A Tiny Seed, A Tiny Deed - December 18, 2015

The Bible says, “Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin!”

I see what others have done with their lives and before I even get started—I’m discouraged. What can I possibly do that God isn’t already doing through someone else?

Against a towering giant, a brook pebble seems futile. But God used it to topple Goliath. Compared to the tithes of the wealthy, a widow’s coins seem puny. But Jesus used them to inspire us all! Moses had a staff. David had a sling. Samson had a jawbone. Rahab had a string. Mary had some ointment. Dorcas had a needle. All were used by God.

What do you have? Much more than you might think!  God inhabits the tiny seed. He empowers the tiny deed! Never discount the smallness of your deeds!

From Grace for the Moment