A Religious Midway - January 26, 2016

Ever feel like you are walking through a religious midway? The Torah sends you to Moses. The Koran sends you to Muhammad. Buddhists invite you to meditate and spiritists to levitate. The agnostic believes no one can know. Step right up—try my witchcraft. Psst! Over here. Interested in some new age channels? Oh the voices! And we pray, Father, help me out! Please modulate one and relegate the others.

If that’s your prayer, then Luke 9 is your chapter—the day God isolated the authoritative voice of history and declared, Listen to Him! On the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus was praying with Peter, John and James. And his face became different, and his clothing became white and gleaming. And a voice came out of the clouds saying, “This is my beloved son, listen to Him!”  Hear Jesus amidst all the other voices.

From Next Door Savior