A Change in Our Nature - January 15, 2016

My dog Molly couldn’t be a sweeter mutt. She sees every person as a friend and every day as a holiday. I have no problem with Molly’s attitude. I have a problem with her habits. Eating scraps out of the trash. Licking dirty plates in the dishwasher. What kind of behavior is that? It’s dog behavior!

Here’s my idea: a me-to-her transfusion. I want to deposit in her a kernel of human character. As it grows, will she not change? You think the plan is crazy? What I’d like to do with Molly, God does with us. He changes our nature from the inside out. God doesn’t send us to obedience school to learn new habits; he deposits a new heart–his heart–within us. Forget training; he gives transplants!

From Next Door Savior