerns blacks and Muslims . He also did not have time to attend the funeral of one of our Supsreme court justices but he has time for golf and planning his next lavish vacation. You said nothing. Donald Trump is the least of our problems.
    I appreciate John Hagee because of the way he handles politics. When it was time to vote for mayor, he invited all the candidates to come and speak at Cornerstone. Then,he prepared a thorough brochure on what each candidate stood for. The brochures were given to the church and they were told to vote the Bible.
    I am an ex Oak Hills member who now goes to Cornerstone.

  202. Has nobody heard of Bernie Sanders? He is honest and decent and we should all be supporting him as he lives a life and has values most closely related to those of Jesus himself.

  203. Max, I wholeheartedly agree…Donald trump misrepresenting himself as a Christian by carrying his childhood bible and often saying he is a great Christian, but his words, brashness and crass behavior and rudeness, let alone his moral history….several mistresses and swapping out wives contradict Christian values. And his business success…..note how many of his business have failed versus those that have succeeded….and note that with multiple bankruptcies he was the only one walking away with a win….left creditors holding the bag. Not to mention the multiple stories of him strong-arming people out of thier property. Research his history on eminent domain. This man has paid politicians and made shady deals, taking advantage of gullible people…i.e. Trump university….total scam….not anyone you’d want near the White House! And his constant thumping about jobs going to China and Mexico and that’s where his clothing line is manufactured??? This man is full of greed and corruption and as far away from Christian values and ethical and moral values as anyone we’ve seen run for this office ever! His business dealings….trump casinos, trump vodka…gambling and alcohol? Christian? President? And by the way, both of those ventures failed too? The lesson we an informed voter….don’t just listen to what people say…look at what they do to see who they are! Our leaders don’t have to be Christians…but common decency is the very least we should expect and demand if they want to SERVE as President.

  204. Yesterday: “Like Trump, Chris Christie is a pathetic, corrupt man with a tiny ego. I’m sure they bonded discussing their insecurities over a big meal,” Tim Miller, Jeb Bush’s former communications director, wrote on Twitter.

  205. Thank you so much Max Lucado for putting into words the things I have been thinking. We want the children of the world to be taught to show respect and how can they learn respect when the candidates, especially one of them, is vulgar and shows no respect for anyone except himself and his family. My husband and I pray every day for this country. God loves us and we need to show God that we love Him.

  206. Thank you. You are a voice of decency amid the chaos. Your faith and willingness to share it through this word and your many other writings are much appreciated.

  207. I find it surprising that Mr. Lucado, while referencing Trump’s indecency, still seems to indicate that Trump is the only or best possible candidate. (“We can only hope, and pray, for a return to decency. Perhaps Mr. Trump will better manage his antics.”)
    As an interested Canadian observer of this US election carnival, I would ask Mr. Lucado this: wouldn’t a more appropriate comment be “we can only hope, and pray that the American people will reject this candidate”? It’s too late for a return to decency. That ship has sailed. Trump has already done too much damage to the credibility, not only to his candidacy, but to Republicans in general, your entire political system and your country.

  208. Would you feel better if your daughters were courted by Bill Clinton? I think he is te definition of indecent when it comes to young women.

  209. I try to go back to the question… what would Jesus do? Jesus came at a time of great turmoil. There were many threats and dangers to Jews and gentiles both politically, culturally and economically. Many looked for a Messiah that would be a political leader – someone that could create a new Israel and bring Israel back to a former glory in their minds. But Jesus did not choose that way. That was not the picture of the Messiah that God had. God knows the limits of the institutions of this world – whether it be the Kings of Israel or the President’s of the USA. Instead, the means he chose to influence the world was self-sacrifice instead of self-preservation. He chose forgiveness over judgment. He chose loving your enemies instead of hating them. And he sought to build a people that would bring this way of living to a hurting world.

    God, in His wisdom, knows that political might does not change hearts and insults do not influence people to come to know Him. But love does. Sacrifice does. Acknowledging our own brokenness does. If you, as a believer, are concerned about the changes you’ve seen in society. If you feel threatened and are looking for another Messiah that will bring things back to a former glory. Please beware! And please consider the limits of politics and choose Jesus’ way.

  210. Many of us believe the present regime is going to suspend the election. It is past time for decency. This country and its church, for the most part, has rejected the Lord. While I pray for revival, I believe it won’t come except in the face of horrific judgment. Let our prayers be for both.

  211. I wonder if this particular view of has changed since Rubio’s comments yesterday? The trio of Cruz, Rubio, and Trump have done nothing but belittle each other in the past few days. It is disappointing and embarrassing. I’d much rather hear Kasich’s views on actual things that matter but he and Carson get zero attention due to the trio bashing each other left and right. I think Cruz and Rubio are getting in the mud with Trump even tho they know better.

    “I’ve considered and always resisted it. I really look up to Mike Huckabee. I look up to Ted Cruz. I’ve never met Marco Rubio but he seems like a phenomenal guy. I’ve had a luncheon with Ben Carson.

    Here are examples of candidates who have been able to run a campaign without belittling people. They run for office without pushing other people down. If we don’t say anything and there’s no consequence, even if my voice is a small one, then it turns into a Jerry Springer free-for-all.”

  212. I am sorry if the truth hurts, but all the lies from everyone yes everyone we have in office today, trump buts it bluntly he don’t side step the questions with a boring speech. he steps to plate as a man, like all of us need to step up and become an AMERICAN MAN. take on the task and don’t shuck , I am sure max if those young men treated your daughters wrong holy wrath would have come down. so lets put the wrath on congress this time because they have done the American workers wrong.. GO TRUMP, ps. I am a middle class white male paying for all those that choose to collect welfare and not do their part.

  213. This election cycle reminds me of when Jesus got angry! He went into the temple yelling at the pharisees and flipping over the tables because of their false behavior and practices! So, Hummm! Was Jesus himself viewed as being decent or in-decent?! God has a plan for the Greatest Country on planet earth— and— he’s allowing us a choice Trump or Hillary!

  214. I’m so glad to see a Christian though leader expressing concern over the Trump candidacy. His agenda is so antithetical to the message of grace and love in the Jesus left us with and how so many conservative Christians are trying to justify supporting him is beyond me. He is dangerous at so many levels and voting for a candidate who appeals to our most flawed human instincts doesn’t reflect well on who we are as a people.

  215. Thank you for your message of decency. Trump’s behavior flies in the face of all that I know to be appropriate human behavior. He seems to forget, “Your reap what you sow.”

  216. It just goes to show how money can buy you anything in the good ol’ USA. I believe there are those willing to excuse Trump’s immature, disturbing behavior because they admire his lifestyle. I mean, look at the incomprehensible popularity of the Kardashians. Sadly, others just don’t care about common decency Trump is self-serving, cares nothing for his fellow man, has no political experience and never served his country. He has the temperament and vocabulary of a child. He will be bringing an empty headed trophy wife with him to the White House if he is elected (which I doubt because I still believe common sense will prevail). If Trump had been an average Joe, no one would give him the time of day.

  217. On the decency issue you are right on. Add on to the Trump indecency are others like McConnell with his ugliness toward Pres. Obama. Being the first black president must be overwhelming. We didn’t have this kind of indecency during his running for office. He’s been a gentleman throughout all of his term and have heard him say that he is a CHRISTIAN and has his morning time with the LORD. Most of all He never used God or Jesus Christ terminology as a political stepping stone to get elected. However as Christians God says to us “respect” those in authority of government – Romans 13 1. If the “voters” accept Trump indecency then these voters have become numb to decency! This is where America needs to get back on track! Evangelicals need to question when terms as “bible” or “christian” is used to promote politics or to sway thinking to get votes. A flag should go up questing motives. Be mature in biblical thinking. Pray our next president will be elected with all decency and respect.

  218. On the decency issue you are right on. Add on to the Trump indecency are others like McConnell with his ugliness toward Pres. Obama. Being the first black president must be overwhelming. We didn’t have this kind of indecency during his running for office. He’s been a gentleman throughout all of his term and have heard him say that he is a CHRISTIAN and has his morning time with the LORD. Most of all He never used God or Jesus Christ terminology as a political stepping stone to get elected. However as Christians God says to us “respect” those in authority of government – Romans 13 1. If the “voters” accept Trump indecency then these voters have become numb to decency! This is where America needs to get back on track! Evangelicals need to question when terms as “bible” or “christian” is used to promote politics or to sway thinking to get votes. A flag should go up questing motives. Be mature in biblical thinking. Pray God leads when we vote.

  219. I SO fear that another Hitler shall arise among our ashes. People are SO angry right now, yelling at me in church because I do NOT support Trump. What is wrong with us that we have NO ONE who is decent who can come forward and run for president? When I look at the two who are winning, I want to leave the country or not vote at all. I fear that we will follow the same path that the Germans followed in 1929-1946. Have we forgotten SO soon the horrors of putting someone in power who is outspoken, rude and promises the world?

  220. Thank you for addressing this topic. It’s so disheartening to see someone vulgar and uncouth rise so high in the polls. Is Donald Trump really the kind of person, we, Americans, really want representing us? Have we really sunk so low as a society that we will turn a blind eye to his behavior, values, and morals, that we will rally around him just to make a statement? Is this really the kind of statement we as a people really want to make?

    We Christians need to come together and pray and fast for our nation. This is one of the most important elections in our nation’s history and there is a huge battle going on in the spiritual realm. It’s highly important that we pray as we’ve never prayed before.

  221. I so agree that Trump is a horrible candidate and his high school antics are indeed indecent. However those of you commenting about Obama being indecent, it’s that very attitude that has led to the Trump candidacy. I have watched the right demonize a good and decent man the past eight years, just because they do not agree with his political views. He has a wonderful family and has proven to be a centrist and hasn’t done anything Bush didn’t do except keep us out of needless wars. He is a Christian and even that has been a subject of controversy. 60% of the Right think he’s a Muslim and wasn’t born in the USA. The prejudice against this man has been disgraceful and the very people who believe that have been questioning his faith and are now all excited about Trump I don’t believe in questioning anyone’s faith and that includes Trump. But you can question his decency. But leave Obama out of it. Obama is a decent man.

  222. Max Lucado, do you know a mans heart? Are you his judge? Are you God? You cannot take any conversation out of context from the entire work and make a blank judgemental statement. Anyone can say the didn’t ask God for forgiveness but it doesn’t mean they have not accepted Christ as the son of God and their personal savior. To be “saved” the Bible continually says “Repent”! That means turn from your sinful ways, you are missing the mark, following your own lusts, plans, and desires, so that you CAN receive forgiveness!!!! Show me where it says you must ask for forgiveness….all scripture I see says forgiveness will be given to you because you’ve repented.
    Here is scripture to back it up….
    [Mar 1:4 NASB] 4 John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
    [Luk 3:3 NASB] 3 And he came into all the district around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins;
    [Luk 24:47 NASB] 47 and that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
    [Act 2:38 NASB] 38 Peter said to them, “Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
    [Act 5:31 NASB] 31 “He is the one whom God exalted to His right hand as a Prince and a Savior, to grant repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.
    [Act 10:43 NASB] 43 “Of Him all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins.”
    [Act 13:38 NASB] 38 “Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through Him forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you,
    [Act 26:18 NASB] 18 to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.’
    [Eph 1:7 NASB] 7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace
    [Col 1:14 NASB] 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

  223. Unfortunately the one true Christian on the stage, Dr. Ben Carson, has not been supported by other “fellow Christians” even Ted Cruz has some dirty marks on his record. Dr. Carson is a godly man, and doesn’t have a single blemish in his past.

  224. God can fix it. I can not believe people on these replies are saying the damage has already been done so Trump can do no worse so elect him to fix it. That is the most insane thing I have ever heard. Prayer, Decency, God can fix this and He is the only one who can. The previous statement is like saying, “They have already put gasoline on us, the damage is done, strike the match.” People, I pray over America to have eyes to see and ears to hear truth. And understanding to act with wisdom. In Jesus Name .

  225. I like Donald Trump yes he’s a little rough around the edges I believe most all of what you’ve seen with him in the debates will stop if he becomes President. That being said being a father of a daughter I would also want the person dating my daughter to be able to protect her and care for her. Mr Trump has managed to live 70 years develope a yuge successful business. In this time he has managed to not be in any scandal. If they could dig up dirt on him they surely would. Not like Mr Rubio that used to be a male dancer and supposedly was arrested with another male that was a meeting place for gay males. We’ve had eight years of someone that is weak on everything unless it has to do with Muslims or spending. I feel we need someone that is strong loves our country big on military very good with business. Because of the position that he is in he has helped many financially and other was but wanted no recognition for it. My vote will go to Donald Trump if it goes that far.

  226. I couldn’t hold you in higher esteem Mr. Lucado. Your teachings, writings,the way you live you life are, in my opinion, the highest form of decency and ‘walking your talk”! We have purchased, read and shared almost all of your books, have listened to you speak in person several times, have listened to your tapes on the way to work for years, sing your praises!
    That being said, this is the first and only time I feel a small twinge of disappointment in your choice to break your silence about just ONE candidate. Mr. Trump is not necessarily my personal choice to hold office for President of the United States. To me, there is no excuse for his brashness, choice of words, demeaning anyone; however, there is no excuse for the dishonesty, hidden agendas, womanizing, etc., etc. among many, if not all, other candidates, past and present, even when they present themselves “decent” in public. What I know about Mr. Trump is: He doesn’t need the money, power or fame from running for this position. The White House would be probably be a step down for him in terms of his current residence(s). Financially, he will be indebted to no one. His voice, choice of words, etc. is not, in my opinion, professional or how I would want this country represented; however, we actually have no idea how any President and/or elected officials present themselves ‘off camera”. But, when there are innocent fellow Americans literally and publicly having their heads chopped off, something needs to be done by perhaps someone who appears to not be afraid to confront.
    Sadly and fearfully, there is no perfect choice. I’m not sure what Jesus would do if He were here. The only thing that brings peace to me is knowing that God is in control.

  227. Thank you, Mr. Lucado, for respecting your wife, your daughters, and all women enough to see why Donald Trump can never properly represent our country. I had to write an essay on Donald Trump a few of weeks ago. A look into the facts of his life, Mr. Trump’s words/actions documented by reliable sources, is all anyone with common decency needs to know they should never vote this man into office. I often find that when people say someone tells it like it is, they are glorying someone with no filter, no sense of decency, no respect for others, no consideration, no compassion, etc. That should NEVER be held in high esteem. That should never be applauded. That should never be voted into the highest political office in our country. Do you really think that you will not have to answer for that? Do you think God will approve? We need to pray the American people and Christian leaders stop listening to their favorite political pundit who tells them whatever their itching ears want to hear (laughing all the way to the bank, mind you) and do the work of getting to the facts, making informed decisions based on truth, not propaganda, read scripture on the subject and pray/listen to God. JMHO

  228. THANK YOU for speaking out about this dangerous man. As a mother, a Christian and an American – this man terrifies me! What terrifies me just as much is that so many Christians are laying aside their morals and values, everything Christ preached about! I am heartsick everyday watching not only Trump but most all of the Republican candidates stoop to the level of grade school bullies! They will only be stopped is Christians and Non Christians alike (AMERICANS) stand up and say enough is enough and demand better. I pray fervently that God intervenes and saves us from this direction – but I’m also ACTING with my words and vote to keep this evil out of the White House AND other elected officials. We need to demand people of quality that demonstrate caring and compassion toward ALL.

  229. I am a retired, evangelical, conservative, orthodox, United Methodist pastor both theologically and politically. While this editorial by Max Lucado has some valid points, it is not going to influence me to change my mind in voting for Donald J. Trump for President. I believe God is going to us him in our time as He did Queen Esther centuries ago, “For Such a Time as This.” I am convinced that under the leadership of Donald Trump as our 45th President we will truly “Make America Great Again.”

  230. Truth is … if Jesus were a Republican, He wouldn’t win any elections for the same reasons the GOP lost the last several presidential elections. Both McCain and Romney were not only decent gentlemen, they were too gentle and weak against a barrage of mischaracterizations put out by the well established Democrats. “A time to get tough”. Ecclesiasties 3:1

  231. My friend Marcia responded to Max ‘s email and was told “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Her email and the response she made for me is not on my computer! What is the problem?

  232. and which ONE of the candidates, Mr. Lucado, do you say is *decent*?? Because none – NO not one – of these current candidates have a decent bone in their body. I a pretty sure every candidate all the way back to the beginning of this country could you have found a candidate with a decent bone in their body. Some were not all bad; but ALL had some faults that could be construed as unfit for leading this great country — all had faults that should not be part of the face of America.

  233. Tk you Max Lucado…I appreciate your life, your Christian stand, your books but, I have a question.
    Where have you been for the last 8 years. Pres. Obama went into office on CHANGE and being the first black President. Have you ever read his book, “Dreams of My Father” –it was his book, his thoughts, who his mentors were. Change he has brought us, for sure. I read it before he was elected …and what an eye opener. People ran to him, worshipped him, voted for him (twice). Yes… Sad to say they were looking for change. And what did America get? Socialism, deviceness, marriage rewritten, insecure borders, crime. Why go on and on—he’s the President “they elected.”—-we are where we are.
    But, I do want to know–where have you been? I haven’t read any opinions by you of him. Is it respect for our Higest office in our country? Is it because you are a Christian and want to separate your views as a Christian. I don’t agree with what Donald Trump is doing, absolutely not. It is sad that, as Americans, we are at the brink of destruction in our great country and we have no great choice in the ones at the top! This would include Hillary and Bernie Sanders. I would never vote for either but, “the other side” is marching to their beat BECAUSE they have no real choice either. God have mercy on AMERICA.

  234. Thank you Mr. Lucado for posting this. I agree totally! You came to my church to speak and sign one of your books. Your talk really helped me while I was in a tough position. Thank you. You are a decent, Godly and inspiring Christian. It’s amazing to me that your comment about Trump somehow has been turned into an Obama conversation. Not your intention but the commenters. So it’s Obama’s fault that Trump is not decent. Really??? You know we can’t blame the President for everything. Trump is his own man and he can be who he wants to be; and if he is a Christian as he claims to be, what other leaders before him did or didn’t do should have no weight on how he behaves. We really have to stop this blaming and making excuses for a man that depicts this type of behavior. No leader should display what Trump displays and Obama has nothing to do with it. And we wouldn’t tolerate it if our President talked like this about people in front of the camera. One day the conversation will have to go pass what a “horrible” president Obama was and move to where we go from here and who will make the best President.

  235. I lose sleep watching the popularity grow of a so-called “leader” that shows no moral character and is now a model in our society. What would happen to our country if he was elected? As a teacher, I try to be a role-model, a guide, an encourager, a cheerleader…. I worry how this will affect our youth. I fear the power of this popularity. We need to STOP this! We need to pray for God’s guidance but we need to take an active stand in preventing this hostile and inconsiderate force that challenges what our forefathers fought for. Thank you for speaking up and by motivating me to try to make a change.

  236. I am a Christian and I do support Trump.Is he rude at times? Yes. Is he perfectly “decent”? No. But his basic agenda is totally in line with the Bible.The Bible calls for us to be “wise as serpents”, not only “gentle as doves”. We are not called to be abused and decimated as a nation (for no redeeming purpose). We are called to sacrifice when there is a redeeming purpose, but that is not the case when it comes to allowing terrorists to gain easy access to us (their victims), nor is it the case when millions of immigrants knowingly violate our laws and steal from our people. It is not unBiblical to have boundaries to prevent people from breaking our laws and harming our citizens. Bernie Sanders might seem like a “decent” person because he wants to help the poor and needy, but when you look at his methods (stealing from one group to give it to another), he just a plain old Socialist. That is not decent either. So all in all, Max, I totally appreciate where you’re coming from by pointing out Trump’s rudeness, but I think you overlook so many other factors in the situation. The thing is, we’re not picking your daughter’s date here. We’re picking our president. Two totally different job descriptions.

  237. Thank you VERY much, Max, for speaking out on this. God has annointed you as a key leader in this season of our culture. Your comments are the right balance of grace and truth. Thank you for having the courage to speak against the public inconsistency of “Christian claims” and “Christ-likeness.” I admire your humility, kindness and heart.

  238. Hi everyone.
    I am not an American and I do not live in America, but I have to say I am really surprised Trump is so popular with the republicans. I do not know that much about American politics. But generally speaking republicans are Christian right (if I understand correctly)? To me Trump comes across as a bully and not loving like Jesus at all…

  239. Thank you Max Lucado for your words and for speaking up. Your simple word “decent” sets the tone. I am one that is baffled by this election season and the popularity of a man who has bullied his way to the top. Anyone can stir up hatred but as a Christian, his role is to build hope not despair and walls.

  240. Rev. Max, Thank you for this post. I appreciate that you took the time to make your thoughts public on these important issues. I know many of us could add to your list of Trump’s frequent insults, but I am surprised you left out his bigoted comments about Mexicans and Muslims. Also, he seems to have an unusual high number of “false” ratings on the major fact-checking sites.

  241. I am appalled by the lack of respect for our sitting leader, President Obama. On the point of his faith, many accuse him of being a Muslim, while he claims to be a Christian. One respondent said, “who are we to judge whether Mr. Trump is a Christian?”

    Yet you fail to give that same grace to President Obama, a man who is not proud, boastful, disrespectful or rude.

    If either of my grandmas met Mr. Trump, his mouth would soon have a bar of soap in it. Judge a man by his actions. If you believe him to be a Christian, tell me, is he eligible to be an Elder in a church?

  242. “I didn’t vote for President Obama, but I appreciate the manner in which he has maintained the comportment of the office. At least we don’t wince when he stands to speak.” I am sorry Max, but I wince every time Obama speaks. You can vote for Hillary if you want to but I will chose to vote for someone who will protect the unborn and Christians in the world. Good thing King David was not dependent on your “ENDORSEMENT.” We are already blessed with the Lord Jesus. We don’t need another one. What we need now is a David and a warrior.

  243. Though no one on this website will view this, Max, God will.. and He already knows the truth anyhow. I posted a comment yesterday at 4:40 p.m… yet it is reading “awaiting moderation.” Meanwhile, countless others have been posted in the past 24 hours. Interesting.. but again.. I could not care less what man thinks.. and thanks for confirming what I already knew in my heart: Max Lucado slipped away from the Lord about a decade or so ago. Just hope you get yourself right with God and spend eternity in Heaven. You are more of a hypocrite than Trump, Bernie, Obama and Hillary combined because you earn a living “selling” the gospel to the poor, unsuspecting sheep.

  244. Why is Lucado breaking his silence now? Can you name presidency candidates (good OR BAD character) who have not claimed to be Christians? What’s the difference with Trump? Why was nothing said about the decency of Obama or Clintons? They would not have been elected and re-elected had they not also won the Christian vote. Their indecency WAY outweighs Trump’s.

  245. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the Bible and God himself. Such a vote dismisses God and his Word, deeming both irrelevant.

    I don’t expect perfection in a candidate for President of the greatest nation on earth, but I do expect that most of time he will be humble, honest, courteous and respectful toward his fellow man, possess integrity both publicly and privately, and will exercise self-control or restraint. In other words, that the President will be a decent fellow.

    Do not be deceived. If we as a nation vote for a man full of hate and the love of money, we will deserve the chaos and calamity to follow. Pray for the salvation of Trump’s soul, but do not cast your vote for him as President.

    “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit….A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:43-45

  246. Mr Lucado, if you do read these, please, I implore you,

    Do you honestly believe every young man taking your daughters out has been forthright? Really? You were a young man once and you know full well every man’s biggest struggle is lust. I don’t like it either but we know it’s true if we are honest.

    So I would ask, would you prefer a candidate that says what he actually thinks, even if some of it is brash, unkind, and frankly wrong, or JUST ANOTHER LYING POLITICIAN telling you what you want to hear to take this country on another bad date, like the past few presidents?


    I’m no huge Trump fan and I certainly do not agree with many of the things he says, but I would rather support him than another 4 or 8 years of a lying, manipulative, email erasing, congress overruling, constitution redefining arrogant politician.

  247. Stay out of it Max your a preacher not a politician. I didn’t see you speaking against the worst president in American history.

  248. Could it be that we, as individuals are no longer decent. Maybe that is why we are attracted to a candidate who is not decent. Thank you Max for writing this.

  249. If you believe in Jesus and you want to vote for Trump , consider proving to yourself that he follows Jesus ?
    Then consider those who do.
    Those who he tries to destroy .

  250. It looks like a big part of America is pro Trump. Could it be that is true because American ministers are failing? Max, keep teaching the word and shut up about politics. Your job is to preach the gospel. That is what changes lives. Keep the distinction our nation began with – separation of church and state.

  251. Interesting read – Yet, a lot of so-called “Evangelicals” supported Trump in SC and Trump holds a sizable lead in that category nation wide as well. Which means only one thing to me – Evangelicals have lost their soul – matter of fact I’d go so far as to say that many who call themselves Evangelical, are in fact anything but Evangelical – at least in a biblical, histroical and theological sense anyway (and the media keeps reporting them as being “evangeical”). I’m not prepared to judge their faith (will never do that), just their self-idenifying themselves as “Evangelical”. Additionally, Mr. Lucado misses the mark in seeing the problem as one of not being able to pass the litmus test of “decency” (whatever that is) and not one of those who say they are “Evangelical” but have no clue as to what that means. The case could be made (and a very good one) that President Obama can be seen as being more civil & “decent” than Donald Trump… so would Mr. Lucado endorse him based solely on his “decency”?

    The real problem as I see it is not one of “decency” as Mr. Lucado implies, but it is one of character and of human virtue being trampled by a culture hell-bent on destruction because it has, first and foremost forgotten God. And it’s that final point that Mr. Lucado has seemed to have missed entirely.

    1. I don’t believe Mr Lucado has “missed the point entirely”, as you suggest Steve. If you followed and read his blog regularly you would know he is spot on in his theology and message to the Church – encouraging us to live out our faith in tangible and meaningful ways. This post represents merely one thought which he unpacked for us after feeling led of the Lord to do so. I respect that.

      With that said, I appreciate the heart of what you had to say about “evangelicals”. I resent being lumped into the shallow title the media seems to be so enamored with right now. My relationship with God, through the miraculous transformational grace of God’s Son Jesus Christ, is not merely a belief I claim, it’s a powerful, sacred and holy relationship. I am a Christian – not a member of the trendy club called Evangelicals. I really wish they would stop throwing the title around like they do. It cheapens the true meaning of what being a believer truly entails.

  252. I support whomever the party supports. But by God,I hope the next person will put our country first and not his own personal agenda; totally disregarding the Constitution of the United States. There is no place in the presidency of our democracy for a president as partisan as the one we have now! Arrogance is not a virtue especially for a U.S. president.

  253. I am quite disturbed by the blindness of the people who are defending Trump. Their argument is that there are others that are indecent. I feel that Max Lucado went easy on Trump! I feel that Trump appeals to the WORST in human nature and I’ve never seen anyone running in my life that compares to this destructive man. I’m losing faith in my fellow Americans who cannot see through this egotistical, deeply prejudiced, rude, crude bully. Character matters and I feel citizens should be afraid if this man is successful in his run!

  254. I agree, generally, with Max. I hope other Christian leaders join in as carefully as he has spoken, as it could improve the current popular definition of “the evangelicals”.

    I also agree that it may be too little too late, since the american “church” has been mostly silenced by political correctness for decades. Perhaps we can agree to thank Trump, for finally dropping the hammer on PC, if nothing else.

    Finally, may I suggest a closer look at Cruz, an alternative “insurgent”, who I have researched more lately. I think you will see that many of the accusations are largely contrived, or at least exaggerated.

  255. Mr. Lucado,

    I don’t know if you’ll get this message, but I wanted to ask you about your reluctance to criticize Hillary Clinton and other Democrats for supporting abortion – which is something more important than “decency.” If a politician is “decent,” but writes or supports laws that are evil, why the deuce should anyone care about their demeanor? You have used your persuasive position in the evangelical world to critique a man for calling people names. When will you use it to critique politicians for supporting the murder of infants.

    I apologize if you have criticized Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and other Democrats or Republicans for their pro-abortion stances. But if you have not, please consider writing about issues that truly matter.

  256. Hi Max,
    Decency is out of fashion in the world, I expect that, but it is out of fashion in the church, I expect better. Mature dependency (I can count on you) coupled with mutual respectfulness ( can disagree with you yet treat you with compassion not disdain. these and the nine fruit of the spirit need to be cultivated and nurtured in people

  257. Why didn’t you speak out against W Bush who worshipped at the Bohemian Grove or his father who did the same, or their luciferian skull and bones organization, or against Clinton and his ties to the luciferian masonic organizations? Why don’t you talk about how all these candidates have some sort of ties to the anti Christ secret societies which offer their allegiance to the pope and his jesuits?! Do your homework, study what the reformers said against the papacy, study what the founding fathers of this country said against the jesuits!!! All you have to do is google it and you can see the documents proving it all!!! It may be a conspiracy to some, but there’s no theory, it’s a fact!!!

  258. Decency is gone I agree. So too is mature dependency (you can trust me count on me) and mutual respectfulness (we can disagree and remain in communion). I expect that from society but not from the church. I expect the church to be a cut above as it is of heaven not earth.

  259. Max- No one can argue that in Trumps case he lacks at times the genteel language that some would say is Presidential. God has been using all the candidates to be a voice for Him & bring things to light & flesh out our nation’s problems as well as the elite political & sometimes corrupt system with super packs, lobbyist, paid propagandists who want to use any or all candidates as their puppets while they are the puppet master. It has not escaped God’s attention there will be 1 winner & then 1 President. We are not electing a preacher or a pastor nor is this a beauty contest or a vote for Miss Congeniality or who is the most polished Mr. Gentleman or a test for who can prove they are the best acting, most moral or Biblical astute Christian.

    By virtue of the office & the times of our day, we must elect someone who fears no man but has great courage. He must have proven accomplishments that have tested his abilities as exercise tests an athlete. He must be a man of wisdom with a proven record of action (or exploits) & a grasp on economics, business understanding all of the aspects of what is needed to retain, build, & bring back businesses. This person must completely understand how each process & discipline here & internationally impacts one another. The position of making jobs but allowing for amnesty & run away immigration cancels out jobs as well as the pursuit of a globalization of industries with the expensive of factories leaving cancels out jobs is unacceptable with no consequence while other countries take advantage of us. Bush economics & immigration have failed the test of 25 years. The person we elect must have the wisdom to select the best & brightest without fear of sabotage regarding foreign policy & military strategies. The person we elect must have the know how to turn this boat around, repair the broken down places, rebuild & reform from where we have been without undercutting our constitution or sovereignty. They must not regurgitate the UN’s talking points which desire our sovereignty.

    If Jesus & the apostles said that even the elect can be deceived regarding the gospel so can they even about this matter. I have prayed daily for all the candidates with God showing the good & bad points of each of their character & policy deficiencies. I pray for our wisdom for us to see beyond the men running & see what God sees. These outward antics of Trump I too find offensive at times so that is also my prayer.

    God ordain crude lustful Samson as judge over Israel & used him to bring deliverance from the Philistines which I can safely say no religious leader would have endorsed. God used timid Gideon, young inexperienced David as well as older wiser sinful David, Rehab the harlot in Jesus’ linage, plus a host of others who did not fit the mold who professed His name for tasks that would seem unfit by our religious standards. He can certainly use any of the present republican candidates even Trump or those whose secrets have yet to be brought to light. God even rose up a Jehu to take down Jezebel & other kings both Israelite & foreign to do His work. Likewise, God even used Cyrus or Darius to bring restoration to his people & again no religious leader would have endorsed them. In the course of our history, He raised up generals to bring deliverance who were god-fearing, prayed & encouraged prayer for nations & troops but had foul course mouths. There are examples in many great men like your Churchill, McCarthy, Patton, & others even presidents who exhibited similar or worse. Why do you limit God? Would you have spoken out against them?

    If Samuel could be wrong about appearances when he went to anoint a king so can you & so can we. We are not in a season for a young emerging David but a seasoned warrior someone with the resources who can rebuild, restore & reform as well as clean house & restore order. The reason for the need of a seasoned warrior is that David no longer served in the courts of Saul nor was subject to Saul’s bidding. He had his own mighty men of valor who many had previously been deemed outlaws. He had greater wisdom tested through adversity & did even greater exploits than killing Goliath for God by subduing nations, establishing boundary lines, building up a nation, protected worship of God, & had a father’s heart as well as always remembering his Goliath moment emerging from obscurity to carry Goliath’s sword to strike down all the enemies of the nation.

    The children of Israel cried out for years for deliverance & when it came in the package of Moses & the path through the desert they whined & complained because they did not like the means in which God’s deliverance was meted out to them. Jesus said to Paul, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” which is what the children of Israel were doing. I pray we will not respond the same or be stirred up like they were by the leaders in our camp.

    Yet, as I read your article, I find it disingenuous that now you speak up! It calls into question your motives & the prompting! You lost your religious eloquent argument with me when you had to reach all the way back to Clinton/Lewinksy scandal which needed no religious leader to point out the wrongness of which everyone in the nation was in an up roar about & then say that only 3 times in 30 years you have spoken up. It is that deafening silence when there have been more for reaching & terrible things happening in our nation & to our nation to erode away our freedom, liberty, & our economic system, etc… than the language of crude remarks from a very successful businessman. That knowledge is why so many have reservations of first time senators since we have already been there & done that while all our religious leaders were silent then causing us to vote for a polished well- spoken moral Mormon whose beliefs are not that of the gospel. They have been silent theses last 7 years.

    Maybe all the religious leaders like you Max should take a play from the playbook of Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, when he suggested, “If is from God, you will not be able to stop these men, you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” Max you have been someone I have respected, purchased books, & taught your materials. Your silence as well those similar silent pastors whose ears now all of a sudden cannot stomach Trumps language have now broken your silence & bring forth eloquently fashioned arguments to persuade believers. It calls to question if you are among the leaders Gamaliel was among? Have you now become a religious-political pundit operating from a religious pharisaical spirit to attempt to control & manipulate the sheep with fear-mongering? The sheep understand how the lobbyist, political elite pac-donors work to be the puppet masters of the candidates. They are not as ignorant as it seems. What good shepherd or responsible watchman would be silent so long? None!!!! Jesus & the apostles spoke & warned of those who would attempt led astray. Are you one? Maybe you need to go back & read your children’s book “A Song of the King” because the tune or song you are playing doesn’t resonant to the King of kings who chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. We, the people, must quit drinking the collective Kool-aid from the political pundits & the religious pundits to stir up fear. We must put off FEAR & do our research!!!

    Who has God called to this position for His glory in answer to our cries & prayers for restoring America & not for their political gain or ambition? I pray for that realization so we do not fight against God cause from appearances many are doing that very thing which will bring with it consequences. I pray God will show us who is ready for the mission at hand, unwavering, will not sell out the economy of this nation to foreign trade or deny the constitution & the sovereignty of our nation nor turn his back on the American people who have been sold out to a corrupt ideology. Who has the hand & the favor of God on him? May we be taught of God & not by man or religion to discern the who & get behind him!
    God has supplied 5 professing Christian men leading into a March 1st Super Tuesday & possibly beyond to be a collective voice. We better give heed to what God is showing us through them all without judging the outward appearance or package because only he judges the heart & intentions of man. Through much prayer God has shown that all these candidates are flawed individuals that God has sharpened for this moment. They each have a message to deliver. Are we hearing? Are we listening or do we just stop our hearing for our one candidate? Are we praying into the messages God is giving us through them all? They each carry pieces of the puzzle. 3 are seasoned individuals looking to save a generation & 2 are relatively young & still ambitious wanting to make a name for themselves ready for exploits. Who is not sold out to puppet-masters? Who has God’s hand of favor? Who has God’s father heart? Who has God’s courage to strategically turn a nation through Him? Whose time is now?
    I pray for God to continue to reveal. They all are competent & risen up each ladder they have climbed. May God remove our biases to intercede for each one of these mighty men so His collective message can be heard & then released to the one who can go the distance not encumbered by any man made political or religious elitist group. I pray for acceleration of Holy Spirit intercession void of our wants & impaired vision & emotional attachments. I pray for Holy Spirit aptitude for our intercession for we only see in part through a veil. May I & God’s assembly of believers pursue that type of intercession so the veil will be removed & we can be trusted with the plans of God to pray forth instead of the petty arguments made by previously silent religious leaders!

    Ancient words that still ring true today….Marcus Cicero said, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

  260. Pastor Lucado’s position on not promoting nor any political candidate from his pulpit is one that other pastors should seriously consider. It is the right position, the one that Jesus took.
    Donald Trump versus Pope Francis for the President.

  261. Have any of you out there had to fight to save this nation so we could write these kind of comments?? I think not so many of you. Obama and his regime are so far left they are turning this nation into a Russia, China or North Korea. Are any of you ready to stand up or fight to keep Our Democracy? Its time to run the Communist out of office and make all their followers go with them

  262. So Mr. Trump’s claim to be a Christian while engaging in rude and insensitive antics was finally enough for you to break your silence with regard to presidential politics. Glad we finally got there since apparently support for infanticide and homosexual marriage by a Obama, who also claims to be a Christian, was not enough to get you to there.

  263. It seems to me Max according to your standard of being decent, then Jesus wouldn’t have been decent enough for your daughters either. No, he wasn’t running for president but is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    Your article made me go hmm— only because you chose just one person, among the ones who ARE running for president, to shine your spotlight on.

    I can’t vote for Trump but I have trouble with all the others too— it seems to me at one time or another none of them have been decent. What a dilemma we are in— to vote for someone who is and has been 100% decent 100% of the time. I don’t about you Max but that certainly leaves me out and I would say, 100% of the human race, wouldn’t you agree?

  264. Thank you for a very thoughtful way of expressing the truth. But reading the comments here saddens me from people who call themselves “Christian” who don’t care about the truth. The Kingdom they seem most concerned about is “restoring the American Kingdom” to some former greatness and if “Barrabbas” I mean Trump promises to do that, it does not matter if he has no specific plans, “give us Trump”. The Roman empire practiced abortion, sexual depravity, slavery, emperor worship and real tyranny, just to name a few. But how much vitriol and hatred and talk of overthrow and states rights do you find in the new testament ? NONE, its shocking, but the conclusion is that they were not concerned with the present kingdom, Voting is not going to change that there is evil and corruption. By all means vote but don’t think that will bring utopia. Only when Jesus sets up his Kingdom will there be true peace , equality, and justice. The new testament Church new that so instead Paul tells them to pray for there leaders not curse them. Now what I have just said wont be popular but its the truth. Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world(YET) else i would fight.

  265. Thank you for writing the article…this year many lines and unwritten rules have been crossed over for the sake of ‘change.’ I agree that a ‘change’ should take place, but not in the current manner. Unfortunately, a ‘bully’ of business has taken over the field and tapped into people’s fears, anger, and frustration. At first, most folks are frozen and fearful of confronting the ‘bully’ but he only remains that and prevails if folks remain silent.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes is an old tale of an emperor who is vain. He demands that he wants the finest of the suits and guess what he walks around in towards the end? Sad, but the country is dealing/ trying to cope with a modern ‘reality’ of an old tale.

  266. There have been 60 million babies murdered in this country since 1973, and Max Lucado decides to break his silence on American politics to point out that one of the candidates is a lout. Kudos to Mr. Lucado for putting his thumb on the most pressing problem that we’re facing today. Or, perhaps Mr. Lucado would be fine if one of his daughters were dating an abortion doctor, so long as the good doctor was, you know, a “verbally decent” sort of fellow.

    Oh, and as for Mr. Trump. His shenanigans are enough to make one long for the good old days of American politics – like when then-Vice President Thomas Jefferson accused President Adams of having a “hideous hermaphoditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman,” and President Adams responded by calling then-Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.” (See

  267. Mr Max Lucado Thank God you are one of the christians who has enough sense to criticize Donald Trump in a blog. Too many conservative christians are willing to support Donald Trump because he quotes the right scriptures. The brazen comments that Donald Trump is propagating disqualifies him automatically as President of The United States of America. By peoples fruits you will know them. Dear Max Lucado may God strengthen you against possible persecution from people who are attacking you in this blog. You might be angering Satan and Satan might be sending these people against you to persecute you. Satan is Gods primary opponent and he wants to destroy as many peoples lives as possible.

  268. Very true. What does that leave us to vote for? A felon, a socialist, two children, a what I did man, and that clown you talked about. Isn’t this country in terrible shape,
    We already have a numb head as president.

  269. They didn’t come any more decent that Jimmy Carter. He was a terrible president. U. S. Grant may not have been a decent man but he was needed by this country. Patton may or may not have been a decent man but he was an able leader at times of stress. We don’t need someone who wants to date your daughter, we need someone who can make tough decisions at a stressful time.

  270. Good analogy on decency. I see a problem. The office of the president is not a office in which religion belongs. We have thousands of years of history to prove that christian leaders are not any better with power than non christian leaders. Look at what catholics did during dark ages. Power corrupts asbolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I see it this way. Why trump gets the support he does is the simple fact that he as well as most of the folks in this country are tired of what is going on.
    Here we’ve had 8 years of hell under a fella that puts the enemy ahead of his own country. 8 years of punishing the producers of this nation with the siezure of their hard earned wages to give to those who won’t work.
    8 years of the systematic destruction of our labor force, jobs and 8 years of systematically promoting racism using it to divide this nation.
    In all honesty the antichrist couldn’t have done a better job.

    So here comes trump. He voices what everyone is frustrated about albeit it is very crude but then i find most of America has adopted the crude attitudes, i mean by that just listen to any millenial these days using the fword, in language like its normal everyday thing. If i had done such a thing as a young man, my grandpa, dad and every male in my family would have knocked my teeth out if i had uttered such a word in front of women. BUT not today, these days even the women are as crude in language as a veteran sailor.

    But trump gets his point across. He has the know how, experience to turn this country around fiscally. Now as far as internationally, i don’t think he does. Isolationism is not going to work in todays world.

    Then you get to the rest. Carson…Rhino leaning more to socialist. Not a good fit for this country if you wish to build it up again. Rubio another clinton/bush/obama rhino. Kaisch not even sure why he is still in the race he’s just not even as qualified as the present individual (i cannot call him a leader or anything nice), and then theres cruz.
    Cruz might win it only if everyone else drops out and supports him. Cruz is more of what we need but even if he does beat trump he’ll lose to bernie. WHy? Because the GOP continues to hold on to platform of overturning roe v wade, and a host of other things they push. This totally divides the GOP and with division there is never a win.
    Instead of running with a religious platform, go with decency platform, one that gets everyone on board. Otherwise its going to be a loss.

    There are better ways of overturning roe v wade and obamacare and other issues. Roe v wade is a state issue and can be defeated by the states if the people would declare all unborn babies a person. IF that is done then due process would be required to take their life.
    Obamacare can be totally defunded but you cna’t just defund, you have to replace once you defund. SImple solution is to defund, deregulate insurance companies and set up a competition marketplace.

    The last thing i’m going to talk about is the GOP needs to stop sending our sons and daughters into war that isn’t any of our business. We foot the bill, our sons and daughters die, and the rest of the world twiddles for civil wars that aren’t even threatening us. AND if we do get into a war like that, this nonsense of no civilian casualties has got to stop. Send a 12 hour warning, to vacate and whos left gets hit with full force of the dogs of war. Thats the only way to stop the killing. You have to hurt them badly, so much that they will love their children and wives more than they love allah and their 72 virgins.
    Thats my take on it.

  271. Matthew 18:15-17 tells us exactly how we are to handle “judging” other Christians.
    15 “If your brother or sister sins,go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

    If Pastor Lucado has a problem with Trump’s behavior then he should go to Trump himself first before airing his grievance for all to read. It is perfectly fine to write an article about good and bad behavior. It is not ok to write an article about a specific person’s behavior without first going to that person and talking about it. What you have done is wrong according to the very bible you used to try to justify your character assassination of Trump. This isn’t about liking or disliking Trump. This is about doing what the bible commands us to do. To do otherwise shows you are no better than the person you wrote about.

  272. I thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling and praying about daily since the primary elections have begun.

  273. Asking you to please give thoughtful and prayer consideration to re-stating your position. You are correct about decency, but we are not electing a boyfriend or spouse, we are electing a leader for a very powerful position that can also have very a very profound future effect on your daughters and granddaughters. Please note that the election of the Democratic Head Runner can and will also have a profound effect on your daughters and granddaughters. Due to your impact and high following of evangelical people (including myself), please consider clarifying that decency is not the only thing we have at stake here. At the very least, is seems perhaps you could’ve sat down and talked eye to eye with Mr. Trump to learn more about him, his positions, his values. His language and demeanor are not the only things that define him. When you and another well know leader in the Christian community (who was in Michigan for a while) were being attacked by people who didn’t really know you, we defended you whole-heartedly because the ‘attackers’ did not know the entire picture, all of the study and prayer that led you to your stand on positions within the Church.
    In a way, your article stood as an endorsement for the Democratic Front Runner – please ask yourself what all she stands for – even though she has a decent public demeanor. Not a complete Trump advocate, but surely willing to listen to what he has to say and what he is willing to do – underneath all the brashness

  274. I love this post. I do note, however, that while mention has been made of Trump’s history of verbal abuse, nothing was said about the people who have been physically assaulted by his ‘supporters’ at his rallies, often with incitement and/or outright reward from Trump himself. Never mind behaving in a decent fashion. We should start by demanding that he behave in a LEGALLY ACCEPTABLE manner.

    Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and Trump seems bound to overturn it. Assault is covered in the criminal laws of this country at the state level, and he seems to ignore that, too. One expects a certain amount of mudslinging between opponents during an election year, but this level of hatred would lead us back to the Holcene epoch. Though I am not a conservative, I can see that there are much better conservative candidates to vote for — much more civil, honest, and yes, DECENT people.

  275. As a Born Again believer for over 55yrs. My opinion is we must not waste our right to vote by not voting because we know, and I agree, a person has not acted presidential. Please, we must vote the platform represented. As a believer I can not allow my no vote to actually end up being cast towards a party who’s goal is the killing of innocent lives and the abolishing of God’s establishment of one man with one woman. The waighter matters are in the platform not personality or presidential manners of any candidate. Please pastor reconsider. Do not judge by the seeing of the eye nor the hearing of the ear. I will vote for anyone who will choose not to murder anymore children, regardless of crude speech. Have you ever worked with new Christian bikers or just out of prison? It takes time to refine language and manners but if they truly claim Jesus as Lord and savior I must call him brother. I dearly love your writings and have almost every book you have written. I am concerned at you statement that you will not vote if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Then by omission you are voting with the platform which has devastated mothers and their babies and will place more judges on the Supreme Court who will continue to allow the degradation of our nation.

  276. Mr. Lucado,
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful article and for speaking up. I appreciate it even more as you’re such a well-known and regarded Christian author and speaker. I’m appalled at Trump’s level of egotism and rudeness, and childish antics without ever really getting into a serious discussion about the issues. I’m even more saddened that his supporters don’t seem to mind this at all. I have no doubt that if Trump were one of their bosses at work, they’d probably quit. Further, parents try to dissuade this type of behavior in their kids, so why are we tolerating it in a candidate for president?

  277. My comment is not related to the article’s main point, which I do very much appreciate. One thing in the article that struck me as odd, which I didn’t notice getting a mention in the comments so far, is the idea that daughters would be so totally dependent upon their dates’ decency. I’m all for dating decent people, and for caring about the personal decency of the people our children date, but — while recognizing that there is often a very real physical and cultural imbalance of power between men and women — I felt a bit uncomfortable at the portrayal of girls on dates as being totally subject to the behavior, whims, and driving of their male counterparts. I have two sons, but if I ever have a daughter, I hope to teach her (like I’ll teach my sons) to take a stand for herself, make her own decisions, know that she also has agency in relationships, and, of course, to behave with decency and respect. And maybe she’ll even drive on occasion. I’m sure that Mr. Lucado has taught his daughters all this and more, so this isn’t meant as a personal criticism at all — I just believe (whatever our views on headship in marriage) we should be careful in our attitudes towards women and girls. If we portray them as powerless objects, rather than as people with agency, they may behave as such and be more likely to find themselves at the mercy of indecent dates.

  278. No one respects Max Lucado more than me and at face value his article on an appeal for decency in leaders is right and good. But where were the Max Lucados of the broader body of spiritual leaders over the last ten years. I’m sure they were present, and even spoke up, but the impact they left was not measurable, as our country now suffers under a different kind of indecency. Do the majority of evangelicals even have the depth of insight to recognize whether political philosophies are a reflection of Biblical ethic or not? If they did we would have someone different in the White House. If they now suddenly do have such insight then maybe something better will be produced. However, to this end I only see pockets of evidence. I will not vote for Donald Trump in the primary for the very reasons Max points out. However, I don’t trust a whole lot more about Donald Trump relative to things moral, right and good that go past an intolerance for simple decency. However, if the Republicans deliver to us the Donald as their candidate for the general election I will indeed vote for him because he looks a whole lot more decent than the alternative. The biggest test of evangelicals at that moment will be to find the decency to vote.

  279. As one of the many silent voices over the years, Max’s reminder of the importance of DECENCY and how far Donald Trump’s conduct has been fro that ideal motivate me to join in the call for alarm that we might really consider such a man as the President.

    I fear for my beloved country if this kind of blustering, intimidating ,name calling rude fellow were to be chosen to represent a major party much less the nation

    I say please don’t let it be so.Steven

    1. Were Max or you or other leaders saying this 8 years ago. Probably. But without impact on the evangelical community (the sleeping giant).
      I can tolerate Trump’s indecencies much easier than I can the indecency of an entire culture of Evangelicals, who, as a group can’t find the wherewithal to vote or, if they do vote, show little capacity to draw on a Biblical ethic to guide their voting. Trump’s indecencies are not half the threat to our country’s future as the indecencies of culturally irresponsible evangelicals as a whole. So, if Trump was on the ballet and running against him was an entity called the evangelicals, I would vote for Trump. The lesser of two indecencies gets my vote. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.

  280. Yeah I wanted to comment. I say Jesus Christ for President!
    I understand where your coming from but you have to look at the troublesome america is in and with the current president doing nothing about this but more shame to the country! At least Trump is honest when he speaks and is pro life. Obama is pro abortion how horrible that is for America! God will curse the land for murdering the innocent in the womb. Also Obama is for Gun ban, that is an attack on Americans freedoms and the beautiful 2nd amendment. This country needs a drastic change and I think Trump will pull it through make things happen better then the same old corruption that has been going on for decades now with the bush’s, Clinton’s and now Obama’s. No President or runner up is decent unless they are Ben Carson a devout christian. Leaders when you look to them as a savior you will be let down. That is why I am saying Jesus for president! lord and savior for our country!
    2 Chronicles 7:14
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  281. Thank you Max Lucado for inspiring us to strive for decency. I so enjoy your books.

    By the above comments it appears many people have forgotten what the last Repblican administration did.

    Don’t forget a conservative Supreme Court appointed the last Republican president, he was not elected.

    1. They passed a tax bill for the wealthy. When they took office our government had a surplus. They squandered it and caused the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    2. They used trumped up charges of “weapons of mass destruction” to invade Iraq. They went into that war without regard to properly equipping our troops. This disaster created ISIS.
    They did nothing for our wounded veterans despite their photo ops at the DC Military hospitals.

    3. They squandered our taxes in Iraq and gave little attention to Afgahistan who harbored the 7-11 terrorists.

    4. They did nothing to halt illegal immigration which exploded after Ronald Reagans amnesty program encouraged it.

    The list goes on and on but no republican wants t hear it

    The Bush administration left office in disgrace just as Hoover did.

    President Obama inherited a government in shambles.
    Every president since Reagan tried to pass a health care bill. They all failed but Obama succeeded.

    Obama has brought a struggling economy back from virtual failure. Unemployment is at its lowest level.

    His administration has made progress despite a concerted effort to thwart his every move by a racist congress claiming conservatism.

    Hilliary Clinton has the intellect, the experience and backbone to keep this country great.

    Do your homework and you will find, despite the gender factor, her to be the best candidate in this field of clowns that is being presented to us.

    God Bless America.

  282. How decent was it of Moses to kill an Egyptian man? God used him. How decent was it of David to have sex with a soldier’s wife and then have the man killed? God used him. How decent was it of Peter to deny Christ? God used him. He can use anyone.

  283. Never heard of Max Lucado before this blog entry re: Mr. Trump. All I can say is AMEN and THANK YOU for speaking up. Not sure why so many other pastors in this country seem to be going along with the Trump-mania! Let’s continue to pray for each other and this great country!

  284. I still don’t get how he has support of any decent people. When a decent candidate is endorsed by the KKK, the candidate goes on the offensive and condemns not only the endorsement but the racism and bigotry. A decent response to such an endorsement would look something like this:

    “Those of us in public life can only resent the use of our names by those who seek political recognition for the repugnant doctrines of hate they espouse. The politics of racial hatred and religious bigotry practiced by the Klan and others have no place in this country, and are destructive of the values for which America has always stood.” – Ronald Reagan after being endorsed by the KKK in 1984

    Trump’s reactions to such endorsements have often been to retweet them, claim ignorance, and then ‘disavow’ after being pressed by an interviewer. Most statements of ‘disavowing’ include an affirmation that these people have every right to be angry.

    People think that this is some kind of non-pc schtik, which they find refreshing and somehow sincere. If he had any genuine convictions about racism, he could firmly state in his refreshingly non-pc style: “I hate these racists! They can kiss my a**”

    But he chooses not to. He is being hailed as a man who is free to speak his mind, which he does. And his mind lacks the concept of racial equality.

  285. Thanks Max. You just helped elect Hillary Clinton. I wonder how “decent” you will find her policies and her executive and Supreme Court nominees?

  286. Wow. I am not a conservative Christian, and I am fascinated by these comments. Amazed that so many think a President can “protect” America by being a boorish, insulting oaf. Amazed that somehow Trump’s overt, ugly racism gets a pass by so many of you. I am heartened by those of you who are horrified at Trump’s rise. I guess there still are some evangelicals with morals out there. Isn’t there some song that goes “and they’ll know we are Christians by our love?”

  287. Thank you for advocating decency and reminding us of the importance of character and politeness! I’ve lived out of the country for over a decade and I have heard what foreigners from all over the world think of America, its president, its leaders, its politics, and its people. And most of the time, it’s not so great, which concerns me. Which is why I appreciate your understanding of the President as the face of America. He will impact how people view our country and I would like people to view our country with respect. And the likelihood of that will greatly increase if we have a president who acts and speaks with decency.

  288. I am beyond frustrated with Max. Everyone keeps praising him for “sticking his neck out.” Really? I have been looking for him to speak out for a long time? So Trump is the guy that finally gets him to share his political opinions??? Hillary can call herself a Christian and support abortion and partial birth abortion in the same sentence and Max doesn’t say a single word! Hillary can lie through her teeth, putting the country at great risk and Max just sits there writing his books??? Obama called himself a Christian and quotes Scripture just as well as Trump. Hmm, where’s Max? Do you hear the birds chirping??? The elders in his church are busy putting Jimmy Kimmel videos on their Facebook walls with a “Jesus” character making fun of Republicans and cussing. Yes, I’m really thankful for Max sticking out his neck, Philip Yancy. NOT!

  289. I agree with the folks that are wondering if Max Lucado has ever spoken out against Hillary Clinton? Max may not want a Trump character dating his daughters, but I for one don’t want a Hillary for a daughter-in-law. Maybe she’d have an abortion because she lied about something and didn’t want to get caught. Follow where I’m going?

  290. There is a lot of anger in America regarding where our Country is and where we are going. Pastor Max, I love you books and feel that you state some valid points above but maybe your silence as a pastor in our political arena has contributed to this anger we see in our Country. The voice of our church leaders have for the most part been silent for decades and our Country has suffered because of it. I could go on regarding this but I will just leave my thoughts here as I think everyone knows where my point is going.

  291. I wonder who would win the election if all Christians would put aside who they think is best to run this country, and instead ask God who to vote for? 1 Samuel 16:7 … ““Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” Personally, I struggle with on one hand voting for someone to fix the USA to make it better and on the other hand the most likely candidate to help fulfill prophecy to usher us faster to the last days so Christ would come sooner. God Bless this election and His people, please!

  292. THANK YOU!!!!! I know many people have felt the need to respond with additional concerns about policy, parties and political philosophy, and I truly understand. But I am just so grateful for your impeccably clear writing! I am a dance teacher, and I never, ever post anything about politics. But THIS is what I needed to read. I have tried so many times to find the words to express my concern and sadness every time I see or hear this candidate, and you perfectly expressed my thoughts. I have ALWAYS loved your works, and today I am more grateful than ever that you chose to use this beautiful gift God gave you!!!

  293. Will the decent Christian presidential politician please stand up for Christianity? The candidates that we can choose from at this date that can likely win are:Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, Rubio. When has Hillary Clinton stood up for Christian rights? She hugs up to her husband now on tv, but most people do not know that she is a lesbian and the secret service had more trouble with women in the White House than they did with President Clinton during his presidency. Sanders, a Jew, is closer to an agnostic than a Christian. I agree that Trump is indecent and the fruits of his mouth do not love Christian values or Israel. Both Rubio and Cruz say that they support Christian beliefs and Israel, but will either of them have enough support to be the Republican nominee? Cruz and Rubio fight too much amongst themselves to give me a good impression of which of them will make a good Christian president. Thank you for standing against who you will not vote for in 2016. Christian Pastors are not united on this election (or others before now). Liberty University President and Pat Robinson say that they endorse Trump, yet you are against him. When will Christian Pastors unite and lead their sheep on this topic? Sincerely, who do we vote for Pastor Lucado? You are bold enough to say who you will not endorse, but who will you endorse publically?

  294. Wow!!! Really Jesus words in Matt 23 with the seven Woes were not pleasant or decent to the ears but to the point. Jesus said to Peter get behind me Satan Matt 16:23. Not pleasant to hear and decent but words from the Creator’s mouth. Paul used very harsh words to speak his mind. Gal 5:12 As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves! NIV
    Paul himself spoke his mind as he was inspired to write: Phil 3:8
    8 What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ NIV The word rubbish is really harsh in the original language. In fact it would be considered cussing in some groups not decent. Sometimes we need to use words that when taken out of the content of the entire thought that is behind the words we can make anyone out to look bad. Trump is now on the front lines of the dirty games of politics and he wants to clean it up. Romney could have come out swinging in the last general election about Benghazi, the truth was all over the net and it was no video that cause the senseless killings. But he played Mr. Nice guy and he finished last!!!!! So we need a president that will speak his mind and if he is a little rough around the edges that is OK in my book cause Washington is broke and if we vote another politician in office it will be business as usually. If that is what you want then vote for one of the politicians running. Trump may not be the best choice but he at least has a back bone to stand up to the good ole boys. Max go back to writing your books and making your millions with the pleasant and decent words. I will continue to serve a Creator that uses straight talk to make His points. Ezek 23:14-21 the whole chapter is an eye opener but the Creator compared some lewd and crude language to make His point. But most will not even look to the bible to see the Creator’s own words.

  295. The current President, Barack Hussein Obama, has belittled this country and the American people. He calls us racists while blacks are murdering whites and police, Islamophobes when terrorists are murdering Americans, French, British, and continue to cross our southern border in numbers, he attacks our Christian beliefs then lies about being a Christian himself, claims to be a devout Muslim, bows to Saudi princes, genuflects to Chinese leaders, etc. And, we’re worried about Donald Trump calling people names. I was taught that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

    Everything Trump does is calculated. That’s why he’s a smart, rich businessman. His OWN advisors, including his trusted sons and daughter, Ivanka, tell him what he can get away with. And, what he’s getting away with right now resonates with a majority of conservative Americans. Americans have been browbeaten by this administration to the point of were we are now. Americans are fed up, angry, and are not going to take it anymore. Hence, the reason many of them are supporting Trump. The pundits will tell us that Trump doesn’t speak for the Republicans, or conservatives. If that’s so, then why does he continue to win in big numbers and by large percentages.

    People in this country have become too soft, too politically correct, and too tolerant of those who wish them harm.

  296. Max, shut up and vote for him. Otherwise we get Hillary. Who among us is without sin? Jesus isn’t running in 2016. Then look at all the GOP candidates and tell me which one was most like Peter? We better get united behind Trump or divided we will fall!

  297. Max,
    While I am not a huge Trump supporter I will definitely support the GOP’s nomination for the Presidency. Anything that Trump has said (or done for that matter) pales in comparison to what Hillary has said and done. Let’s review:
    1. Whitewater scandal
    2. Travelgate
    3. Attacking Bill’s accusers
    4. Benghazi: Lying to the families of 4 dead Americans. Blaming the attack on a video when she knew the truth. Imprisoning the videographer when she knew the truth. Altering the talking points document to advance the lie and protect her boss during an election cycle. Wiping her server clean (30,000 e-mails lost). Maintaining a private server to avoid FOI act request and enabling the cover up.

    I respect you and your ministry immensely, but I think it’s only fair to point out the very indecent things Hillary has done if you’re going to point out Trumps.

  298. Max,

    Where was your outcry about Obama. He acts like a tyrant and also calls him a Christian. I have been following his presidency and seen how he is systematically dismantling the United States with unconstitutional executive orders, attacking Christianity, perverting the military, all while doing it with a smile on his face. Is your problem with Trump his message or his delivery. He is far from perfect, but you should have had the integrity to call out Obama. Shame on you. Stick to writing books, we don’t need your political commentary.

  299. Was George Bush considered decent when he lied about weapons of mass destruction? Was Clinton decent when he had sex with a child intern? Was JFK decent when he had many illicit affairs that the media buried? Was Reagan and Bush I decent when they traded Iran-Contra? Was Obama decent when he disparages this countries racial make-up? Was Obama decent when he sneers at our police officers while cheering the violent offenders? Nafta, Cafta, and so on have been the political parties “decent” shaft to the American people. And you elites love it.

    Give me a break. I prefer the honest flawed Trump to any dishonest establishment characters you and others have professed for 30 years to be upstanding.

    It is the American people’s choice. Thank God for Trump. Perhaps our American children will have a chance to not become the slaves you want them to be.

  300. Max, I assume now you will write an article about Rubio making personal disparaging remarks about Trump? “You know what they say about guys with small hands?” etc.
    We’re not electing a saint to be the next President. We want someone of competence who doesn’t care if everyone is going to like him. That’s called leadership and America is lacking leaderhip and integrity. No where more than in pulpits ALL across America. I was glad that you wrote about Donald Trump’s claim to be a Christian and never asking for forgiveness. You should have stopped there.

  301. I read a follow up interview that Pastor Lucado did on why he wrote this blog post. In it he sites Cruz and Rubio as people who don’t have to denigrate people to get elected. Wow, I assume that was before the last debate and the recent few days of campaign stops, because both Cruz AND Rubio have been NASTY when it comes to talking about Trump.

    I appreciate a great spritiual leader like Pastor Lucado, but we are NOT electing a Pastor-In-Chief #makeamericagreatagain

  302. Speaking of decency, though, consider Obama saying “the police were stupid” only months after taking over, without making any effort to learn what really happened; Obama saying “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period!”; Hillary lying to the families of the victims of Benghazi; Hillary saying “what difference does it make” when speaking about those dead victims; there are many, many other very disappointing occurrences. I would call all that indecent in the extreme.

  303. Unfortunately, most of the people who liked this article are either Canadian socialists, or Democrats who don’t have a problem with Obama/Clinton and the Democrats killing the unborn, attacking Christian values, demolishing the rights of Christians in America, confirming court justices that undermine everything Christians believe in, unlawful surveillance, or leaving our borders open like a sieve.

    Does any of that activity sound decent to a Christian?

    Max, I am looking forward to your article condemning the deliberate destruction of Christian values by the Democrats, and how Christians everywhere should fight to stop their evil destruction of America. It should be a good read.

  304. Yes Max, who Would you vote for since you have taken to talk politics? With the Left and the Establishment against Cruz (as they are against Trump), do you really think that Cruz can beat Hillary? If so, tell us. I of course do not trust Trump completely, by any means, but Hillary is not only untrustworthy, but she is proven to be deceitful and quite frankly, evil.

  305. There isn’t a really decent candidate up for election other than Ben Carson, in my opinion. Be that as it may, Donald Trump’s irreverence toward the media and political pundits is, to me, refreshing. No, he’s not polite at times, but then again, I want a leader with the ability to be strong in the face of opposition. Unfortunately, I think Mr. Carson is not that much of a strong leader. The main thing is, NONE of the politicians are all that honest, except perhaps Mr. Carson, but then again, isn’t politics much like a crime family?

  306. Woe, our current president has claimed to be a Christian, and has done more in 8 years to undermine the moral fabric of our country than any president before him. Why is Lucado now choosing to throw his hat in the ring and call out a politician. I agree with everything Lucado says. It’s a little late though considering the audacity of the current administration.

  307. I respect your point of view, but we will never have a perfect man (or woman) running for the presidency. I was a democrat from the time I was 18 until last year when I turned 50 and switched to the republican party. Over the past eight years, I’ve watched our “leaders” chip away at the Christian values this country was founded on, and if the democrats stay in power it will continue at a faster pace. I trust that God knows everything that’s going on and that it’s all working according to his plan. I pray every day for his guidance to do my part. However, we are at a time when we have to have a strong, business-minded person in the white house. Donald Trump may not be the perfect Christian, but honestly I have never met anyone who is. People say that Ted Cruz is a godly, Christian man. If so, why he is silent after Glenn Beck says that God planned the death of Antonin Scalia so that Ted could be president? I think Ted believes that as well and I want no part of it.

  308. Max, you hypocrite, stop being judgmental, take the log out of your own eye! As a “Christian,” YOU should be more Christ- like and less judgmental!!! If you want to be a political commentator, be one, if you want to influence the world for Christ, BE the SALT and LIGHT! (Matthew 7:1-6; Eph. 4:29).

  309. For me to say that Donald Trump is NOT a mensch, while perhaps an understatement, is not so much meant as a put-down in this case as it is just an observation or discernment. I do hope, just for the record and Deo volente, that our next president will be a mensch, yet not a tzevua (hipocrit). Of course, regardless of the outcome of this or any other election, by the grace of God my hope will remain in 2 Samuel 7:22; Daniel 2:21; Proverbs 16:33; and Psalm 74:12-17. And by the grace of God my heart and my demeanor will remain consistent with Isaiah 26:8 and Romans 13. – shalom…

    Leo Rosten, author of the lexicon “The Joys of Yiddish”, says a “mensch” is a term that Jews grew up on in their childhood. The Jewish mother frequently told her child “Be A Mensch” . To “Be a Mensch” is the greatest praise and to say to someone that he is not a “Mensch” is the biggest put down. Being a “mensch” is not at all related to success, wealth or social status. A judge can be a slob, a millionaire can be detestable, a professor can be sleazy and a Doctor can be unscrupulous. A Mensch is many things and one simple thing. A mensch does what is right because it is right towards family, towards strangers, at home and in public. When people behave with honesty, integrity, consideration and respect they themselves prosper as does society at large. By spreading mensch-like behavior we can make our society happier, healthier and more successful.

    It is important to understand the difference between being judgmental and discerning truth from error. In Matt. 7:1, the Lord said, “Do not judge lest you be judged.” Then, in verses 2-5 he warns against trying to correct others without first correcting what is wrong in our own lives. If we deal honestly deal with our own hearts, etc., then we have the responsibility to help others. But there is also a warning in verse 6. He said, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine” (vs. 6). How can we know that someone, in their spiritual condition, is like a dog or a pig (i.e., someone who is incapable of appreciating the truth—apathetic, cold, indifferent), unless you judge, discern their character or their spiritual condition?

    The Biblical understanding enunciated by Jesus is rooted in the original meaning of the Greek word ὑποκριταί (hypokritai) which means “stage actors.” At one level it is easy to see how this word has come to mean some one who is phony. For what they claim to be, they really are not, they are just acting a role. But when no one is looking (i.e. the audience is gone) they revert to their true self, which is some one quite different. But Jesus in his teaching here develops the understanding far more richly that shows how sad and poignant hypocrisy is, what its origin is and how it can be overcome.

    1. “But Jesus in his teaching here develops the understanding far more richly that shows how sad and poignant hypocrisy is, what its origin is and how it can be overcome.”

      We ALL could take a lesson on how it can be overcome— in my opinion. 🙂

  310. The most glaring observation about Trump’s lack of decency: It’s a reflection of the American Populace. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  311. Where was Max when Barack Hussein Obama claimed to be a Christian on the campaign trail?

    When did Max question Obama’s faith after said president promoted sodomy, late-term abortion and cultural Marxism?

    I submit to you that “Christians” who remain silent in the face of evil are the most indecent humans of all.

    1. I respectfully submit back to you to exercise caution when offering “blanket” statements like this. Let’s not forget that in Matthew 26:63 and Mark 14:61 Jesus remained silent.

  312. I urge you all to read Ian Kershaw’s bestseller, Hitler-1889-1936-Hubris.
    Donald Trump is a master manipulator just as Adolf was, and is using people for his own ends. He is appealing to their fears and what they view as a changing world that they have no control over. Remember that Hitler promised the German people that he would make Germany “great again and rid it of ignorant immigrants.” I’ve lived longer than most who have posted here, and it saddens me as a life long conservative to see how little people have learned from the past. Vote if you want, for a crude, manipulative, racist, draft dodger, serial adulterer who promises pie in the sky, and suggest that we kill the families of our enemies, but also remember what your grandmothers and grandfathers told you or should have told you, “You reap what you sow.”

  313. While I share many of your comments, we the people have accepted bad behavior by our politicians and our politicians have exploited us to get our votes. Mr. Trump and most other politicians (except Ben Carson and John Kasaick) are employing a “Decent” and positive campaign, yet they both are tracking at the bottom of the polls. Indeed the politicians we select are a reflection of our society and we the people allowed our moral values to be reduced over the past 20 years and allowed our politicians to sharply increase the size of our government, to the extent that more than 40% of our population is now dependent on Government. This has all happened under our watch, in which WE THE PEOPLE allow ourselves to be mislead and persuaded by misleading politicians and their PACS and Special Interests to change the fabric of our country. Unless a powerful grass roots movement is established to change our direction, we are doomed to continue down this path. Fortunately if we trust in our Lord and ask him to take control of our movement, we CAN alter the direction. The best vehicle is our church and our beliefs in Jesus Christ.

  314. Hiding behind God told me— doesn’t cut it any more. People have caught on to that tactic and don’t like it when anyone hides behind those words.

    Shining the light on just one person “Trump” clearly Max— you ended up shining a bigger light on yourself in my opinion.

    In your own words, “I really look up to Mike Huckabee. I look up to Ted Cruz. I’ve never met Marco Rubio but he seems like a phenomenal guy. I’ve had a luncheon with Ben Carson.”

    Maybe you haven’t heard what Rubio said about Trump after you called him a phenomenal guy— or the dirty tricks of Cruz, wouldn’t you say that was is not very decent? How can anyone say a person is phenomenal when they don’t know a them? I’m scratching my head here on that one.

    I’ve been thinking about this for the last several days— you say you don’t like conflict, I think YOU started the conflict when you only pointed out the flaws in just one person— again only my opinion. I still don’t understand your reasoning, it seems the decent thing would have been to write about them all— the democrats and republicans— again only my opinion— not a thus saith the Lord.

    Again, I agree we need to hold our candidates accountable but that also goes for authors too— that would only be the decent thing to do in my opinion.

    Wow, reading back over this— I sound pretty opinionated and have come to the conclusion you were just sharing your opinion too Max— that I can accep, because everyone is entitled to their opinion— in my opinion. Hope you get my point. 🙂

  315. Max – I am a retired UMC Pastor and liberal even my UMC standards :-). I have read your works through out all of my professional ministry and thank you for the thought provoked within my mind and soul. I know that you did not start the conflict in any way shape or form. I will continue to pray for our nation and it’s leadersship I will not surrender to the status quo we see and have seen for far too long. Seems to me that is the least and the greatest I can do!

  316. I’m dyslexic, so my spelling is not so good and I have to read the comments many times to comprehend what people are saying.

    I just noticed today that at the end of Max’s article is this:

    So Max— are you trying to tell us you couldn’t find anything and I mean anything on the other candidates? That is not decent in my opinion!

  317. Love you Max – but this speaking out really makes me scratch my head. I read it to mean that decency means more to you than policy when it comes to a president. You’re quiet as we enter into wars that shouldn’t have happened, when we make abortion the law of the land and when we open our borders hurting the American worker, but a candidate calls someone “stupid” and you pick up your pen? Mr. Trump is using tactics that makes our culture stand up and listen – look at the results he is getting. I wish our culture was different – but it is not – just watch TV or read comments on social networks to see how people think and act. I’m voting for Trump because I know where he stands on the issues, is not a puppet for his donors and has the drive to get things done – something we have not seen in our government in years. He can call me stupid all he wants – I have been stupid for putting the do-nothings in office over the past 20 years.

  318. Lesser Of Two Evils
    Genesis 37:17-28
    Twice in this passage, we see the brothers choosing the lesser of two evils. When they first had to choose between killing Joseph outright or throwing him into the cistern, they chose the lesser of two evils. When they had to choose between leaving him in the cistern or selling him to slaves, they chose the lesser of two evils. When faced with a choice that is obviously wrong, it can sometimes be easy to choose an option that seems a little bit less wrong at the time. Obviously the brothers knew that killing Joseph was wrong. They knew they would feel guilty if they sinned in this way, so when a slightly less repulsive option came along, they jumped at it. The problem in this thinking is that even when you choose the lesser of two evils, you are still choosing evil. While “the lesser of two evils” is a catchy phrase which makes for a nice excuse, the fact is there really are not degrees of evil. The way God sees it (and the way we should see it too) there is only good and evil. When we make choices, we either make a good choice or an evil choice. There is no middle ground or grey area when it comes to good vs. evil. Just as we cannot half-heartedly decide to follow Jesus, we cannot choose an option that is inherently evil and then justify our choice by deciding it is less evil than the alternatives. When we are faced with two options, our first question should be to test whether or not either option is good and right. If neither of our options appears to be the right thing to do, we must keep searching for more options. God will never allow us to be faced with a situation where there is not a “good” path to take. Sometimes, though, we may have to spend some time in prayer to find that option and avoid choosing the lesser of two evils.
    “The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I cannot support evil.”

    We’ve become “politically savvy” Christians who know how to play the game to win! And just look at all of the “winning” we’ve experienced with this approach: We murder roughly a million innocent children each year, mostly for convenience; we tax young workers to support the Ponzi scheme of all Ponzi schemes in the form of ever expanding and long-known-to-be-unsustainable entitlement programs; we are on the cusp of formally exalting homosexuality – which God hates – as a legitimate and honorable “lifestyle”, and we are witnessing at this very moment our comically unbiblical and unconstitutional statist system make its final, lumbering lunge toward much more formally tyrannical approaches in every realm given up to its dominion.
    It is this idol, in various incarnations, that has been used very effectively and for a very long time by the enemy. In our embrace of this idol, we have abandoned our duty to truth and its Author and we have surrendered our one and only supernatural hope of actually winning “the culture war” or any other conflict of consequence. American Christians now fiercely believe and vigorously campaign for the “lesser” evil, and, in doing so, we do exactly that for which the greatest evil hopes. American Christians now fiercely believe and vigorously campaign for the “lesser” evil, and, in doing so, we do exactly that for which the greatest evil hopes. After all, if it’s not hard to imagine how pleased the enemy might be at the prospect of directing his enemy’s future by simply presenting multiple evils from which that supposed “good guy” preemptively agrees to choose, then how much more so should we understand the very real delight of Satan at the prospect of manipulating America’s professing Christians in precisely the same manner?

    Apparently, all the devil need do is hold out a Trump, Rubio, or Cruz or a Clinton or a Sanders in his left hand whenever he desires for American Christians to select whatever and whomever he chooses to offer up in his right. And professing Christians in America have, for quite some time now, been all too happy to play along. We just seem to love dancing to the “less evil” tune, no matter how obviously unbiblical it is or how much wreckage accumulates in its ever-lengthening, ever-widening, and ever-deepening wake. The Christian response to the political question, “Why choose the lesser evil?” should not be an explanation as to why said lesser evil should be chosen. The Christian response to this biblically ridiculous question should be something along the lines of:

    Why choose any evil?

    Or, as Charles Spurgeon famously and wisely recommended: “Of two evils, choose neither.”

    Those of us who are Christians have been bought with a price. We are His slaves where once we were slaves to sin. Our breaths, our heartbeats, our actions and our votes are His property. We will answer to Him for how we spend every one of them.

    This is the blessed reality that should inform our every thought and action, and this is the only hope that we have as we consider our calling and placement in a culture so vividly aligned with that described in the book of Romans:

    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

    Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served thecreature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

    For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

  319. Thank you Mr. Lucado for being REAL and accurately expressing my concern and embarrassment concerning Mr Trump’s behavior. I cannot endorse anyone who only verbalizes in hurtful and demeaning ways, even if its part of a campaign to garner as much media attention as possible so the anger some folks feel towards Washington’s politics will help gain the presidency. And I am even more concerned that we Evangelicals are not calling Mr Trump out about this and are accepting this type of behavior, just because we want a Republican in office. Beware of wolves in sheepskins and those who will change political parties, opinions and friends just so they can gain power and achieve what they want. I think this wolf is smarter than we have given him credit for and if he’s elected, could possibly be a forerunner of something or someone will all expect to happen in our lifetimes.

  320. Mr. Lucado, where have your comments been regarding decency for this current administration? The fact that you have been silent except for telling your congregation not to “Freak Out” about the 2012 election and for the church to basically stay out of the arena of politics. (The Christian Post, 2012 ) And to now use your pulpit to schill for the Hometown Texas candidate causes me to question several things. BTW, I like Ted Cruz ( there will be 2 names on the ticket). however, the cannibalism that is taking place right now is tantamount to bullying (the whole you can’t be a Christian and vote for Trump thing). In the Gospels, Jesus had one word for such behavior -WOE! But there is one part of the article I agree with; God using Cyrus (Isaiah 45) as this will be the 45th president. The Lord has said that there is a Cyrus anointing on Donald Trump. You prophesied Donald Trump ‘s election so, in that, Thank you. @lancewallnau #7munderground #twoonaticket

  321. “And I am even more concerned that we Evangelicals are not calling Mr Trump out about this and are accepting this type of behavior, just because we want a Republican in office.”

    There were plenty of Christians calling out Trump on his behavior before Max ever thought of writing his article.

    So I suppose you will stay home and not vote— so who do you think will end up being president of the United States?

    There are plenty of Christians gleefully wanting for God to judge America and he just might— but in his judgment is always mercy.

  322. i will vote for trump it will be better than the last 7 years.that our current president l.he is a bully an does not have any guts to stand up to the bullies of this can you buy insurance when you have not got a job.we better hope we get a a strong president because we cant go through another 8 years under the democrat leadership.

  323. A vote for Trump is a vote for America. A vote against Trump is a vote for the dissolution of America. Who cares about decency.

  324. I’m voting Trump because he’s the candidate most likely to drive the moneychangers out of the national temple with a bullwhip!

  325. Thank you Mr. Lucado!! Pray for America! This man is an anti-Christ…looks like the answer, but is not the Truth.

  326. And this theology is why we had to endure 8 years of the worst presidency ever! We Christian conservatives refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon, and God knows “Mormons aren’t Christians!” When will the silent majority wake up and realize that the Messiah came 2016 years ago! Until He returns, we need to vote for the person who has the best interest of our country (founded on Christian principles) at heart, regardless of his history/background. He who is without sin, throw the first stone.

  327. Brother Max, I am grateful for your post. I wish all of the comments met the same level of decency that you reference. I honestly hope you don’t read all of them. I know the more I read the more saddened I felt. Thank you for the courage to make this post. I pray that God is heard through it.

  328. Thank you for these words and this tone. Someone posted a link to this on Facebook, and when I read the headline “Max Lucado Broke Political Silence for Trump” I physically flinched. How weird is that? I know I’m heartsick about the ugly rhetoric swirling in the air right now, and mystified by Christians in and out of leadership who are endorsing it. But I hadn’t realized until that physical reaction to that headline that I was thinking “Dear God, no. Please not Max Lucado too. I respected him so much.” I almost couldn’t read the article, but glad I did and found that you are still leading with a Christlike voice.Thank you. Thank you. For remaining a Christlike voice. I pray for you. And for all of us. God help us.

  329. I respect Max. I do. But I have a question for him. Our current president has no decency at all. He has continuously supported abortion, same sex marriage, has flown around the world pushing same sex marriage, denies Christians their rights and yet; calls himself a CHRISTIAN!

    So my questions is this. Why would you not have written such a blog post about Obama?

    I agree that Donald Trump has some off color aspects. But do we not all? Who of us are without sin? With that said; I agree that he is mouthy and yes sometimes even vulgar. But I also believe that he is the ONLY ONE who truly does actually CARE about the Christian in this nation.

    Cruz, no matter how much he may say he is a Christian is still a career politician. And that alone is enough for me to say NO! Not for me.

    I am a true believer that God can use anyone to change the course of a nation. Anyone!

    And right now; what we need is a leader who is not AFRAID, PAID OFF, INDEBTED TO SUPPORTERS and who has the courage to STAND UP and SAY….NO MORE!!!!!

    As a Christian, let us look back at the Bible for some of the greatest leaders of Israel.

    David ? Liar, adulterer, pre medicated murderer? Yet, God still said he was a man after God’s own heart.

    Was David more evil or good in God’s eyes?

    Solomon? The wisest man who ever lived! Yet, he worshiped ever form of idol under the sun. Until the end when he saw it was worthless and God alone was all that was needed.

    Saul? The first king. Chosen by God. Look where he wound up?

    And then although not a King; Saul who became PAUL!

    Would we as followers of Christ considered Saul a good candidate?

    NO! But look at the power Paul had to change the world?

    I am all for Donald Trump. I believe God will use him to change the course of our nation.

    Why? Because Donald Trump is not a man who will accept defeat or failure easily.

    So; we wait. And see.

    But as for this blog coming out now; it is about 8 years too late.


  330. Mr. Lucado,

    Pls furnish a link to a similar article you’ve authored about our current president Obama. Based on the text in your article above, even though i may have missed it, it seems certain you’ve written one about Obama who claims to be a christian but is pro choice (abortion), does not call homosexuality a sin ( is pro homosexual), seems to pander to the muslim community and rebukes christianity. he calls himself a christian. If you’ve written that article, pls furnish a link. If not, why have you authored an article about Trump and not Obama? I’m not for the trump antics, but if you’ve NOT authored an article criticizing obama’s claim to christianity, frankly, i’m dumbfounded. I am really interested in your reply to my comment. I’ve known about your for years, read some of your books, and you have a good reputation in the christian community. However, it would bother me to find out you’re critical of one man and not another for the very same thing. I just don’t understand. is there more? thank you for reading.

    Believer in Yeshua Jesus.

    1. Brian,

      Lucado is described as being a “gifted storyteller” and having the “heart of a pastor” with a “poet’s pen”, or something to that effect. Now, grab a Strong’s Concordance and look up “storyteller”. You might also look up “itching ears”. Do you see where this is going? Lucado comforts people with stories and talk of “decency”, which is all very comfortable. If he were in the place of John the Baptist, he would not condemn Herod for adultery, because that would be straying into politics. He might possibly accost Herodias’ daughter for dancing.

  331. All of the candidates running for President are guilty of what you are accusing Mr. Donald Trump of. I’m sure you have individual’s within your inner circle who are doing the same thing. Put you bias in check and treat everyone equally. At least be fair during your 5 minutes of fame, I’m sure your Fox News air time could have been better spent on issues that really matter ie ISIS, the homeless, jobs and the economy.

  332. I am a Jesus Christ follower and I do not believe that telling the nation that you will not vote if Donald Trump is the nominee helps America!!!!!! We have to have a republican in the White House. It does not help to be divided and that is not helpful at all.

  333. Max,Max….

    If you want to be upset with things the way they are ‘do not’ vent your anger on one individual. Why this whole illusion,parade whatever you would like to call it is just that.

    If you want to be little (as that is what you have done above yet avoiding that you just did it yourself) try doing it to the whole bunch as is it not Hillary who should already be impeached yet up and running for a pres.?

    And by the way Max,just how do you expect any type of honest and fair change for all? After all this is not in God’s plan for this world or Revelations would not have been the completion of the good book. Don’t set your roots here as this is not our eternal home. Meaning do not let the problems of today cause you to stumble in your own faith as one could very well miss the promise by doing so. And that’s Jesus and his promise as he has gone to prepare a home for us so let’s all try to live up to the bridegrooms ways.

  334. Funny Max how you and the religious right found previous Republicans to be decent. Was it decent for the VP to say ‘eff off’ to a congressman? Yet you support the re-election. Is it decent to run a push poll in S. Carolina to make it sound like McCain had fathered his adopted daughter out of wed lock? Bet you voted for Bush.
    Trump has exposed is the hypocrisy of the religious right and it’s leaders who said to themselves “God will never notice” Psalm 10:11.

  335. Dear Pastor , I agree with every thing you have said, my hopes are for someone else to be president, but I must ask you,; never in our history has a more indecent president sat in the Oval Office, who has lied and contradicted his professed Christian Faith. From abortion to the sanctity of marriage, and the outright promotion of Islam, the forsaking of Israel, turning a blind to the genocide of believers, and has gutted our national morality more than any president before him in nationalizing gay marriage and free for all abortion. Paid for by the government. I’ve not heard you say a word , why the moral out rage now? The Tsunami has already hit and is still moving and your warning of maybe one in the future? Appreciate you and all you do and thank God for you, God bless. I just find your outrage, not misplaced but very late,

    1. William,

      Lucado is described as being a “gifted storyteller” and having the “heart of a pastor” with a “poet’s pen”, or something to that effect. Now, grab a Strong’s Concordance and look up “storyteller”. You might also look up “itching ears”. Do you see where this is going? Lucado comforts people with stories and talk of “decency”, which is all very comfortable. If he were in the place of John the Baptist, he would not condemn Herod for adultery, because that would be straying into politics. He might possibly accost Herodias’ daughter for dancing.

      The outrage isn’t “very late,” it’s entirely misdirected. I don’t know why this man is sought for moral advice in the first place – he is literally a story teller, with a degree in Mass Communication. He does have a Bible degree, which I believe took him 2 years to obtain. And he did pastor a Church of Christ, which broke from its own hierarchy to form yet another off shoot from and off shoot from an off shoot, etc.

  336. “We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics? Could concerns not be raised about other Christian candidates? Absolutely. But the concern of this article is not policy, but tone and decorum.”

    I have an idea. Perhaps “we” should stand against grave sin. This is the reason Catholics categorize sin. Some sin is venial – which involves tone and decorum – while other sin is mortal -which involves killing innocent babies in the womb.

    Mr. Lucado, your criticism against Trump is not only misguided, it is cheap.

  337. I was just searching for this info for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your website. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative websites in top of the list. Normally the top web sites are full of garbage.

  338. Thank you Pastor Lucado. I consider myself a Christian, but stopped going to churches in the late 80’s as evangelicals enthusiastically allowed their churches to become nothing more than Political Action Committees. Since then, I have become increasingly frightened by “the evangelical movement” and its leaders who appear to be all about power and nothing about Jesus, especially at a time when we need Him most. After reading many of these responses to you, I’m even more afraid of these people. Nonetheless, I am so glad that you continue to share your self, your faith, and your wisdom because so many Christians, like me, can access your writing and sermons online.

  339. Politics is rude, also lowdown, and crude, politicians are part of the reason our country is in the shape it is in now, Our military is the reason we are still a free country, and they do it by “might and right” God has blessed the United States of America from the moment, and even before it was made a republic, and even during our many wars, which incidentally, keep our country free. We the people are the arteries, vessels and circulatory system of the whole country. The politicians and the media have undermined the morality, the freedoms, and the invincibility of our country, we now have a disease, and God seems to be telling us it will run it’s course. Vulgarity is rampant, we have allowed that. immorality is rampant,,we have allowed that. Common inappropriate acts and words are rampant in all the media modes, we allow that. Why have the pastors, leaders, moral stalwarts of our country not stepped in before now. I’ll tell you why, it is inconvenient to always be on a rampage against something. But I will tell you this, Jesus first act when coming into Jerusalem was to go into a rage against the corruption in the temple. Fierce and menacing he was. But he got that point across. But then guess what. He became their enemy. None of the clergy in this country would ever do anything to “upset the apple cart” like Jesus did. That would make them an enemy. Who wants that? So we have become a country of complacent “stuffed shirts” that are too sophisticated and civilized to “do anything about what is really wrong with our country. It’s got nothing to, do with the present presidential race. We were a moral “rotten apple” country long before this.

  340. I thank God in heaven that there’s still men of God-fearing integrity like Max Lucado. My heart is shredded by reading some of these responses. As the Bible warned, a darkness is covering the eyes of many who claim to be followers and even the elect. Thank you Mr. Lucado, for your obedience to the conviction you had to share these thoughts. Those who were intended to hear, will hear and you will be blessed for your faithfulness.

  341. Excellent article Mr. Lucado. I read some of the comments and I am yet amazed at the disgruntled opinions. Eventually, someone will claim that President Obama is the cause of the sun not rising. But, on to the more important issue. God answers every question and every situation in His word. In 1 Samuel 8, Yahweh, our God and heavenly Father, told the people that He would be their king. The children of Israel did not want Him to be their God because they wanted “a king like the gentiles–i.e. non jewish people…THATS US. More so, God told them that the ‘gentile’ king would take their children, etc. Well so it is today.

    As Mr. Lucado said, I do not personally know Mr. Trump. But, “from his own mouth” he has announced to the world that he is a fool, a bigot, believes in the power of his wealth in that “he said” he would buy the election if necessary, and so on and so on. God said a fool is known by what comes out of their mouth, Eccles. 5:3, and Proverbs 12:16, and probably a hundred more scriptures to this effect.

    Trump has made it clear that he is a “fool.” And, like the children of Israel who wanted an UNGODLY king to rule them, so shall it be for America if people actually vote Trump in as president. May God help us if this happens.

  342. Wow! Where were you when Donald Trump announced his candidacy last year? I too am a father of two daughters and I am more concerned about the future of our country than critiquing Donald Trump’s campaign style. So you comment at this late hour about decency? Hhmmm. Let’s see, Hillary Clinton is running to maintain the status quo: abortion, Benghazi attack unanswered, Christians beheaded and drowned, ISIS unchallenged, liberal Supreme Court nominees, Top Secret information criminally placed on her private server, etc. Remember Hillary ran the 1990s White House Bimbo Eruptions unit challenging all women’s credibility when they accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. Also, Bill Clinton would be the “First Man” back in the White House after the late 1990s oral sex affair with Monica Lewinsky. Are you explaining Clinton indecent behavior to your daughters? Where is the decency outrage against the Clintons?

    Senator Ted Cruz immorally plays political games in Iowa with Dr. Ben Carson. Ted Cruz is very late to condemn MoveOn radical rioters in Chicago that throw rocks at Trump supporters and break Trump supporter car windows. Ted Cruz fails to condemn a SuperPac in Utah posting a picture of Mr. Trump’s wife, instead blaming Mr. Trump for standing by to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz and her Goldman Sach’s improper business. Where is the discussion on decency about Ted Cruz?

    Looks like a lot of 9th inning Christian judgment and legalistic score card directed specifically at Donald Trump’s behavior. How disappointing our Christian leaders continue to miss the big picture. Even Franklin Graham recently left the Republican party when the Republicans failed to unfund Planned Parenthood, who sold body parts from abortions. Franklin explains that only God can fix America. He reminded us that his father, Billy Graham, used to advocate for pastors to discuss political candidates and where they stood on the issues (in church). Our churches have become too politically correct and fail to call evil, evil any more.

    Donald Trump swept the southern bible belt from Louisiana to Georgia with many more Evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump over Ted Cruz. Are this many Christians misled or are they seeing a Donald Trump candidate that shows strong potential to lead this nation?

    Donald Trump leads in delegates and votes. That is called winning. He has an appeal across Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Please refocus on the big picture. Your daughters, probably like mine, are intelligent and can separate the wheat from the chaff. God bless!

  343. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  344. I am taken aback a little by this political commentary. It is laid out as a decency article, in which there are some positive things said. But then it turns political by naming a candidate. That is too bad and a little disappointing. We have had almost 8 years of a president who claims to be a christian and he has consistently lied to the American people, but no mention is made of that. The other party’s leading political candidate, who has also claimed to be a Christian, has more scandals than I can count on two hands and has consistently lied, take the Bengazi tradegy for example. Yet, no mention of this candiate. Again a seemingly double standard by the author.
    If I have a choice only between a liar or someone who is just rude to be president, I will pick the rude person. I am not condoning the talk of the candidate in question, but lets be reasonable and FAIR. To me, since there was no mention of the other candidates lack of integrity, this smacks of political bias and again, disappointing coming from a “Christian” organization.

  345. The saddest thing about Donald Trump is not his antics, but rather the fact many declared Christians are supporting him. I don’t know if God has placed blinders on the eyes of His church or if this is really an unpleasant revelation that church membership and following Christ may not be similar paths these days. If Trump wins the Republican nomination, it will largely be due to those who claim to be of “the faith”. Who knows what the ultimate vote will deliver but I for one believe Donald Trump can be an equally as dangerous president as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Bottom line, if Trump wins, America loses.

  346. We are not electing a Sunday School Teacher! Yea, sure, I wish he would clean it up, but by your logic we would have more of Jimmy Carter. Trump is not ashamed to be called a Christian. He is the only one who claims a policy of defending Christianity. He asks people to pray for him. He has many pastors of diverse backgrounds backing him. God has chosen coarse believers and even unbelievers who became believers throughout history to help his people. Get on board and support someone who will fight for us and not worry about being politically correct and maybe we can stop being steamrolled by the secular humanists.

    1. I’m not looking for a Sunday School Teacher but I am looking for someone with a discernible morale compass. Trump doesn’t mind being called a Christian but in the same breath will tell you he’s never asked God for forgiveness. Understand, Trump is an opportunist and he will say whatever he believes his crowds want to hear. Of course we’ve all heard, he “loves us”. He claims to be the biggest supporter of Jews and he points to donations he’s given and how he was honored as a Grand Marshall in a parade. The problem is, he’s clearly told us why he donates money. It’s to buy influence, otherwise, he’d have to admit he’s the biggest supporter of Democrats if donations equal support.

      I don’t know what the future holds but I will say that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, flag this post and check back in two years. We’ll either have one of the Democrats in the office, and it doesn’t take much imagination to grasp the problems our country will experience morally, socially and economically; or we’ll have a President Trump who will likely be facing impeachment or recall from both parties.

  347. Hello, you used to write wonderful, but the last several posts have been kinda boringK I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

  348. This was a wonderful post. Very sad to see that much of the Republican party has ignored the wisdom here. I don’t know who to vote for, but I know I cannot vote for Donald Trump.

    P.S. I love your books! “You Are Special” has an amazingly powerful message. Thank you so much, Max!

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