A Man Named Lazarus - November 4, 2020

“A man named Lazarus was sick. He lived in Bethany with his sisters, Mary and Martha…So the two sisters sent a message to Jesus telling him, ‘Lord, your dear friend is very sick’” (John 11:1, 3 NLT). Lazarus was a real person with a real problem—he was sick. But he had Someone going for him. Others were fans of Christ; Lazarus was friends with him.

So the sisters of Lazarus simply wrapped their concern in a sentence, and and they left it with Jesus. They did not tell him how to respond. No presumption. A lesson for us perhaps? Christ responded to the crisis of health with a promise of help. “‘Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death.’” (John 11:4 NLT). Lazarus, we learn, will find himself in the valley of death, but he will not stay there. Because Christ was with him. Remember, friends, you are never alone.