A Friend Is Waiting - November 16, 2020

Hebrews 10:12 says, “After he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, [he] sat down at the right hand of God.” Of course Jesus sat down. All that needed to be done had been done. Why don’t you receive this great miracle of mercy? Let the grace of God flow over you like a cleansing cascade, flushing out all dregs of guilt and shame. Friend, nothing separates you from God. Your conscience may accuse you, but God accepts you. Others may dredge up your past, but God doesn’t. As far as he is concerned, the work is once-and-for-all-time finished.

Keep running the race. And, as you run, be assured a friend is waiting for you at the finish line.  When you cross it, he’ll catch you in his arms. Don’t be surprised if he says again what he said then: “It is finished.” Remember, friend, you are never alone.