A Promise-Land Life - March 31, 2023

Do you want a promised-land life? Desire to feel the fullness of glory days? Than obey God’s commands.

What’s that? You expected something more mystical, exotic, intriguing? You thought the Canaan-level life was birthed from ecstatic utterances or angelic visions, mountaintop moments, or midnight messages from heaven? Well sorry to disappoint you. “Obedience,” wrote C.S. Lewis, “is the key to all doors.” Don’t think for a second that you can heed the wrong voice, make the wrong choice, and escape the consequences.

At the same time obedience leads to a waterfall of goodness, not just for you, but for your children, and the children of a thousand generations in the future. God promises to show “love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments” (Exodus 20:6 NIV). As we obey God’s commands, we open the door for God’s favor.