A Choice to Obey - March 10, 2023

I’ve got a few questions for Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. And my first would be about Bethlehem. I see Joseph animated, pacing. Head shaking one minute, fist shaking the next. This isn’t what he had in mind. I wonder what he said that night in Bethlehem?

You’ve stood where Joseph stood. You’ve done what God told you to do only to wonder if it was God speaking in the first place. And you’ve asked what Joseph asked. You’ve asked if you’re still on the right road.

If you’re asking what Joseph asked, can I urge you to do what Joseph did? Obey. Just like Joseph, your task is to see that Jesus is brought into part of your world. And just like Joseph, you have a choice: to obey or disobey. Because Joseph obeyed, God used him to change the world. Can he do the same with you?