Israel Tour Messages – April 2014

Dear friends,

It’ now been nearly 6 months since our memorable trip together to Israel. We find my ears alert to the news, visualizing the people and country as never before. Probably, like ours, your prayers have become more fervent for those who currently visit and dwell in the Holy Land.

Many of you have asked…and waited patiently…for us to provide Max’s messages that were recorded during our tour. My apologies for the delay in getting them out to you. It’s been a process, but here they are! Not perfect, of course, but we are excited to be able to provide audio from most of the sessions. If you listen again, we hope they bring a fresh blessing and rekindle your memories of our time together. Blessings till we meet again!

Your friends at UpWords Ministries

Please bear in mind, these are links to mp3 files on our media server; downloading may vary depending on your computer or device.

1) Opening Message – Welcome to Israel (Tel Aviv)

2) Caesarea by the Sea – Open Doors, Open Hearts

3) Evening Reflections – Everything Changes When You Invite Jesus Into Your Boat

4) Mt. of Beatitudes – The Affluent Poor, Pt. 1

5) Mt. of Beatitudes – The Affluent Poor, Pt. 2

6) Sea of Galilee – I’m Sinking Fast

7) Bet Shaan/Jordan River – The Day Christ Stepped in for You

8) The Temple Steps – Jesus, The Only One and Only