A Key Question - October 25, 2018

How far do you want God to go in getting your attention?  Don’t answer too quickly.  Give it some thought.  God does what it takes to get our attention. Isn’t that the message of the Bible?  The relentless pursuit of God.  God is as creative as he is relentless.  The same hand that set the children of Israel free from Egypt also sent them captive to Babylon.  Both kind and stern.  Faithfully firm.  Patiently urgent. Eagerly tolerant.  Softly shouting.  Gentle thunder.

God will whisper.  He will shout.  He will touch and tug.  He will take away our burdens; he’ll even take away our blessings.  His goal is not to make you happy.  His goal is to make you HIS.  If there are a thousand steps between us and him, he’ll take all but one.  But he will leave the final one for us.  The choice is ours!

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