A Common Savior - January 24, 2023

Walls separated Philip from the eunuch. The Ethiopian was dark skinned; Philip was light. The official hailed from Africa; Philip grew up nearby. The traveler was rich enough to travel. Philip was a simple refugee, banished from Jerusalem. Philip was the father of four girls. The official was a eunuch.

But Philip “preached Jesus to him…And the eunuch said,…“What hinders me from being baptized?’” (Acts 8:35-36 NKJV). Philip, charter member of the bigotry-demolition team, invited, “If you believe with all your heart, you may” (v. 37). Next thing you know, the eunuch is stepping out of the baptism waters, and the church has her first non-Jewish convert.

The cross of Christ creates a new people, a people unhindered by skin color or family feud. A new citizenry, based not on common ancestry or geography, but on a common Savior.