A Plea for Mercy - November 15, 2018

What of those who die with no faith?  My husband never prayed.  My grandpa never worshiped.  And, so we ask, “What about the one who never believed?” How do we know he or she didn’t?  Who among us is privy to a person’s final thoughts?  Who among us knows what transpires in those final moments?  Are you sure no prayer was offered?

A glimpse of eternity can bend the proudest knees.  Could a person stare into the yawning canyon of death without whispering a plea for mercy?  And could our God, who is partial to the humble, resist it?  He couldn’t on Calvary.  The confession of the thief on the cross was both a first and final one.  But Christ heard it; and Christ received it.  Maybe you never heard your loved one confess Christ, but who’s to say Christ didn’t?

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