A New Song - June 10, 2016

What do we say about someone who claims to be a Christian yet behaves like anything but one.  God places a song in the hearts of his saved children. Some sing this song loud and long every single day of their lives. In other cases the song falls silent. Life’s hurts and happenings mute the music within. Long seasons pass in which God’s song is not sung.

The truth is, we don’t always know if someone has trusted God’s grace. A person may have feigned belief but not meant it. Whether or not someone’s faith is real isn’t ours to know. But we do know this: where there is genuine conversion, there is eternal salvation. Our task is to trust God’s ability to call his children home. We join God as he walks among his wayward and wounded children, singing.  Eventually his own will hear his voice, and something within them will awaken. And when it does, they will begin to sing again.

From God is With You Every Day