A Holy Invitation - August 24, 2023

For some, the service of communion is a sleepy hour in which wafers are eaten, juice is taken, and the soul never stirs. It wasn’t intended to be as such.

In Matthew’s account of the Last Supper one incredible truth surfaces: Jesus is the person behind it all. He selected the place, designated the time, and set the meal in order. And at the Supper Jesus is not the served, but the servant. It is Jesus who put on the garb of a servant and washed the disciples’ feet. Jesus is not portrayed as one who reclines and receives, but as the one who stands and gives.

He still does. The Lord’s Supper is a gift to you. The Lord’s Supper is a holy invitation. A sacred sacrament bidding you to leave the chores of life and enter his splendor. He meets you at the table.