A Story of Redemption - September 27, 2023

What seeds are you sowing today? Just as seeds of deceit result in a harvest of deception, seeds of truth give way to a bountiful barnful of life. Consequences have compound interest. You determine the quality of tomorrow by the seeds you sow today.

Jacob could have completed God’s plan and led a much more peaceful life. But when we “sow the wind, [we] reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7).

But you know, there is one redeeming detail in this honeymoon heist. Remember Leah, the elder sister? The unwanted sister? She gave birth to a son named Judah. Among her descendants were a shepherd boy of Bethlehem named David and a carpenter from Nazareth named Jesus. Yes, Leah, unchosen by Jacob, was chosen by God to be a mother in the bloodline of the King of kings.